Tuesday, June 5, 2018

[Mahou Shoujo Ore] Episode 10 everyone's impressions [Magical Girl Ore]

Episode 10
"Magical Girl - Stalking"

I love how the dad didn't question this and just fell in love!

Not gonna lie, felt like the show was running out of steam from the past few episodes but this episode actually raised my interest on it again and it was also a pretty funny one!

Didn't expect Hyoe being the good guy and Manager-san being the actual bad guy though! Considering the show, I honestly should've expected this. I have no idea why I took the bait XD

The most shocking thing in this episode is how the manager left that ultra rare manga on the floor and never picked it up again.

Yeah I really was surprised when he left the magazine and the food on the ground minutes after complaning about the service man and and paying a lot to get the magazine.

Saki's mom opening scene was hilarious.

Thanks to Sakuyo, Saki didn't enter the yandere route.

The moment Konami slaped the store clerk with a bunch of money.. priorities. Did Konami threatened to rape Fujimoto with a Creamy Stick for talking crap about a mahou shoujo? Yes he did.

Kinda expected that from Konami but didn't see Hyoue being the fairy king coming.

As usual this anime is nothing special but I always have fun watching it.

It seems the breakfasts are a family tradition.

Shoutout to Sakuyo for letting us know we're watching the right episode.

What's up with these gigantic plot twists and revelations? First, Manager-san is the traitor, and then Hyoue is the King of Fairies? This changes everything. Imma be honest, I took the bait and assumed Hyoue was the traitor. I'm sorry for ever doubting you, my king.

what you mean Traitor? My guess he did all this to promote the girls idol girl career.


OFC (we should expect nothing else from Mahou Shoujo Ore) An M.Night shyamalan Twist level of twist, I loved how the manager set it up like it was a pointless side story too. Who cares about the main plot and than its later the HE IS THE EVIL DEMON LEADER. Because---- I hope for sure that his reason is that he uses the demons to promote their idol girl career.

The how I meet your father at the start was great, I hope sakis father got something to do with this cyborg brothers then.

And if of course Hyoo is the fairy king, that was an obvious thing as soon as she wanted them to call for Kokoro, he is just pretending to be evil because REASONS.

Plot twist and I thought the manager seemed like a cool guy. Though I suppose I should have expected the double cross.

The intro with Saki's mom was really funny though her father's school speech seemed strangely familiar...

Don't steal my schtick!

I hope the staff enjoyed that food, it looked tasty.

What kind of a fucking plot twist is this?

Also did that manager just leave his expensive ass item on the street or am I going crazy?

Saki's mom is probably my favourite character.

Loved that Hyoue and Mohiro are basically just dating.

Holy shit, we got bamboozled! What a plot twist! So Hyoue is the next fairy King while Konami ended up being the big villain. I'm expecting another twist after this as he has mentioned and showed that he really loves magical girls, so maybe he is just doing this to justify their existence.

Of course the manager is the only one with powers that don't involve punching people to death.

Have end cards.

Seriously, this show has some of the best end cards I've seen.

You know, I thought I could see everything coming. I thought this show was gonna go with the obvious but make it a big meme parodying all of the obvious tropes, instead they hit me with a plot twist out of nowhere. GGWP

The ending is drawing near? Oh shit. Well, It's been a wild ride..

That old school Pierrot shout out

The manga I found wasn’t translated past the onsen scene and now I’m totally shocked.

The studio was contractually obligated to make at least one character completely bug out every five minutes.

this anime just got spicy dam .. never would have seen that plot twist coming

the illustrations at the end of each episode have been so amazing

We got more manager screen time and he's the bad guy now. I didn't expect this, yet this is something I should expect from this show... And then there's this picture

He dropped his things and never picked them up.

"I'll shove a Creamy Stick up your ass!"

I'm not the only one who got the wrong idea there, right?

What the hell is this show haha I took the bait though, I never would have expected the manager to be the villain but it definitely peaked my interest in the show again. He seemed like such an inconsequential supporting character but I guess that was on purpose. It also bugged me how he forgot his manga on the ground, but I knew that was going to happen the second he got on that sprinting stance.

Me when it looked like the manager was gonna die "Oh shit!!!! NOOO" Me when it's revealed he's the villain "Oh shit!!!! NOOO"

The mom's (and dad's) origin story was great. The stalking was pretty fun. Manager ... that was a twist I did not expect.

No clue what happened with the almost-car-accident, did he rewrite reality or something? Maybe that's his power, and he created the demons because he knew his beloved magical girls would appear to fight them?

Also, what happened to the $10k premium otaku item he bought?

I love how self-aware this anime is lmao!!!

This episode felt like the info-bomb one before the finale. At least we get some background.

I guess we now know Saki takes after her mom. That confession? scene though lol

Also what a twist!!! I guess they didn't want to make Hyoue the bad guy huh?

Manager Yamo is still my favorite character despite everything~ don't mess with idol fans!! :P


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