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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"Limited time offer! Spicy granny flavor"

That new OP version was sick thoooo~!!!

I had been skipping it because honestly it wasn't that good but decided to watch it again this time on a whim and was surprised by the change. New one is really solid.

Personally I adore how the OP is, even the original version. The way the lovely vocals, inspiring lyrics, and soaring orchestra interact with the visuals produces this incredibly striking sequence in my eyes. It's nature as a sort of military hymn has me conducting a march in my seat every time. I love it (even more than the ED)!
And I love the usual anison fare as much as the next guy, but a special show like this deserved a special song, and I can't imagine there being a more fitting OP than Shoujo wa Ano Sora wo Wataru

≫has me conducting a march in my seat every time. I love it (even more than the ED)!
that is some high praise. I similarly swing my arms and spin my chair back and forth with the characters like a dumbass to the ED.

This already looks epic as fuck, can't wait until they actually show it in the show!!!


nice angle used here
GUEHH I'm glad she kept that toy from the shitty movie and found an actual use for it lol
the face everyone makes when they realize they messed up
sleepy boi
nice background
oh she's here to ruin my ship :(
the rest of the girls
I hope we get to learn more about all of the new girls and the role they will play. Please let Hisone and Haruto watch more shitty movies together.

oh she's here to ruin my ship :(

probably just a imouto. (no wait, thats even worse)

≫probably just a imouto.

Oh hell yeah

The most boring escort mission ever. But this episode went a long way in answering my questions about what exactly are the OTFs for.

Kawasaki T-4!

Seeing Masotan during the WWII dream sequence was a surprise, it probably means that Grandma was Masotan's previous pilot and that the same dragons have been around longer than I previously thought. I'm betting that the other planes here are Futomomo, Norma, and Akemi.

The front one does look like a cargo plane (Futomomo), and the second plane back has a high frequency radio antenna on it, making it a scout/surveillance plane (Akemi). All speculation of course.

The plane in the foreground is actually a flying boat, the Kawanishi H8K. It's around the same size as the C-1 cargo plane that Futomomo is now disguised as, so I think there's a high chance that it was disguised as both (assuming the theory that these WWII dragons are the same ones).

love the animation conservation in this show. Even the use of the smallest changes (eyes being simple dots or slants) gives each character such a wide variety that no one looks the same. Not even the Miko who all have wildly similar haircuts.

Also DON'T SINK the Amanogi ship! Thanks Frozen! (Edit!)

Oh shit a new OP. I wasn't expecting there to be another one at all.

This new OP, oh baby I love it.

Judging by Sado-san's face after the Miko arrived, I'm gonna guess that they're to be sacrifices of some sort.

Love the episode title for the next episode.

My thoughts are that they are allowed to love while (based on last episode) the D pilots have to give everything to the dragons. Maybe an old Miko stole her love. The director dude did call her the ultimate D pilot. May be she has a grudge against them. Though at this point I have no idea haha.

That might be true, especially since the other girls have someone that can be taken from them as well (aside from Lili). I wouldn't really like it if this ended up happening though. Breaking the hearts of our main cast in such a way wouldn't sit right with me or match the overall feel of the show.

oh shit we're getting some plot now? the Joie lady thing was hinted at for a long time, but it was still surprising that she piloted Masotan. And of course the real shocker is Haruto being more than a simple handyman/best boy.

Hisone and Amakasu still developing their friend ship over a shitty movie really warmed my heart. this is easily one of my favorites of the season.

now why are those new girls so important? with all the talk of rituals and ancient beasts, my money's on virgin sacrifices.

Do we know she piloted Masotan and not just some older OTF? we don't know how long they live or if/how they reproduce after all...

The Rabaul mentioned during Yogurt lady's introduction refers to a port town in Papa New Guinea that Japanese occupied during the war. It was a key position for the Japanese navy and the successful neutralization of it by the allies was a devastating blow to Imperial Japan.
Given all the things that happened there, her title, Heaven Sent Pilot of Rabaul, most likely refers to her shooting down American bombers.

Mmmmmm new op, I like it. Things are starting to get strange, but in a good way (I think?). Still my AOTS anyway.

This show is going to break my heart in many ways and i am not looking forward to it

Waaaaa! New Opening! The visuals and the new mission remind me so much of The Dragon Dentist.

I'm kinda sad that the subs named Mitatsu-sama "Gigantic" instead of "Super OTF" (Chou) like you can clearly hear them say. Super OTF fits better in the goofy gap-serious mood of the anime.

Mitatsu-sama looks insane!

Also considering that THAT's the thing that they will escort with a possible risk of it destroying cities or settlements if it strays its path? That 148.5 trillion yen budget is totally justified.

Surprised to see that Haruto isn't just a regular grease monkey though. I am curious why he's working for the JASDF now though.

This better not go the NTR route. Okonogi x Hisone is too pure.

As for the other ship, seems like Zaitou suddenly became a decent human being. Not sure what triggered this change, but it is welcome.


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