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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"Life is about Survival"

Kei decides to summon Mao from her organization to bring an extra transport pod to pick up Hina, but Mao drops on a deserted island and accidentally loses both her orb and her spare in the surf. After searching for the orbs with no luck, Mao creates puppet versions of Hina and Anzu to talk to while enjoying her time on the island. Months later, she breaks down and tosses them away, before creating a makeshift raft and sailing away. Meanwhile, Nitta tries to arrange his boss to be the next head of the family. After Hina suggests that Nitta should be the new leader, the Oyabun indulges her for a moment before Nitta steers it back to Kiyoshi. However, Sabu already texted Kiyoshi about the first part of their conversation, which leads him to bury Nitta in cement until the Oyabun himself has to clear it up. Kiyoshi awkwardly decides to name Nitta a Lieutenant while he's still buried in cement. Later, Hina asks everyone how to celebrate Nitta's promotion. However, her final setup looks more like a funeral for Nitta. 

"Feed me."

Perfect resemblance.

[edit] Gohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

That last gohan as "she" flies off into the distance...perfect. Hinas VA is really killing it in terms of how similar it is to what I imagined she'd sound like in the manga.

Coconut Hina and Coconut Anzu were great additions to the show, but they didn't last too long.

Nitta: What's wrong, old man?
Hina: I told him he smelled weird, and this happened.
Nitta: Be more gentle when you tell people they have an old person smell!
Nitta's 'celebration' was bloody hilarious. I absolutely lost it when Hina slowly came out of the box, then said "Boo!".

For me, this was the funniest episode so far. From beginning to end, I loved every second of it.

≫but they didn't last too long
They will be missed

Hina got the bigger twinkle

That was an incredibly adorable boo

The little "Ahhh..." afterwards was the cherry on top. Hina instantly realised Nitta was not amused, despite all of the effort she put into the celebration.

And Nitta still being grateful that she put in the effort, even though it was an absolutely awful celebration. Such a nice moment.

How did it turn into a funeral!? HOW!?

I kind of like the idea of throwing a surprise party for all my friends by publicly announcing my death, inviting them all to the funeral, then in the middle of the service popping up out of the coffin stark naked and yelling SURPRISE!!!

Fun fact: cement expands when dried so Nitta's body would have realistically been ruptured.

Setting is also an exothermic reaction, so he would be dead levels of warm while being dead levels of squished.

Cement is also highly alkaline, so he would be suffering from severe caustic burns while being pressed and cooked well-done.

Ohhh, so new girl is the one from the "Watashi no Smartphone" scene!

What's up with Utako no longer being in the OPs/EDs, though...

I think it's just referencing the fact that Hitomi has taken over the bar from her.

She was removed because she refused a date with Nitta and as a joke because Hitomi runs the bar. Then at the end Hina was removed because Nitta celebrated when she left, now she is back at the end because they made up. I expect Nitta and Utako to make up but dont get into a relationship and she will come back into the OP.

She is in the OP

But not in the cuts where she was more prominent.

That final scene was way too hilarious. I loved how much effort Hina was putting in to the surprise. I literally mouthed 'What' when Hina said she was gonna do all of them hahaha.

Honestly this show is faultless at the moment and it's heading for a 10/10.

That was a lot of material from the manga that they condensed into one episode, but it worked well! Cocohina-chan best coconut.

But it's 3 chapters/episode just like every other ones

They did roll in the Naito getting out of prison chapter and the promotion thing into one, when in the manga there was a bit of time between the two iirc.

Yeah they skipped whole "Hina is Naito's daughter" part.

Which is odd since his son is in the OP, and they seem to have skipped that too? Not sure on that one though

The third Loli Esper is here ! She is the one who gave us the Watashi no smartphone ga ! from Episode 1.

She's quite something right? She just spent nearly 200 days on this island. And what is this? a Yakuza chapter adapted? What is this series? They even combined multiple Yakuza chapter into a single story line! Damn.

Kashira! Kashira! Kashira!

And Hina is precious.

And here is The AITA! counter for Hinamatsuri! This time updated for episode 9.

Episode  AITA!
Episode 1   41
Episode 2   35
Episode 3      3
Episode 4   1
Episode 5   1
Episode 6   3
Episode 7   4
Episode 8   1
Episode 9   3
Total   92
Average   10.2222

Keep in mind that I probably missed a few of them across the series, since there are time where multiple AITA are said simultaneously, or some are not audible enough.

So we got an explanation on why the third girl has a Hina-tonfa in the first episode, she just couldn't let go of her coconut friends!

I died when Nitta went all:



There's nothing like celebrating your promotion surrounded by people who love and cherish you. And having your family recognize and support you in your happy moment.

But in the end, it's the feelings that count.

So that version of Cast Away was a lot more enjoyable to me for some reason. Coconut Hina and Anzu > Wilson for life.
Also, Hina's promotion party was charming for her, especially that "Boo!" at the end. Kid put her heart into it

≫Life Is About Survival

I love how the first half of the episode focused on that. Need more content like this to explore a character's life experiences. It almost reminded me of the episode about Anzu dealing with homelessness.

The first half is about how without people life can drive you crazy.

The second half is about how without people parties are boring.

Haven't laughed so much in a while xD

 I lost it when Nitta came home and thought he was dead

Huh, they adapted a Yakuza portion, that's neat

Where's my girl Anzu though ? Isn't this show called Anzumatsuri ?

it was, but Hitomimatsuri officially begins next episode.

Finally, the third esper girl Mao makes her proper introduction this late into the show, after briefly appearing for about a minute or so in the prologue of episode 1.

This esper organization may be mysterious, but they sure are sloppy with their teleportation, sending Mao in the middle of some unmanned island in the South China Sea. Poor Mao. :(
"Things got a bit awkward after Nitta's one-man party, but they worked things out, and they're cool now."
Probably the laziest way ever to resolve a cliffhanger. lol

That whole Yakuza misunderstanding affair was hilariously cringeworthy. At least Nitta kept his life intact and even ended up with a promotion. Moral of the story: Always think twice before you send out your text messages.

"Yo, I'm dead!" LMAO Coupled with Hina's salty cake and water saké. Probably the weirdest celebration ever.

Hina's back in the ED, but Utako continues to be absent from the OP and ED.

Ok, that was a bloody funny episode. Especially the party Hina threw at the end. Greatest celebration I've ever seen imo. My only disappointment is that they've introduced a new girl with only 3 episodes to go and we've barely scratched the surface of who she is or what she can do.

She comes in quite late in the story in my opinion.
But even going forward in the manga she's not as prominent as Hina, Anzu and Hitomi.
So her late arrival isn't really a detriment to the story.

I love how the words on Hina’s white shirt changed to “kashira” this episode. This show is too cute.


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