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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 12

Hina is lost in the mountains with Hitomi and two other classmates. After building an igloo, Hina tries to prove that she can use her powers to help out, but runs out of energy after going hungry. The next morning, the group tries feeding Hina some pretend ikura sushi with snow to raise her spirits. Eventually, a rescue crew finds them after Hina uses her powers to make a giant ikura sushi sculpture out of snow. The show returns to the present three years later, where Mao is the top student at a Chinese qigong school of "Superhuman Martial Arts" while a Japanese street rocker tries to learn how to recreate Hina's "Rockusion" stunt from before. After meeting at a teahouse, Mao and the rocker both think the other person is insane. When the rocker mentions Hina's name, Mao decides to travel back to Japan with him, but the other members of the school try to stop them both. After a big fight, the Sifu of the school tries to use an unfair trial to convince her to stay, but Mao subtly uses her powers to beat it. The Sifu reluctantly allows her to leave for Japan to create more branches of the school, while Mao looks forward to meeting her colleagues from the future. 

YEESSS, we got to see “watashi no smartphone” guy again!

I was looking forward to that so much. It's so much funnier in the anime with the pronunciation than it was in the manga.

I completely forgot the first episode started with that scene.

when you're slacking off and your boss looks at you.

That was the best clousure we could get of the Hitomi side of the anime, so damn funny.

Hitomi : I own this place now

Possibly the most enjoyable show of the season for me personally, so warm and hilarious at the same time.

Feed me Season 2.

"Gohan." - Hina, probably.

I don't know how true it is, and I hope it's not, but I've heard it said on reddit a lot that it wasn't as popular in Japan so it may not get a S2.

Time for international fans to shine. Afaik Overlord was also not that popular in Japan but thanks to international fans' support, sure it took 3 years, it got two new seasons by Madhouse in a single year.

I still have Coconut Hina stuck in my head saying, 'food' all the time


Of course Goku named his son "food". Of course.

"I thought you were just a poop generator" a throwaway line that is probably the best description of Hina by far.

"Rufthansa" :D

I don't get it if there is a joke here.

It's a parody name of a German airline Lufthansa and possibly a jab at the fact that Japanese people cannot pronounce the "L" sound.

For all the people who doubted Hina-chan is your Lord and Savoir 

Loved that they replayed Watashi Smartphone gaaaa 

Just checked episode one, naturally she used Hina Doll 2.0 back then 

So sad its over, that was one of the biggest surprises of the season, hope it sells well in Japanf

That better be setup for a season 2.

Fantastic comedy series with a lot of emotion mixed into it. It did wonders.


I finished binging the manga a few minutes ago, and for anyone planning to do the same: start from the beginning, but skim through the chapters you've already seen if you have to.

edit: My reasoning for this is that it's not a linear adaptation, and the characters differ a bit between versions. As for this episode, I'm really glad they managed to incorporate a panel where Hitomi's mother says "strawberry flavour's the best" while brushing her teeth.

The ship chapter is very funny I am sad that they didn't animated it.

Fashion Show!

man that whole segment of #13 was sooo funny

Holy shit, that random cut of Best Daughter Anzu in the Nitta/Hina montage had me rolling.

Hahah yea I noticed that too. Deep down, Nitta knows Anzu is the best daughter.

One of the best shows I've ever watched.

let's take a moment to remember the greatest line in weeb history.

WATASHI NO SMARTOPHONU GA!!!! -some random bald dude

The fact he is something like a Shaolin monk makes the line even better.

So now we know why that Rock band guy was in the starting episode with Mao.


Despite mostly being a background character, he's actually incredibly important to the plot.

That meeting of Rocksion and Mao was the beginning of the end.

The random flash on Anzu in Nitta's Hina flashbacks was gold

As a manga reader, I really enjoyed this all the way through. It was a pleasure watching this show gain popularity and the ratings tick upwards. I can't help but wonder if the yakuza sections were toned down for the Japanese audience. In any case, I think focusing on Hina, Anzu, and Hitomi was absolutely the right way to go. Please give us season 2!

I'm also glad this was picked up by Funimation because that means we get timely and affordable physical copies!

aots all the way. this show was way too perfect. i can’t even fathom the words to describe how wonderfully crafted this show was. it had a little bit of everything. had me chuckling one moment to shedding manly tears another. what a ride.

on a side note, is it worth reading the manga or shall i wait for more best daughter anzu in the second season?

You can never go wrong with the manga considering how many Yakuza related chapters were skipped, the comedy is still pure gold.

That fight scene was so incredibly fluid. Man...

I demand a season 2!

What a fantastic ride. Although the anime skipped quite a few chapters which was such a shame since they're all great chapters, the adaptation has been an absolute joy to watch. This has been my most anticipated show this season, BnHA is the second one. I absolutely love the relationships between all the characters in the show and Anzu is no doubt best daughteru. I would love to see season 2 since the manga only gets better.

Best Show of this season. 9/10 They should make season 2 as early as possible.

I got so excited when I saw that the second half of the episode was in China! We finally got to see what the beginning of the first episode was about. And I'm really glad that we got to hear "watashi no smartphone ga!" one more time.

Bring on season 2!


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