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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 9 everyone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 9

I NEED AN ANSWER... does Kaname bleed through his penis hole or butt hole when he uses the stick!? Or some other hole? I'm assuming he's bleeding from a hole. He's such an asshole.

His facial expressions this episode are nightmare fuel.

Thank god we won't have to see them anymore! Right?

I ain't see no corpse.

That's the problem... Please just let him be dead.

Holy shit, I had a hard time finishing this episode because of that imbecile. I don't care about the "meme" faces and reactions he's been making throughout the anime; I hated him from the very beginning. It's a shame that Aya doesn't want anyone - including her cunt of a brother - to die.

≫I NEED AN ANSWER... does Kaname bleed through his penis hole or butt hole when he uses the stick!?

This is going to sound weird. But I haven't really been keeping up with anime this season, and I've just started peeking into discussions to get a feel for how much I'd enjoy the show.

Your post is now literally all I know about this anime, and as a result I think I'm going to go binge all 9 episodes.

I just thought you needed to know that.

Pink hair seems a little too affected by Nijimin's death, considering she is a mass murderer who killed even Nijimin's friend.

She did have a little bit of a smile on her face when it happened.

But maybe she's feeling remorseful now that she knows the rules of the Tempest aren't what she thought they were.

I was expecting either somebody to use headphones or Kiho to spam-talk so that Nijimin (or somebody else) couldn't hear Kaname's commands and then take him down. But no, knowing this anime, of course it's by stabbing his voice box. But the real interesting part was that it involved an invisible person stopping them. WHO WAS THAT?!

Since this peisode was pretty intense, there's not much to say, but I had a wonderful time seeing Kiho's constant female pronouns. I get gooey when I see so much respect.

What’s extra interesting to me is that the invisible person kinda looked like a man. Assuming his power also comes from a stick, I wonder how he got his?

Gotta hand it to him, he knows how to make an entrance.

Here's Onii-chan~

Kanames VO did a really good job of making him come across as a complete psycho. Got betelgeuse vibes from him towards the end there.

I'm enjoying this a lot more than I ever thought I would. God damn.

Good to hear :) Please read the manga too, when it's finished. It's even better.

You know you've gone the deep end when the only other psychopath in the room looks at you in disgust.

Kaname's faces this episode was amazing! Again props to Nobuhiko for the amazing performance!

I actually feel bad for Nijimin there. I guess it helped that her backstory was also shown. At least she was able to do one good deed before she died.

Now the question is who's that invisible person? It's pretty obvious that whoever that is ,it's another Stick user. What happened to Kaname though? Was he taken? I really hope that person was there to punish him and not to recruit him.

I don't know, I always felt bad for Nijimin. She has her anger issues but she had motives because of her friend was killed by a psycho and later she was manipulated by the main girls to lose her stick after think that they were her friend and later because she was tricked by the shit brother. So even if they showed more of her now, I already felt bad for her tbh

Yeah, I also found it ironic that her stick power is manipulation but she spends the show getting manipulated by the cast

Wow, I wasn't expecting Nijimin to die. I'm now wondering who will die next, and when they will. This is going to make Kaname getting what he deserves feel much more satisfying.

This show has received a lot of bad shtick, but it has been consistently good. More people should give it a chance.

Holy...those magical panties are too op
Thanks invisible magical girl.

Yatsumura's time freeze stick still beats the Nijimi's imo

Lately, the police and detectives are getting more and more spotlight. Maybe not in this ep but I think the invisible guy might be the detective who they kept showing in few episodes.

I think so too. He's the only detective/police with pastel hair.

This episode went all out on the pain and suffering. I swear I was clenching my fists for like half of the episode.

Nijimin did a lot of things wrong but it's great that she was able to stick it to Onii-chan in the end. I was starting to get scared that they wouldn't be able to stop him. It'll be interesting to see who that mysterious figure was at the end. Maybe an admin upset with Onii-chan's meddling?

Kiyoharu's power is even stronger than I thought. She's a really valuable asset to their team; I'm glad they managed to save her.

Nijimin is the most ghetto character I've ever seen in an anime.

"Imma gonna stab this mothafuckin oni-chan in da throat with this mothafuckin broken bottle!"

Oooooh boy I've been waiting for this.

Everything's happening, deaths are beginning to fly out, this is everything I've hoped for from episode one. God I love this show so much.

Onii Chan can't be dead he was my favorite character...... Oh well the Yuri ship still lives so that's reason enough to be happy.

Dude the VAs in this anime are so dedicated. The quality has not dropped since episode one. I look forward to watching even more as each week goes on.

This was a extremely tense episode, Aya's brother is a crazy villain.

That was the best episode thus far. Asagiri is really growing into a proper heroine, a true mahou shoujo protagonist.

Anyway, Nijimin acting like a complete brain-addled simp nearly the whole way through kept me annoyed as hell at her utter nonsensical behavior, but that's been her character the whole way through. Selfish, temperamental and with zero regard for consequences. However she got to redeem herself slightly which I appreciate.

As to who it was that did "it" and why, I have no idea. Honestly I was more afraid that the trap would bite it. The trap is one of my favorite mahou shoujos of the show.

I am anxiously awaiting the next episode.


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