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[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 12
"Magical Girl - Watashi"

Even after seeing 12 episodes of it this anime still feels like a weird fever dream.

I took a break from it after episode 5. Is it worth continuing?

If you enjoyed up to episode 5, continue it. Nothing really changes. The last two or so episodes have been pretty good, but leading up to that is just a lot of the same.

I don't think I have plenty to say about this show. It was a fun gag/parody anime. While the jokes did start to get stale and boring at around the halfway point they did manage to bounce back up although not as strong as the first few episodes.

Now will I remember Mahou Shoujo Ore? Of course! Will I recommend it to people? It depends. I'll probably recommend it to people who are into the Mahou Shoujo genre or any anime veterans. For first timers or people who doesn't have enough anime experience to point and laugh at the show's inside jokes. Definitely not.

I'm giving this a 7/10 since I still enjoyed it overall.

This ended way higher in my seasonal ranking than I was expecting. The premise was a mahou shoujo parody, and it delivered exactly what was promised, with great execution, too.
First, it kept the tone consitent. Too many parodies suffer from eventually becoming stuff they're supposed to mock, and this one remained a parody to the end.
Second, story's setting is thought-out very well, everything makes sense within established rules, even if the rules themself are ridiculous. Being a completed story also helps.
Third, supporting themes are way better than they need to be. Meta jokes were hilarious, and struggling idol band related stuff could very well be developed into a gritty realistic take on idol anime.
9/10, third best non-sequel show of the season.

Not to sound mean but if your third non-sequel anime is 9/10, you might have low standards.

Trust me, I have better taste then you or 90% of this sub ever'll have. I've dropped multiple series that people here are calling AOTS as 1/10 to 3/10 trash, so if i call something third best series of the season, than it is. Btw, top 1 and top 2 are also 9/10, cause i rate series based on their merits, not how they stack vs each other.

I'm still laughing that the tsundere is a gyaru old dude

I think that's almost more like a mummy (without the wrappings) than a gyaru.

Mahou Shojou probably won't be remembered considering how much great stuff is airing this season but it was a decent show for a niche audience and I personally enjoyed it.

I give it a 6.5/10

Well, it had every genre that I can think of. 10/10

Went in with low expectations, enjoyed every moment (except episode 5).

8.5/10 no regrets

Manager did nothing WRONG!!!

Come on he just wanted to help the girl have a career.

And yeah, the best part really was the ending, seeing them being back to doing street singing with only 1 fan (who could it be -----)

And the ending with prism girls talking about that Ore has to be a women.

Lovely do that all the fairies are a bunch of thugs yakuza members of course

≫Lovely do that all the fairies are a bunch of thugs yakuza members of course

It makes a nice contrast with the muscled yet cute demons!

I'm a little disappointed that Mohiro-chan didn't turn into a magical girl tbh.

But otherwise it was a wild ride. Thoroughly enjoyed.

And we never got to find out about his home planet.

And we didn't get a gay kiss

Probably the only time the show had me feeling some feelz.

7/10 kept me entertained

I really liked that photo too, smiles worth protecting tbh

Came out of this enjoying it way more than I expected. Quality gags and surprisingly consistent. They even "healed" the LQ animation from last episode.


Suitable for framing

Wish fulfillment by industry professionals


Loved how she started attacking him where it hurts - the cameras. Should've just killed him afterwards tho.

So the rule shouldn't apply here.

Of course the real victims of this, besides the humans kidnapped into the demon dimension in previous episodes and never rescued, are the cannon fodder demons who only wanted to live.

Anyway, this show started as a 9, quickly dropped to a 5, then got better again. Overall I'll give it a 7. And if I weren't too lazy to set up an account on a non-MAL site, I'd actually be able to record that rating somewhere.

Wow, that first part of the show was way more emotional than I expected. Great show overall.

We lost the craziness of the first episodes, but they still got some cool jokes along the season. A 7/10 score is a very fair rate in the end I guess.

I enjoyed it, but it did fall apart and never really recover and the ending was not satisfying, just a reset. Maybe there will be an ova?

Kinda wish this had stayed as a manga. Definently worth watching but the parody style really got old after a while. Overall a 6/10 at least.


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