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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"Melty Love"

"I'm up for being fuck buddies if you are!"
Now I'm sure that Asenshi localized that a bit, but that's a line I never thought I'd hear in a non-ecchi anime.

That ending was outta left field. Very intrigued to see what her reasoning is next episode. I was definitely expecting an "I can do all at once" thing, but I think this subversion of expectations is better. I was originally not very happy with this love subplot, but it has grown into something that could be meaningful. I like it.
Also, Based on Okonogi's tears with Natsume, it looks like our worst fears are being realized with what likely happens to the Binden during the ritual. That sucks, I liked her a lot. It was great to see Nao get some great development though!
localized that
Just a little bit. He says セフレ (Sefure), which is short for Sex Friend.
Wasn't expecting that kind of conclusion either. It's very interesting to see where it'll go.
inb4, the last two episodes are Hisone's psychological introspection, that ends with characters clapping and saying "Congratulations", and we never actually see the Ritual.
Lost it when Futomomo decided to hug carrier's superstructure, because he was feeling lonely.
I mean Shinji Higuchi is involved in the show so I don't doubt that.
Hahaha, tbf not even a bad choice by Amakasu there.
Really liked this episode, both Sexy Jaguar and Best Bro were amazing!
Yeah I support Hisone's decision. In the end of the day pursuing love will give her a more fullfiling life
Honestly, Amakusu might even be making the right choice here. For better or worse, I really doubt Okonogi can pull a Zaito and make her abandon love for the rest of her life and all that, he's just not that kind of guy. Zaito is seemingly doing the right thing here by going full jerk, but it's not really an improvement for Eru is it? If they wanted Zaito to be sympathetic to the viewer they should maybe have cut back a little on the way they initially portrayed him, even if it was all bravado.
For Hisone, it's really not quite a healthy relationship the OTF seems to offer. That much is clear. And the airforce didn't exactly tell anyone about the requirement either, so guilt shouldn't be much of an issue. Maybe a little if it has catastrophic results down the line, but blaming the pilot for that is a stretch. In the end she has the freedom to make her own choice, and she can probably do reasonably well outside of the airforce now.
It's going to be interesting to see how they'll resolve this. It doesn't seem like an option to just accept being 100% emotionally dependent on the OTF. So will Amakusu find a way to make Masotan accept her even if she's more than just the pilot, or will they find some other way around it entirely? And is Zaito's trick really enough to fool Hoshino on the long term?
≫If they wanted Zaito to be sympathetic to the viewer they should maybe have cut back a little on the way they initially portrayed him, even if it was all bravado.
I don't think it was a façade, Zaito really is archetypically macho. However, that doesn't prevent him from having qualities beside that. I think that's fine, all characters have flaws, even besides the D-pilots.
Overall it's a bad deal for Hisone, and I wonder if the "don't fall in love" really is the solution. I wonder if it isn't hiding the real reason. I actually thought Hisone might have figured something along those lines, so I really want to know what her reasoning is in the next episode. For example, could it be that the D-pilots are actually not kind towards others ? That could result in correlated observations in the relation between OTFs and D-pilots.
Well, one of his subordinates does say Zaito has a softer interior, and we see that he's at least partially putting up a front when it comes to Hoshino. He's still a chauvinist, but he exaggerates it because he feels he should act that way. In my eyes he was too much of an asshole because of that early on, makes it harder to care now. Especially the part about breaking Hoshino and picking her up after, that just felt like too much.
You might be right. Any straightforward answer like accepting or rejecting the OTF the way they do now might feel cheap to be honest.
Glad that Nao got some more development this episode and a more meaningful role. Amakasu probably thinks Nao can take on her role as a D-Pilot now and feels better bout quitting. But that's not going to last, nor do I think she is going to give up her feeling in order to pilot Masotan. She has to find a different unique answer that will allow her to have both.
Yeah, yay for Nao-chan!
At first I didn't expect this show to be this psychological. Love it!
I'm wondering if Okonogi might break Hisone's heart another way. I mean how is she going to react when she learns that the nice, kind man she's fallen in love with. Is about to send his childhood friend who is also in love with him, to her doom?
We don't know the Binden is due to die.. probably.. but we don't know for sure? No-one has directly stated and if everyone knows she's going to die.. why aren't they being much more serious/apologetic about it all?
i really like this show, but its like 90% great and 10% kind of gross.
the plot with hoshino and the guy where at first he wanted to break her then she somehow feel in love felt very forced. It looks like there gonna keep going with hoshino will never love again and be dependent on OTF seems unhealthy. Really with every pilot being banned from being in love and if they do fall in love, they will have to have their heart broken was a WTF moment for me
I hope it continues with Amakasu quitting as it shows she can be independent without relying on her OTF
≫the plot with hoshino and the guy where at first he wanted to break her then she somehow feel in love felt very forced
That's because it was him just setting up a front. We've been told multiple times by underlings or people that know him that he acts all macho but he's very soft.
It just dawned on me. Could it be that Nao can't pilot Masotan because of her crush on Ikushima?
I think it may be because she has more self esteem than the other pilots
I'm not sure about that. Ririko and Hitomi have never shown any lack of self esteem.
If anything, Nao not being able to pilot Masotan despite her dedication, and worse, being surpassed by someone as clueless as Hisone should be a bigger hit to her than Hitomi and Ririko ever been show to have taken.
≫Ririko and Hitomi have never shown any lack of self esteem.
Ririko berates herself for being "a worthless person who drags everyone down" in the second scene she's in (the running after their arrival).
And Hitomi talks about being an intimidating woman with a temper during the island mission.
All D-pilots clearly suffer from inferiority complexes, that's the reason they're D-pilots in the first place.
They continued to tackle the relationships between the characters in this episode. Of course, it didn't go too smoothly for anyone.
Zaito(?) saying "I'm up for being fuck buddies if you are" to Eru was not the best thing to say. Eru ended up drinking because of Zaito and the way he behaves, which did bring a good scene from her.
While watching Okonogi and Natsume, Hisone got the wrong impression which led to her and Okonogi having a little confrontation. Maso-tan yawning while they were arguing made me laugh hard.
Hisone saying she has quit both D-Piloting and the Air Force scared me. However, I don't think this will be the worst thing that'll happen in the series. I don't know exactly what it is, but the ritual seems to be worrisome.
Anyone knows who was the one screaming at the end of the preview? It seemed like Hoshino
Bae always shows off her cutest side when shes angry and drunk.
So if I get this right Natsume is supposedly going to be the sacrifice right? Does anyone besides the higher ups know about this?
That's the suggestion, and so far, no. Though there are suggestions that Okinogi might know something about it.
I thought they were not allowed to quit the air force since they know about the dragons.
Me reacting to the ending of the episode
Omg I loved this scene! She's so adorable as a train!
Also why would that girl make her love rival aware that she was a love rival? Kinda silly :p.
I honestly expected her to come up with a crazy idea, like:
"It's simple! I'll love Masotan and Haruto! I'll just explain it all to Masotan so he can understand!"
I'm not sure I understand Hisone's reasoning here.
If Nao can fligh with Masotan, she can quit and be free to love Okonogi I would guess
Oh God, I am pretty sure something will go terribly wrong in the next episode during the ritual now that Hisone isn't part of the operation.
I was honestly expecting her to break in there and scold Masotan for being jealous when he’s flying with Sexy Jaguar over there.
what is the tear duct equivalent of blue balls? because that's what that ending did for me. Super unexpected. I love this show.


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