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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Montparnasse sky and scum girl"

We all sorta figured a sacrifice would be necessary but the combination of seeing Yae’s remains, the vocal-less ED, and the unreadable title bleed of the ED card was a pretty powerful punch to the gut for me.

I was hoping that time would flow differently inside the dragon and Yae was still alive and young inside.

The ending put a big fucking NO to that wishful theory.

Seeing this accompanied by Hisone's screams was super unsettling.

Great episode, as always. I don't want it to be over. :(

I'm sure it'll all be fine. I'm sure she just licked the ink off. Nothing will happen to Hisone or Masotan. Everything will be fine.

Holy fuck that whole episode was one amazing moment after another.

Only one episode left... There is no way they are gonna have the miko die right??? Grandma's girlfriend was already enough!!!

I have a feeling if anyone's going to sacrifice themselves, it's going to be Sada. Or they'll… find a way around it… somehow. No clue how to predict how the end of this will go, though, in all honesty.

≫No clue how to predict how the end of this will go, though, in all honesty

That's what I really like about this anime. I just cannot predict what will happen next and it's putting me on the edge of my seat

Me too! I haven't been this excited for an anime for a long time. Every episode is packed with something interesting and there's never a boring moment.

For me, HisoMaso is definitely one of those memorable series that's been released in a while.

There should be a lot more comments about this amazing show. This is criminally underwatched.

Hisone acted like a brat so she deserves some flak at least, if not some kind of punishment. She was in a position where A LOT depended on her and she just quits D: I mean, I guess she redeems herself or something like that, but still. She could've tried thinking of the solution she apparently arrived to pretty easily without having to quit the job that literally only her and an 80 year old woman can do. That's not very "adult like" on her part. I guess it just fits with her saying whatever comes to her head the moment it gets there. But she obviously won't get punished because it'd just add pointless drama and is, overall, not important.

Other than that, great episode! I love that Hisone and Masotan were apart only temporarily and she's back for probably their last great mission. Too bad about the sacrifice, though. I figured something would be going down because some people mentioned stuff about "staying" after the mission iirc.

Good build up episode in preparation of the last :D

Then again, she never came across as an adult in the first place.

...then again, she never wanted to pilot Masotan in the first place.

You're right. She always seemed a bit childish and if you think about it, she pretty much just finished highschool (I don't think we got any "ten years later" or something like that after she's shown in HS trying to figure out what to do with her life. I'd say it's safe to assume it hasn't been longer than just a couple years or maybe even less than that) so she's barely even an adult legally.

Still, misjudging your own duties and responsibilities and outright droping them would not be well regarded anywhere and much less in a military environment. Sure, she didn't sign up for dpilot training or whatever, but she still agreed to do it and agreed to the role that was given to her. The problem, I guess, is that she was never aware of truly how important her job was and that by not performing it, she's literally putting the world in danger. She behaved like an older Ikari Shinji still not getting why he should get in the fucking robot but without the luck of having her flaws justified for being a teen.

True. That's a really big responsibility, but it did have the fact that with her current hangups, she couldn't exactly pilot Masotan. I'm guessing that unless the pilot has a clear and focus mindset, they can't ride their OTF.

Oh god my heart T_T That pinky kiss was so adorable <3

This episode is amazing! Like the art and animation especially seeing Mitatsu-sama finally move is sooo cool! I honestly thought they were just going to escort Mitatsu-sama toan empty place and the sea and perform the ritual outside but I did not expect them getting swallowed and performing the ritual INSIDE him. Considering that that's been the mechanic with these dragons I feel like I should've expected that.

Anyway I'm calling it now, Sada-san will most likely sacrifice herself making the Miko sacrifice unnecessary. Also I don't think Amakasu will just stand there and do nothing now that she's learned the truth. She's too kind for that.

So adorable!

Yeah I had no idea the ritual was meant to be inside him!

That preview for the next episode though. Holy shit.

Also I think their is a high chance Natsume won't be sacrificed and someone else might take her place.

Maybe the dragons will be the sacrifice. hahaha.... NOOOOO! MASOTANN!!!!

If it isn't shown in full next week, I really want an OVA of the Granny's story. A tale of love, loss and dragons in the middle of WWII would be amazing.

Hisone getting back together with Masotan was easier than I expected, but at least it wasn't too drawn out. I liked the home scenes and Goro was best pillow. (Another really well animated cat this season.)

Also I feel like that sliding bow in the rain would make a great comment face.

I just realized Kugimiya Rie was voice-acting in this show. Kakiyasu's angry yelling reminded me of that one fight scene from Toradora. Spectacular work!

I keep getting this sinking feeling that Hisone might end up taking the Binden's place as the sacrifice...

Way back in Episode 2, Hisone found the plaque with Masotan's true name, leading to a comment from her superiors that she was the "chosen miko" or something. That plot point still has not been brought up again (unless I'm misunderstanding its significance and it was simply to suggest that Hisone and Masotan were truly meant for each other).

Episode 10 started with a ceremony of some sort to determine which miko would be the Binden, and even though it's implied that Natsume was chosen, I don't recall Okonogi ever flat-out confirming that her name was the one selected. Or maybe I'm just reading too deeply into that.

And now, we've got the preview for the last episode, in which Hisone seems to be giving a tearful, final good-bye to Masotan. Sure, this could be interpreted in a few different ways, and the preview dialogue rarely matches the actual dialogue used in the upcoming episode, but to me, the tone of this preview is strongly hinting at a less-than-happy ending. Heck, they went so far as to make Hisone's tears blot out the title of the next episode!

[EDIT: There's also the matter that the OP lyrics are basically about Hisone's outlook on life before and after meeting Masotan. The alternate chorus used since Episode 8 certainly seems to have been hinting towards the sacrifice, and if we assume the lyrics are still from Hisone's perspective, that doesn't really bode well concerning her future.]

There's a part of me that insists they wouldn't kill off Hisone in case the show is given a second cour, but I still can't shake the feeling regardless. This is going to end in tragedy, no doubt, but when they don't even give us a title for the final episode, it's clear to me that they've got one more curveball to throw at us. And I don't think my heart will be able to handle it...

This was a pretty good episode as always. I gotta admit I sensed some Yuri vibes when they first show Granny with the Binden but I thought they were just childhood friends or something like that. Wasn't expecting Oba-Chan to be a Lesbian but whatever. Seems like it was one sided. Anyway considering we now know the truth of the ritual and a sacrifice must be made I'm expecting Granny to sacrifice herself in a way to be together with Yae-Chan. I just can't see Natsume dying after this. The second one in my list of possible sacrifices is Okonogi because he may feel responsable for Natsume and take her place but that would be too sad.

≫not being prepared for yuri at all times
Water you doin my guy? Get hyped for the purest form of love, shit's about to get gay up in here~

Who else sang the ED out loud?

What, in French? Or following the "oh god this is indecipherable" katakana transcription?

EDIT: Oh, I see, Asenshi added in the English translation… weird. Eh.

That was an incredible episode, even by this show's high standards. I hope more people pay attention to this show when Netflix releases it.

Great episode and now we wait for the final? Prob only one more episode

It is going to be great.

That was really great! I wasn't enjoying how the show was going in the mid section however last episode and this one it has really picked right back up for me. The voice acting by rie kugimiya this episode was phenomenal. This episode has some of the best voice acting moments I've seen from her in a long time. She and Misaki Kuno (who has been doing best voice actress of the year work here so far) nailed it this episode especially during their back and forth. The background art was also very pretty, especially inside the giant dragon. Idk quite how I feel about the last minute yuri inclusion, however I did like how it connected back to its themes on love in the work place and how it can be seen as wrong to do. Overall, this show went from my aots, to ok feeling, back to close to my aots again, excited for next episode!

Great episode. Really loved the Flight Leader's outburst and the backgrounds/animation were even better than usual. I agree with the others that Sada may well sacrifice herself though it seems like there's more to being the Biden than just being eaten.

So many epic moments leading to an inevitable ending that we all pretty much knew after a while.

That goddamn jump from the scooter into Maso-tan was so cool. Some people may call Hisone's decision to quit childish but I thought it made sense from her point of view. She had everyone best interests at heart after all.

And who knew the insides of a dragon was so beautiful. Can't wait for the next episode.


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