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[Magical Girl Site] Episode 10 everyone's impressions [Mahou Shoujo Site]

Episode 10

  • Ah, classic funeral lines like "I'll never forget you" and "Sorry I murdered your best friend".
  • Aya and Sarina working together, that's certainly something I wouldn't have expected at the beginning of this show.
  • Yatsumura and Aya continue to confirm that they are the best couple.
Great episode, I'm excited to see how they'll take on the admins!

≫Yatsumura and Aya continue to confirm that they are the best couple.

Nijimin knew it too. On the other hand, aren't they also the only couple ?

Probably. Kosame and Kiyoharu give off coupley vibes to me though. There's also heart-eyebrows and her butler, and Onii-chan and himself.

The OP sounds so much more epic when Nana sings it imo.

Had a feeling that detective was fishy, noone with that kind of hair should be trusted.

Actually expected Nana to sing the ED as well.

Kinda miss Kaname's god blessed faces from hell.

The op


Im crying :')

I know right! :) Not only was Nana singing but it also seemed to start with more of an "oomph" didn't it?

Its like the rest of the serie!

Creepy and hilarious

Damn, Yatsamura slapped the magical girl right out of Aya for trying to pull some Madoka shit. THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP AND YURI WILL SAVE THE WORLD!

Got to love she wouldn’t let the pink-haired girl punch some sense in her but then she calmly walked up and slapped some into her. I get why she did it, but it’s still kinda funny.

"We are all magical girls after all!"

Well, if a random guy can pick a pair of magical panties, wear them and use them i dont think "being a magical girl" matters much at all :^)

He wasn't chosen to be one though.. I think in order to count as a magical girl you have to be chosen and be very unfortunate.

Her brother fits neither of those 2 requirements.. Oh poor him, having to use his sister as a punching bag else he'll get bad grades and his parents will make frowny faces at him.. poor him :p. I admit though his parents did beat him at one point.. but he hasn't suffered anywhere near enough compared to the magical girls..

Actually Kaname's father was physically and emotionally abusive towards him, so he does fit the bill of being 'unfortunate'. We saw his father beat him at one point but that doesn't meant it was the only time it happened. Common sense suggests that this was how his father generally treated him when he didn't meet his standards. This is why Kaname was so stressed and why he became abusive towards Aya (cycle of abuse).

Can I get a full version of Nana singing the OP please

Yeah, where can we demand to get the full version? :D It was epic!

(And I'm dying to know what's the story behind this OP. Did Ryusei Nakao say he wants to sing the OP song and the studio said it's a great idea? Did they ask him to sing it? Did they do it as a joke initially but decided it's pretty funny so they can use it as surprise OP??)

Having the OP sung by Nana was very eerie, and very fitting after the events of last episode.

Asagiri has been having some great character development in the recent few episodes. I'm looking forward to what she does in the next two episodes. There's not a lot of time left, so I'm slightly concerned on how the last two episodes will play out.

Yeah shit's going down.. I expected it to glitch or start becoming creepy (like a children's music box maybe?) as well :)

Holy shit that OP! I swear it completely caught me off guard! It was so weird to hear Nana sing.

I'm still conflicted about Rina. I love her character but her saying "Sorry I killed your friend" reminds me that even though she's all nice and caring now about Aya, she used to be a murderer.

So apparently Misumi is a Stick owner to and is working with Nana. Dammit! And it looks like he still has Onii-chan locked up and naked somewhere.

I guess Sarina turning into a good guy is kinda expected after Nana just tried to railgun her brains off in that manga cafe.

I know I probably have said this before but I really like the direction where this show is going.I first thought it was going to be another battle royale ala MGRP but right now it's more closer to Madoka where the girls are working together to struggle against a world ending threat.


I sadly haven't been able to keep up with the series, and have just now binged from Episode 3 to Episode 10. What can I say? That was a ride, that's for sure.

And I basically have no predictions left now. Will one of the main cast girls betray the group? Will they capture one of the Admins? I have no clue to be honest.

The only one thing left that I can guess is regarding that Detective guy, who I believe has some plans of his own to rebel against the Magical Girl Site. But only time will tell, very curious about how they decide to go with this!

(yeah I don't read any of the source material, so I'm very hype and wary of spoilers!)

PS: People tend to criticize this show a lot, especially going against that first episode and how it usually is edgy. Hey, at least it seems to pay attention to its storytelling and how characters are built, which is something Anime usually doesn't do and just lets tropes take over characters. I love how weirdly deep some of these characters are.

Omg new Intro! I mean it's visually the same but the site administrator (Nana?) is singing it now? Awesome! Also I love the addition of the "Oh, you poor, unfortunate soul" at the end of it too!

Wow Rina Shioi apologised for killing Nijimi's friend? Blimey!

Also why is the flower display basically a pair of boobs? That's anime for you? If it were to be anything, it should've been a pair of panties :P.

The ED is as beautiful as ever.. but the visuals.. does anyone know why there's sperm everywhere? Am I missing something?

≫Also why is the flower display basically a pair of boobs?

I guess it was probably meant to be cherries since they're kinda her symbol... but yes, that was a pair of boobs. It sure made the scene less serious.

Ngl OP being sung by Nana (Ryuusei Nakao) was great, might say even better than the original. 10/10

The opening theme, LMAO! I wasn't expecting that. -Clap-

Oniichan chained up naked. That is a thing.

I am really enjoying the anime so far. Too bad it scares most people away.

That was such a strong episode!

They actually showed all the grief about Nijimin's death from the idol community and the magical girls. The funeral was also fairly emotional.

How things then came to pass was well done. Sarina only has her own path left really and that's to kill the Mahou Shoujo Site after seeing how they actually ''bully'' people by killing them. Very likely that she had a change of mind after reflecting on herself even though she's still not a likable person.

Really liking the bond between the magical girls, they are basically one of a kind in the world and it's a family at this point, they need each other to defeat the evil, simple as that but effective in this context.

Woooo! Kaname is alive! Though there's just two more episodes, and he lost his panties, not much he can do right now...

So that investigator was in on this whole debacle. Fuck him.

Being Aya is suffering. At least Yatsumura slapped some of it out of Aya.


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