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[Megalo Box] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"A Dead March"

Shirato's character development is very interesting, you can feel that in the past few episodes she's started to think less about the financial result of Megalonia and more about the match after hearing Yuri talk about it.

She's also facing the direct consequences of her company's dirty work with Sachio.

I'm curious to know if that will lead to any twists afterwards.

I’m almost certain there’ll be plenty more twists to come. Hell in almost every episode there’s been a interesting twists in the plot

And yet somehow each time the show does this it does it almost flawlessly. As much as I’m typically a Slice of Life kinda viewer (definitely been enjoying Comic Girls) this is by far my AOTS

What exactly happened to Sachio that made him end up at Shirato’s?

Last episode Nanbu dropped him there because his life was endangered by the mob boss, and she accepted reluctantly to it.

I knew poking the fish's eye meant trouble for Nanbu but I still expected him to be murdered, so him losing "just" an eye was somewhat of a relief for me. I'm glad that happened instead because while it's still tragic that he won't be able to actually see Joe fight at the finals, he'll be there to experience it. I wonder if there's gonna be consequences for the criminals, with Nanbu possibly asking Shirato to take care of them, or if they're just gonna disappear if Joe wins.

It's crazy how Joe probably could've won the fight in the first round if he didn't hold back. He truly is the real deal. I also enjoy the development of both Yuri and Shirato, who were two relatively cold individuals until they met Team Nowhere. Shirato seems to have taken a liking to Sachio and Yuri cares so much about Joe as a rival that he went out of his way to encourage him.

Also, shoutout to Sachio's rap (I need that fucking soundtrack).

If they have the technology to build cybernetic limbs, maybe there's chance Nanbu will get a cybernetic eye or two.

Well if that was the case he would not be wearing an eyepatch. I think this world is basically at the beginning to go full cyberpunk with Yuri's gear, as Sachio's dad was the one to develop the technology to make that the immunologic system does not reject Yuri's gear, I will immagine that the development of a bionic eye is a few years off if Shirato's group decides to develop it and a few decades off if any other company wants to produce it as they are currently holding the pantent of Sachio's dad research.

I mean even if it existed that doesn't mean Nanbu coulda afforded it. Hence the eye patch.

True, but as I mentioned, the gear that Yuri is wearing works thanks to Sachio's dad research that enables the incorporation of the gear into the human body without a negative reaction from the immunologic system. And because that gear is the first thing that made use of that technology it would be saved to assume that currently there are not other types of incorporated cybernetic prosthesis.

Glen's VA sounds like a native speaker but his acting was so stiff >_<

That rap by Sachio though! It was so fucking lit!

I thought that was a cross counter but I guess they'll save that for Joe's fight against Yuri.

And holy shit Nanbu you fucking madman! Here I thought he was going to stab Fujimaki but the madman gouged his own eyeball out! Damn!

It just goes to show how much Nanbu ended up caring about Joe and his ambition

Nanbu will never be able to coach again without his sight so giving that up for Joe truly shows how much he changed.

(here's to hoping that he'll get a cybernetic eye implanted from Shirato or something)

Given the world they're in, I won't be surprised if there was some sort of bionic eye or something he could use.

This show is so fucking good. Nanbu, Oh man. All the emotional tension the last episode gave pays off sooooooooo well here, and for all the characters to boot.

Only two episodes left 😑😑

I'm at a loss for words. This was fucking incredible.

Where do I even begin?

All the uncertainty in whether Joe would really throw away the match, bringing together the themes of individual advancement and being chained by your past.

The fucking symbolism and foreshadowing of that damn fish. The mob boss (forget his name) never ate the fish, but instead toyed with it and plucked out its eyeball. An obvious reference to Nanbu's first eye, and is used to subvert our expectations when Nanbu takes the other eye out. Which brings me to....

Holy shit, Nanbu MVP. As the mob boss stated, he wanted to see Joe in the ring against Yuri more than anything, and willingly sacrificed that in order to give Joe the chance to fight with Yuri next week.

The Sachio rap, which was a fantastic way of explaining his motivations, his expectations, and ending with him finally taking center stage and risking his life to fulfill both his and Joe's dreams.

This fucking show, man... It keeps surpassing my expectations. Between this and Hero Aca in a couple of days, I"m set to have a great weekend.

Also the symbolism with the gear, might be a stretch but I think it represents a form of leash for Joe, which makes it all the more satisfying when it breaks off and he becomes free.

you're 100% right...there was no other reason for him to wear it

He may have worn it to signal to Yuri and Shirato about something being "not right" about the fight. I believe that Yuri understood it.

I think Yuri noticing something was off was because of his experience as a fighter, seeing how Joe just "missed it by a bit" and how he "almost had him".

Yuri probably saw that and thought that Joe could've won on the first round. Which is probably why he had this Stern and annoyed look to him.

The transition between junk dog and gearless joe was insane and yuri and nanbu put the icing on the cake best episode yet of my favorite anime

That was a phenomenal episode 10 outa 10.

I've been really torn over my feelings regarding Nanbu over this whole series. But watching him actually assuming the role of a coach in this episode, his excitement seeing Joe's fight, and seeing his conviction at the end.....I love this character.

For all his flaws he is a gritty and realistic character. And while he might not be the real deal, sometimes the fake is more genuine than the original.

The OP has grown on me so much. I love it now.

I prefer the ED :P

Agreed. the ED is my jam :D

"Oh and btw I'm not actually going to let you go free like I said I would, and I'm telling you this right now, instead of in five minutes, after you've made me all of the money, because that's just how evil I am."

Fujimaki is kind of a dumbass, isn't he?

Or, I suppose, deep down he wanted Joe to win in the end, and subconsciously sabotaged his own plan.

if he believed in the "can't change your nature" speech he wouldn't have believed either Joe or Nanbu had it in them to go against him like that, even with a speech like that

This was an interesting take on the trope where a character reveals they were wearing training weights the whole time to slow them, takes them off, and is then able to defeat their opponent. Joe's gear represented the burden of Nanbu and the mafia limiting his full potential.

Damn, Sachio spitting fire there

I was wondering how they'd get Joe out of the gear. I loved how part by part the gear fell away, instead of just one big hit destroying it all

To be honest, they did everything right this episode. There isn't a single thing I can nitpick on. It was fucking great.

Also Nambu is fucking hardcore and one of my favourite characters at this point.

Sachio's rap caught me completely off guard and I loved every second of it.

Nambu was something else in this episode. He fought off three men and then was going to stab Fujimaki, but ended up cutting out his own eye. The dude showed little to no fear this episode.

What a great episode. The whole time I felt so tense because I was unsure as to whether Nanbu was gonna sting Joe or not. And when he took out his eye... man, Fujimaki was wrong, he didn't sting Fujimaki, he stung himself for Joe's sake.

This episode was incredible, I swear. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Not knowing either Joe would throw or not was so painful but the finish was so great that is was worth it.

Can't wait to see Joe vs Yuri.


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