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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 12

Who cares the story ended without a conclusion the Yuri ship actually survived til the end.

Also we got some Yaoi

The Cuteness that is Aya/Yatsumare will survive the apocalypse


Given the first few episodes' over-the-top edgy and dramatic tone, I didn't know this anime would actually turn out pretty well, quality wise. Definitely going to pick up the manga after this.

My only gripe is that I'd liked to have seen Tsuyuno call Aya by her first name - we didn't see that at all. In fact, I felt the best part for that to happen was last episode with the confession.

Don't expect the manga to have the same story though since later parts of the anime are anime-original


And what a better way to close out the series than a good 'ol buttfucking. Great job, Mahou Site, this was quite the ride. Loved it.

Never have I been more satisfied seeing a man getting ... yknow. Deserves him right.

For an "edgy" show that sure was a wholesome line from Aya. I love it!


Although that last scene though! LEWD!


Also RIP Onii-san XD

Man I still can't believe how much I ended up liking this show. Sure the first few episodes had the edge everyone was shouting about but as the show progressed it started to become more about the relationship between the characters, mainly between Aya and Tsuyuno. With these relationships being built up, instead of the girls just senselessly killing one another it became a show about these girls plagued by their own misfortunes teaming up fighting against a world ending entity.
If you don't focus too much on the edge, Mahou Shoujo Site is really a great show! Too bad many people have already made their decision and never even gave this show a chance. Now I'm not going to claim the show is a masterpiece though. It still had its flaws but they weren't too much that it affected my viewing.

I don't know how far the manga is but I hope we get a second season. If not then I guess I'll just give the manga a shot. Anyway this one is a solid 8/10 for me. I am curious though, did the show follow the manga or is this an anime original ending? Should I read from the beginning or is there a chapter where I can start off from?

≫did the show follow the manga or is this an anime original ending? Should I read from the beginning or is there a chapter where I can start off from?

Is a Anime original ending.

The divergence point was just in the middle of Ep 11 of the anime, which is arround the Chapter 45 of the manga (I have forgot some details).

And all lived happily and buttfucked ever after

10/10 ending

That was a nice ending. This anime had a good story and I really liked the characters. I hope this will get another season.

This anime turned out so good. I wasn't expecting it to get that good after the first few eps, but WEW!

I really hope for a season 2.

monkaSHAKE. His butt is now the punching bag.


Nice to see a semi-happy ending, didn't expect it from this show. That's not saying a whole lot though, since this show surprised me every week with how fun it was despite its edginess. It reminds me of Killing Bites from last season. Well, I've got to check out the manga now!

For a series that's been contrived as an edge fest, it was really good. The whole darkness of the show didn't take away from the show, and the creator was aware of it's ridiculousness.

The ending was quite good and I would be up for another season, but it may not get one as it had an anime original ending. Either way, I'm 100% content with the series.

Yeah only the first episode was edgy. So maybe that was on purpose to try and get people interested, even if the rest of the show wasn't anywhere near as edgy?

I can't help but feel that maybe did the opposite to what they intended then? A lot of people probably stopped watching after ep 1 because it seemed like it was trying too hard to be edgy!

Maybe if they left the edge out a little, and put some of Asagiri's misfortune in later on as flashbacks, the show could've gained more traction? I could be very wrong though and the edgy first episode did more good than harm?

Probably will be another season

I hope. A lot of series end in a sequel hook but aren't continued.

I like this new anime route.

I will rate this 10/10 just for the homo ending.

Wow did not expect that to happen to the brother. Glad that Aya was able to get a good ending out of all this.

That was a happier ending than I was expecting and felt like enough of a conclusion to work, while obviously still wanting you to read the manga. I certainly wasn't expecting the scene with the brother, you could say he's rather buggered. Then they top it off with an ultra lewd scene between the girls.

That in general was way better a series than I thought it would be. Still edgy as fuck, but nowhere near the train wreck I was expecting. Though the standouts where Okamoto Nobuhiko as the brother and Nakao Ryuusei as Nana. They were just so entertaining in the villain roles as they chewed through the scenery and the special OP is amazing.

I'm curious about the manga now and learning more about the most unfortunate girl in the world!

The ending gave me hints of a second season but to be honest, I would rather it didn't.

Everyone is happy now, lets leave it at that!

I would love a second season but I vaguely remember people saying it wasn't gonna happen. I can't remember what their reasons were apart from "most anime tend to only get a single season" or "original anime only get 1 season" except this is based on a source.. The ending is original though.

I agree, it's ended in a nice happy way.. But I want to see more!

And clearly the Tempest and lots of other things have yet to be resolved!

Glad Aya's brother got a happy ending too, complete with tender and sweet whispers :)

Sarina's "thank you" was especially great, given her backstory.

I liked the ending and I think there might be a 2nd season

and the show in general was incredible

≫I think there might be a 2nd season

It would have to be entirely anime original. This has deviated from the manga by a lot.

 I’d give this show a 6.5/10. While I did enjoy every episode, the ending just left me with numerous questions. Like who was the woman at the end? We’ve seen her quite a couple of times in the show. Are magical girl site admins dead magical girls or something? They never really directly stated or confirmed that they were, at least from what I remember. Did the Tempest thing actually end up happening? I guess I won’t have these questions answered unless I read the manga maybe. Back when Magical Girl Site only had 3 episodes airing at the time, I was hesitant to pick up the first volume as I wanted to wait for the anime to finish. Now that it has, I certainly will pick it up at my local book store! Now all that’s left is to hope for a 2nd season.

Great anime love the mangas written by the creator probably my running anime of the year

This was one of the last shows I was planning to watch this season and I have to say that I'm glad I picked it up. It's by no means a masterpiece but it was fun to watch. Kaname was a twisted character but he's pretty much the reason I kept watching. I don't think the show would have been as good without him. That being said the manga is still very much somber and not at all the happy ending the anime gave it but it's still a cute way to round out the show.


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