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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 11 everyone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 11
"The Rebel Girls"

So I guess all of these Site Admins were once a Magical Girl at some point in their lives and died but was recruited by their leader which would explain why the Site Admin that they killed looks like a normal girl but with mechanical parts on the inside. Well at least she's not gone so the ship is somewhat still alive.
What about the scene from Episode 1 though? The first 3 minutes of that was Yatsumura and Aya-chan running away from something and it's a scene that we still haven't seen. I guess they'll save that for the finale?
≫looks like a normal girl but with mechanical parts on the inside

So, you're trying to tell me that Kizuna Ai is still voicing a robot girl?
They were just running back to the beach to go have fun again like they promised, right? Right?
I know right!!

What scene? Now that you mention it I do vaguely remember them running but I figured we'd already seen that by now.. I figured it was in episode 2 or 3 and I missed it etc..
First episode, first scene
Shame we didn't get to see Aya and Yatsumura go on a fun date and then kiss, but at least we got a confession I guess. Maybe we'll get the kiss in the last episode.
Yeah it's a shame, but that bloody twist at the end! Maybe they will get a kiss.. I don't imagine they'd get to be together though :(
Well disappointed that they went anime original route since source is quite good.
This makes me eager to read the manga.. I love the route they've gone, and you're suggesting the manga route is better? Awesome!
I definitely recommend reading the manga! You're in luck because the series recently got a dedicated scanlator after over a year of no releases. We're also on a weekly release schedule instead of a monthly one.
Awesome! So glad someone was able to be coaxed into doing it for us :)
Did not see that twist coming. The fight with the first site administrator was pretty good.
My thoughts as I watched the episode:
  • Okay so the site admin was a girl? I noticed they called her "human" and not a "magical girl" but she certainly seemed like a magical girl right?
  • Oh man I loved the stormy atmosphere at the top of the school! <3
  • We knew Yatsumura was gonna die, probably in this episode or in the finale, but still :(.
  • It feels like we have so much more plot and story to get through.. way more than a single episode could cover! I'm guessing the anime will end before the whole story is over so we have to read the manga.. or maybe a 2nd season may happen?
  • Why did Yatsumura do that, shield her friends and only wound Nana? Even if she had killed her, there are still many more site administrators.. Does she have a much bigger plan in mind?
  • Holy shit, holy shit! I was a little sad that they were getting a new site admin, after the girls sacrificed so much just to kill a single one, only for it all to be undone literally moments later..
  • But holy crap! Site admins are dead magical girls?! I guess Yatsumura knew this or something and her plan was to become a site admin?!
  • Still how would she know that they'd make her one? She'll obviously betray them? Unless they need an exact number of site admins for their Tempest ritual?
My word, this has gotten so cool!. What a plot twist!

It's a shame this isn't a 24 episode anime, it really could've done with being longer, or having a 2nd season!
≫Why did Yatsumura do that, shield her friends and only wound Nana?

She intended to kill Nana not just wound her. And she took the fall because Nana would have killed all of them otherwise.
The story just recently have got way more interesting but only one episode left

I am definitely continuing the manga later
Yeah there's no way they can wrap it all up in a single episode. Looks like we have to read the manga, unless a 2nd season is on the cards?
I read that they just went anime original , I am starting the manga from the first chap and i advise you to
I think I'll wait a week and then manga it up!

If there was a hint of a 2nd season, I'd probably wait though.
Yatsumura noooo :'( I have to say, leading off the fight with pointing your stick out so it can get destroyed wasn't the smartest move. At least she managed to protect her friends and confess to Aya. Now that she's on the inside, hopefully she can help them figure out how to take down the circle of admins.

Nana's formidable, but now that she's down an arm they should be able to take her out. Not sure if they'll escape scot-free though, because both Shioi and Sarina look like they're in really bad shape.
I though it was a fake phone and she was gonna pull out her actual magical stick.. which is why Asagiri was running to stop her.. and then we'd get a touching scene where Yatsumura says good bye and kisses Asagiri (while time frozen) before going over and killing Nana.
Damn... RIP Yatsamura, the "twist" was quite obvious since the moment they killed the admin but because of Episode 1 I was not expecting it to be her but one of the other magical girls :/
It wasn't obvious to me.. I was deflected because they said she was "human". Although my thoughts thought "she looks like a magical girl?" they never said that.. so that twist still took me massively by surprise!!
Based on the ending with Yatsumura being with the other admins, every admin was once a mahou shoujo. I'm not too sure how I feel about that, but I'll find out after next episode, as we get to see how it all plays out.

I did like the fight with the admin, Ni. Seeing all of the girls working together to beat an admin was really good to watch.
Yeah that twist, man!

I agree, the fight sequence was good!
Does anyone know which administrator is played by Yuuki Aoi? She is credited online but there are no pictures of the admins.
The administrator that they managed to defeat was Aoi Yuuki's character. It's not her usual voice so I'm not surprised if people don't recognize her immediately.
I wonder if Yatsumara knew about turning into one of the Site Administrators or not.

Since we know the Site Admins aren't human (When they cut open and kill that one site admin, they're made up of circuits) and that dying (in a specific way?) makes them become a Site Administrator, I have to wonder whether they retain their memories or not though.

I don't think she's been 'reborn as a site admin' in a sense she'll become as malicious as them, but likely that the whole process of giving sticks and their life draining is sort of like copying their very being into machines and when they give it all up, the data is complete.

Guessing from the very opening scene in Episode 1 as well, Yatsumara betrays the council of the site admins and goes to help Asagiri, which time has stopped-- So we can guess that when they die, they keep their stick's power as an innate ability which is nice.
I think she must've known (somehow) about turning into a site admin.. otherwise her gambit was to kill Nana with a yoyo.. which, even if it worked... would've still left many other admins to fight, so her life would've been lost in vain :(.

Yeah if that flash-forward scene has yet to come (I presumed it had already happened, I guess I'm wrong) then yes.. she'll betray the admins and help Asagiri.. Yup, it looks like they keep their magical girl powers..

And yes it looks like they can use their old powers without needing a stick.. which makes Yatsumara even more powerful now!
holy shit. when nana said that tsuyuyu is kinda different from other magical girls, i kinda predicted that she'll be a magical site administrator. I only read the manga at the part where oniichan attacked the magical girls. Is this canon o_O edit:omg, in the manga nothing is explicit
I wonder what she actually means by that though.. As far as we can tell she's the same as the others?

I can only imagine that they made her an admin because they need an exact number of them for their ritual.. 'cos she's totally gonna betray them!
Wasn't expecting to feel this way at the start of the season, but Mahou Shoujo Site is better than Darling in the Franxx.

Who here was so happy at that yuri scene, because they thought they weren't going to get a I love you. But now... THE SHIP HAS SUNK! FIRE THE FLOWERS!
This was a great twist, but kinda upset that they spoiled what is likely to happen in the manga later. Also, that first scene in the beginning where Aya and Tsuyuno were at the tracks after teleporting has not reappeared yet so maybe we will se what led to that son?


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