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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9

wow, what a great episode! It'll be interesting to see what will happen to Hisone and Haruto after this. This is probably the most criminally under-watched show this season, such a shame.
≫This is probably the most criminally under-watched show this season
I would give that title to Layton Mystery Tanteisha: Katri no Nazotoki File, as the discussion pages have a lot fewer comments and upvotes compared to these. HisoMaso would definitely be the second or third most under-watched this season.
Probably nothing good :(.. I really want to believe that it'll all end up fine with Hisone being able to pilot and get with Haruto.. But we know it's gonna be her that has to have to heart broken.. ffs..
Why are the adults so dumb? If they had told the D-pilots from the start about the love thing.. that would've helped a lot.. Also keeping male and females more separated maybe?
It almost seems like they did everything they could to make them fall in love, almost as if it's part of being a D-pilot.. that you'll have to go through a heartbreak.
I mean they could've just kept everyone apart until the ritual was over!
Hell, just telling any guy on the base it would be a dishonorable discharge and possible criminal charges for getting involved with the D Pilots would be enough. But no, just let them work together, flirt and go on dates. Seems fine.
White Lovers guy seemed to think it was pretty important to break their hearts for some reason a few episodes back. Probably just because he's a massive asshole though.
OMG that screech from hisone's VA when she realizes shes in love, my sides
To think her VA was typecast into loli roles before this. She's been phenomenal as Hisone.
That's sort of surprising.
I dub it "The Trainwhistle".
I'm partial to "The Pressure Cooker." it seems like a more apt description.
I mean, she literally runs away with steam coming from her head, with the sound of a steam locomotive chugging away, followed by an actual trainwhistle
Man that guy who likes Hoshino, what a turnaround! He's like, not an asshole now.
He has this high schooler mentality kinda. After the training mishap in episode 4 (i think) he mentions that he doesn’t feel right, but was then encouraged by his coworkers about Fever Time. He’s got this kind of “Hoshino’s really cool, so I gotta show her I’m cool” attitude but he thinks acting like a jackass is cool bc he, idk, gets gratification from his coworkers or something. He’s sorta coming around and realizing Hoshino’s a human being.
To be fair he never had bad intentions, he was just selfish and stupid...
There was that whole "I have to break her" phase he went though.
I mean, he was really selfish and really stupid... I think the "I want to break her" wasn't the objective, but the means to get into her pants heart. He was purposefully creating a situation where he could be her white knight, which he misguidedly thought wouldn't humiliate a girl like her.
Now that he actually cares about her, he's not just acting out of self interest.
I'm still loving the changes to the OP.
Hisone has finally found someone like her, as Natsume speaks her mind just like Hisone.
Haruto got slapped despite saving Hoshino from falling down the stairs, poor dude.
Hisone is now a... train? It seemed like it after she sped off.
This love triangle is getting very interesting very quickly. I have no idea on how it's going to end.
Also, the OTFs suffering from anastomosis is quite concerning. I doubt we'll see it, but seeing one of them die would be unexpected.
Didn't you know that all adolescent girls are trains?
I think this show inserted romance in a really natural and clever way. That's appreciated in a world of tropes.
I want to agree, but Hoshino and Zaito's relationship has seemed pretty tropey to me. I like the couple, but I don't really get why Hoshino likes him other than that's what the plot requires of them, while Hisone and Okonogi's relationship has been explored in far greater depth. I don't think we could get a believable scene where Hoshino explains Zaito's good points like Amakasu did for Okonogi in this episode.
I am still more worried about what is gonna happen to the miko they choose... there is no way they are actually gonna kill someone... right????
I will put out a tentative speculation that the chosen miko spends 74 years inside the giant fish island thing.
And I'm thinking of something darker. I don't want to say it, but I think we all feel something dark approaching.
God I hope I'm wrong.
The show has thrown many "could be really dark" moments that quickly paid off into somethjng significantly sinister but know knows.
That said the new OP's focus on the miko as well as talking about how someone is endlessly flying into the sky, unable to ever go back, makes me thing someone is about to have a one way trip...
contender for best scream of the season
is there even any competition? That was scream of the year material.

The Scream!

Poor Hisone. What galls me is that she's been set up. If it happened naturally I wouldn't be as angry, but that White Lover guy is seriously attracting my ire now by being all accusative at the end.

I liked Natsume a lot more than I expected to! Which is bad, because she's already being associated to some kind of future tragedy related to her role.

Speaking of tragedies, looks like this yuri ship sunk before it even had a chance to float.
Amazing scene, thank you for the video, only wished you had got the whole scene until the end.
≫only wished you had got the whole scene until the end.

That can be obliged, here you go! I cut it short the first time because I wanted a spoiler-free version.
Eru blushing and Hisone realizing that she's in love are the absolute most adorable things from this episode!

Are they really going to sacrifice a Miko to this dragon god? I really hope not. Okonagi's childhood friend may be a bit obnoxious but she's not obviously a bad person.

It's going to be interesting how things will go on next week though. Whatever it is, there's probably a lot of sexual tension involved.
Omg I'm so glad the licking's back. It's so adorable!

What, what? The chosen Miko will what? Get sacrificed/eaten by the giant whale? That'll work for Hisone if the Binden is the girl who likes Haruto!

Haha bless they even wrote out the sound she makes when she licks Masotan! "Buelele!"

Well at least they've spelled out the whole love thing.

If the Miko's were aware that D-pilots are the only one not allowed to fall in love then why the fluff hasn't anyone told the D-pilots this?

Wasn't it White-Lover man's plan to make them fall in love anyway? And if not and he changed his plan, then maybe he should've restricted male-female contact? I mean he literally made Hisone and Haruto go on date and provided them their tickets.. so something devious is going on here.

Part of me wondered if it was the Miko's fault/job to make them fall in love? If it wasn't for the selfie then they wouldn't have fallen in love on the stairs.. and again it was the Miko who loves Haruto who made Hisone aware that she was in love.
≫If the Miko's were aware that D-pilots are the only one not allowed to fall in love then why the fluff hasn't anyone told the D-pilots this?

Probably just fear of making them self-aware, which could result in them falling in love faster.

The way that they half-assed the love research was pretty dumb though, as they just got Hisone interested and then concluded that there was nothing going on. But well, plot necessities, I guess.
I think because they assumed none of them would fall in love. Liliko's poor spying didn't reveal that Hoshini might like Zaitou and Haruto didn't realize hisone had feelings for him. Hisone herself didn't even realize that until this episode. So they probably didn't think that would be necessary.
It was really great when Hisone was made to realize that she had been in love with Haruto all along. Those faces, and that scream, great scene!

I hope they can still fly, but that will probably involve some heartbreak. They were kinda planning around it in the first place? Idk how that survey played around the plot, but the dude said "we're too late"....wasn't it expected? I'm confused about that bit.

The accidental kiss at the stairs was kinda cheap, but i always like how she reacts to him, since he was a dick earlier in the show trying to be all manly man and shit. I hope he tries to apologize or something at least...(he did try to help her there when she lost her footing tho, theres that).

The operation is getting even more complicated, and the bit with the Miko ritual didn't sound like it would be such a happy ending for them. Every time they bring out an exposure about the details on how they are going to do move the thing the "what could possibly go wrong" list grows a lot.

Its going to be one heck of a spectacle. At the start i was expecting some sort of "oh there's this weird thing that hunts dragons" or "natural enemy" kinda scenario to see some fighting, this is much much more interesting.

And the manga girl's Husbados and Hitomi's taste for manly thighs don't count as true love...I'm disappointed...
Well this was an amazing episode as usually. So it looks like one of the priestess might have to be sacrificed with all the foreshadowing. With that in mind, while natsume came off as mean an annoying the way she lives is very respectable and inspiring. She is most likely going to be sacrificed so she says what she wants and thinks so she does not waste time. As she will not be in the world for very long.


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