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[Megalo Box] Episode 12 everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"Leap over the Edge of Death" / "If You're Going to Leave Your Album Behind at the Water's Edge, Then You Don't Want to Cross This Particular River."

It turns out that real Megalo Boxing was just regular boxing this whole time!

"Gear makes boxing more exciting!"

The finalists don't use gear


I honestly felt the opposite, Yuri taking off the gear was hype as fuck.

Oh, it absolutely is hype as fuck. I'm just talking about in-universe.

The crowd will be so confused.

Gearless Joe vs Gearless Yury.

ie: Joe vs Yuri if this was normal boxing.

One's beast, an animal, living day to day. They cast him out but he's still hunting down his prey. An underdog that never really had a name. Naked and scared but still a player in the game.

He's coming up against the mighty king of beasts. A chosen one turning all comers into feats. Got silver hair, flashing under moonlight. Retire undefeated? They say he just might.

A pair of souls caught up in the same undertow. Now they're chained together, howling in the shadow. A type of envy, not something they'd wanna admit. Only way to deal with it for both dogs to jump in the pit. Ah, he who has and he who has not. A man rising up to try and take another's spot. Ah, a pretender to the crown. Fake or real which one is going down?

Ah, two animals going wild out there. Freedom and soul the only things they share. Ah, this is where they wanna be. A pair of predators, about to be set free.

Someone seems to have gone the extra mile and made the translation rhyme. I appreciate them.

Now that was a nice build up
Yuri rejecting hard and honestly I am a bit sad they took the Man vs Machine bit out of the equation, but otherwise it would have been too much BS anyway.

Crazy fast recovery on Yuri though

5 days is fast but it could be posible

It should've been months. They pretty much removed his skin and left multiple half-inch holes in him.

This is a world were you can integrate mechanical arms into somebody's body, wouldn't surprise me about what other medical miracles they have available.

Holy shit.

I definitely did not expect that. Now I think both of them are going to die next episode

I'm hoping the fight will have Takamura vs Bryan Hawk quality animation

Aww Takamura vs Bryan Hawk. I don't think I've ever been as hyped up for a fight between two characters than I was about that. Bryan Hawk was the perfect villian.

Also I just went and watched the fight again thanks to your comment. Some absolute hero uploaded the whole thing on Youtube. What a fight. None of the fight choreography or animaton in Megalo Box comes close to Hajime No Ippo, unfortunately. Still a good show, though.

Yeah, sadly the weakest bit of Megalo Box are the fights. Everything else is god damn fantastic, but the fights are, on average, kinda eh.

The rotating Aragaki shot and the opening rhythmic punches in the first fight that he threw in episode one were the two best fight scenes in the series so far for me.

Why do I want Yuri to win now???

Because the show is doing something right

He has character development and Joe doesn't. Usually it's the other way around, MC has tons of development and all his opponents are flimsy foils designed only as plot devices. Joe is the plot device in Megalo Box, serving only to tell the stories of all the supporting cast.

It's either root for Yuri, or root for Nanbu/Sachio through Joe. Joe is just ... there.

I agree with you that Yuri is a great character but Joe has a lot of personality too. Although he doesn’t have an ultimate goal like the typical MC, he’s a brave but reckless young man who’s trying to find his place in this world. He isn’t the son of a former champion or something. In fact, he’s at the bottom of the social ladder.

Everyone thought of him as a fraud that would live and die pathetically. However, he has actual talent along with pure passion for the sport and wants to prove himself. That makes him inherently more interesting than your typical MC.

His goal was set the moment he met Yuri on the highway.

Yeah, isnt Joe's goal to fight the strongest fighter/boxer out there? (Yuri). I wouldn't say he doesn't have one. Maybe not a long term goal?

Definitely didn't expect Yuri to go so far as to remove his gear. Looks like he wants to fight Joe as much as Joe wants to fight him.

The look on Joe's face as he realises this is great.

Kinda shows that he sees Joe as his equal enough to level the playing field. Even tho Joe has been fighting geared fighters this entire time

I thought there was no way to top last weeks episode but this episode was incredible. I'm glad we got to know more about Yuri's backstory, and him taking off his gear makes it seem like the next episode is going to be even better. Hopefully we get an amazing fight/ending next episode.

it would be so dope if this last episode is strictly boxing and nothing else. this match is so hype

no background music. no dialogues. only boxing sounds, everything spoken through actions.

Like the Naruto Final Fight's first sequence.

I really hope the last fight lives up to the hype and they put more into actual fight then all the other ones. If this show has one major weakness it's definitely the underwhelming fight choreography.

Aragaki vs. Joe was the best fight

Yes, really glad they brought back Aragaki and his coach this episode. Aragaki is also one of the best characters in the show.

Yea it was a great addition. And the fact that they are so excited to just spar is great

The perfect episode to build hype.

Stumbling on to this anime has been so great. I have never been a fan of sport genre but this has really opened my eyes. The character development is crazy good and I am excited for next episode. Some one else mentioned wanting Yuri to win and I can't help but feel the same way. This anime has me feeling strongly about both main characters and its amazing.

If you're interested in checking out more sports anime I highly recommend Haikyuu!! In terms of tone and setting it's very different, but the cast is fantastic, the artwork is interesting and unique (I particularly enjoy how they do the eyes) and the animation only ever gets better, and most of all the hype levels are god-tier. It's got some great character development, too. Despite having never been too into sports anime, myself, Haikyuu!! is one of my favourites and a solid 9/10 for me.

Damn, I got chills during this episode. Can't wait for the finale.

Best anime I've seen in a while. I hope the finale lives to the hype and they pour everything into the fight.

That right there is beautiful storytelling! They made me fall in love with Yuri in one episode. And when Yukiko dropped the news to Joe, and we say his eyes light up, I actually got goosebumps. Can't wait for the finale.

Didn't like Yuri in the beginning but now turning into one of the better characters. The screaming in pain was a nice reference to YnJ.

Can't wait for the final episode.

I really hope that during the last fight, Yukiko can finally realize what Megalo Boxing means to Yuri and Joe. I really love her and everything, but right now, she only has her own interests in mind. In a way, she already proved that her gear could go very far, and it's now Yuri's time to get what he needs as a boxer.

DAMNNN That ending got me HYYPED FORR NEXT WEEEK!!!! 10/10 EP!


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