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[Megalo Box] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"The Die Is Cast" / "The Dice Have Been Thrown. You Can Double Your Bet If You Want."

I was pleasantly surprised when I heard that English.

Same with the Spanish, although one sentence was kinda weird ("Solamente los más sobreviven"?) and the intonation was... strange? even though the VA seemed like a native speaker.

My guess would be that they did write the script in Japanese and translated it into English and Spanish but it was not done by a professional.

It was full Spangrish, I laughted so hard, I know that are a few animes that did it, but this was my first time and surprised me, there wasn't subtitles in that part, I guess there wasn't subtitles at the engrish part in the english version too.

With that said, the sentence was indeed wrong or incomplete "Solamente los más sobreviven", the correct one should be "Solamente los mejores sobreviven" or the complete one should be "Solamente los más fuertes sobreviven", that translated is "Only the best survives" and "Only the strongest survives".

"So, tell me... who should I be betting on tonight?"

Just wow, what a great line to end the episode with.

It's all come full circle. The Pop lost his bet in the first episode because of Nanbu and now the line. Hype overload!

Ok so I'm guessing he'll win his match. We'll get some backstory on Yuri being a stray dog like Joe and what other similarities they have. With the possiblity of them fighting each without gear once the truth comes out about how the tech for his gear was obtained.

Isn't Yuri's gear "part of his body"? Either way them fighting without gears would be great.

I think it is but at the same time I'm not sure. He's always wearing that sweater of his but it has to be able to be removed in case it needs some sort of repair or upgrade I'd imagine.

I'm getting flashbacks to Metroid Fusion. Samus gets attacked by an alien parasite that melds with her suit and body and puts her in a coma, but the surgeons aren't able to separate the biological parts of her suit from her while she's unconscious because they've fused with her body. They end up removing what they can from the exterior of the suit, and it gives her a cool organic looking suit redesign for the game.

Man, I miss Metroid.

Did i just hear spanish in my japanese cartoon? Properly pronounced spanish? What the hell.

Yeah that was awesome!

Even the english was good

Yeah, it was so awesome to go through that part where those two were talking without reading the subtitles.

I wonder how pissed the mafia guy is going to be if joe doesn't throw the match.

Pissed enough to want to kill some people.

he's gonna chop up some people for their organs and sell em off

Maybe the mafia guy actually believes in Joe and is going to bet on him to win. Reverse psychology type nonsense.

Holy fuck that would be cool.

Not that that he was doing it deliberately but after he sees the actions Joe takes he thinks that Joe is going to try even harder to "prove him wrong" and so the guy bets on Joe instead.

Cuts to scene where Nanbu think he's going to die and Mafia dude basically does "all according to keikakku" and walks away throwing a bag of money at Nanbu for "his split" who is also pissing his pants thinking he was about to die.

This is one of the best "set up for the big finish" episodes I've seen of any show. So many plot lines intertwined, characters developed, stakes set, and still left room for surprises. This week of waiting is going to be rough.

Everyone’s talking about the surprise Spanish in this episode, but I’m just impressed of how well the English boxer sounded. Usually in anime when characters speak English, you can obviously tell it’s a Japanese dude doing his best Engrish, but this guy sounded like an actual native.

Something similar in giant killing foreign player speak in their own language

Loved those Wrestlemania intros.

I loved that Pepe's was over the top and flamboyant while Yuri's had slower music and was simple and too-the-point. Perfect articulation of their fighting personalities.

I liked the talk between Joe and Yuri at the end about their reasons for fighting. Joe keeps getting used by Nanbu and seems sorta jealous that Yuri has someone he trusts and is willing to fight for

Yup, Joe felt like he got stabbed by a dagger when Yuri gave his reason for fighting.

That seen with Yuri and Joe at the end was really great. Showing the respect the they have for each other as fighters is going to make the inevitable clash ever better.

I really enjoy the honesty between the two, they really are similar men.

They’re both dogs. Joe just happens to be a stray while Yuri has found his home with Shirato.

The episode was great, but I was kinda disappointed in the fight. It's supposed to be a match between the world's number 2 and number 1 and it just felt like Yuri dealing with some random loudmouth.

Rest of the EP was great though. Really curious where this will go.

Compared to Yuri everyone is a random loudmouth. I mean he’s the best boxer and has the ultimate gear + whatever training resources shirato has.

Man, Nanbu might die or he bets everything on Joe those are my predictions.

Odds are I'm wrong, because this show has been a series of great moments where I ask how are they going to do this and the show shoots every possibility down and then gives a new one I never even thought of

Does Nanbu have anything to bet? Seems all the prize money has been going to mob boss guy.

Before even watching the episode, the title "The Die is Cast" is incredibly funny in how it still manages to continue with the dead theme.

I can't believe they actually used Spanish for Pepe Iglesias, the VA seemed like a native speaker too.
Also, the hype is building up! Loved the little talk between Yuri and Joe, best part of the episode.

Oh, the OST keeps getting better and better...

Damn this ep was so good. The OST just keeps blowing my mind and I really liked Spider's intro OST.

It was nice to see Nanbu have Sachio taken care of And that last

That fight Yuuri had was short but satisfying I wonder how Joe will be able to beat him. It's cool seeing Joe and Yuuri talk to each other. I though it was pretty good use of the "the frog and the scorpion" story. Can't wait for next week's episode.

Wow. That ep was great, built a lot of HYPE for the last few eps.
Notable cool things:

- We learn that Sachio's dad gets cucked by Shirato. We knew he was an orphan, but his life story is so sad :(
-Nanbu gave Sachio a knife to kill Shirato and I was both surprised, but also worried that he might go through with it. Thought they pulled the scene off pretty well, keeping you on the edge of your seat.
- Yuri and Joe finally have a discussion on why they box. This was long overdue, and I guess starting that discussion now both saves time (ie flashback and commentary) during final fight and builds hype for it.
- Finally, Shirato stated that she is going to deal with everybody involved with the irregularity. Let's just hope that means giving them money and support, and not killing them. SACHIO HAS SUFFERD ENOUGH.

Like others, I agree that the dialogue that Joe and Yuri shared was great. I always had the notion that Joe hated Yuri but after he sees that fight and with his journey over these three months, it seems that Joe and Yuri have a sort of respect for each other. I can't wait for their fight!


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