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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"A Man Thirsty for Blood, Violence and Money"

"He can no longer run away."

"He'll dash through the greed-soaked night."

(Together) "Until the moment of his own demise."

They're still committing to the mockery even after Nitta ran away.

[edit] Oh, god. It followed him home.

Hinamatsuri summed up in a picture.

I thought this was going to be a screencap of Nitta running away crying.

There you have it folks, straight from the horse's mouth; Anzu is the ideal daughter that everyone should have.

With the final episode next week, I'm surprised that the show is still showing events from three years ago and has yet to explain the first episode's opening sequence where Mao was fighting off several men in China. Which means....second season?!

≫second season

There better fuckin' be!

According to my friend who lives in Japan and who writes articles for MAL on occasions, sales are doing terribly for Hinamatsuri's anime.

If this is true, hopefully this won't change plans for an S2. But it really goes to show why studios sticking to same old formulas, rather than opting to innovate for new stuff. The usual demands of the Japanese consumership are quite specific and easy to cater for, making adventurous forays extremely unlucrative.

If that is true, then Japan truly has shit taste.

Yeah, that's generally the case. A lot of the biggest gems tend to do horribly in Japan.

Even Nitta wants this series to be renamed to Anzumatsuri.

And Hina "reality" Matsuri strikes back.

"Did you call?"

Best daughteru is there to remind us of what Nitta missed out on.

This episode is too cruel for Nitta, what did he do to deserve this? First becomes a living meme at work, then experiences fatherhood heaven only to have it suddenly ripped away by reality.

gotta balance out the fortune with misfortune

the daughter time with Anzu was heaven on earth

3 day heaven vs eternal hell

Perfectly balanced

Man, Nitta never stood a chance.

"have fun together"

Teacher : I don't know how to say this, but at the ski-class we're running right now, Nitta Hina-san has gone missing in the mountains.


Also Anzu has infinity-gauntlet-level best daughter powers confirmed.

I'm surprised that they didn't push the whole "Yakuza are nice guys" thing, especially with so many Yakuza movies and games making them honorable thugs.

Also, wow, Anzu looks WAY more like Nitta's daughter than Hina does! Acts like a better daughter too, she's so precious!

Also, his attempts to corrupt her are pointless.

Hinamatsuri has always been pretty fair in terms of it's portrayal of Yakuza. Which is unfortunately why most of it can't be shown.

They are treated as people. People who happen to be violent criminals, but still people.

Isn't it just a matter of time constraints?

no, there's also censorship regarding how you're allowed to portray Yakuza in tv media.

Because Hinamatsuri treats the Yakuza as people and they do come off as sympathetic at times, which could be construed as condoning what they do.

That's why they've taken a lot of steps to try and distance Nitta from his organization in the anime.

The time constraints are why we haven't gotten some of the more pure comedy side-story stuff, as while there is occassional some minor character development in those (though it tends to require 4-5 of them before the changes start to build up), with only 12 episodes, they've got to cover the most important ones for plot/big character development.

Episode 11 confirms what we all suspected: Anzu really and truly is an angel.

With a ponytail

Until Nitta’s flashback I truly did forget she used to have an even worse attitude than Hina. Man how far she’s come.

Why does this show have to end.

I really really hope we get a second season because its been fantastic so far and I'm going to be sad to see it go.

I don't know much about in the west, but at least in China, this show has more watches than even Hero Aca. I think that might be sufficient indication that we'll get a second season if the people at power actually want another season.

I liked Nitta's interpretation of his version of Heaven and Hell by having the Anzu angels leading him out of Hina Hell and into his personal Heaven. Also, nice little touch in the credits by having Nitta sit next to Anzu since they hung out in the second half of the episode.
This really flew by but has been worth it every week. Sad it all ends next week

I have to agree.

No one can resist the angel that is anzu, not even Nitta while trying to prove she isn't.

The call that hina is missing at the end ahaha, nitta's response almost sounds like he said "aww yiss" quitely

Man, there's just one thing I'm really missing from this anime: redemption. I just want Nitta and Hina to go "Well, yeah, you're annoying as hell, but I still care about you". When Hina was supposed to go back, that could've been it, then Nitta goes and throws a party.

I think we all know that's next episode, needs to end with diabetes-inducing levels of sweetness.

Nitta realizing he is stuck with the daughter that destroys the house when trying to clean.

How can anyone turn down cat's cradle with Anzu when she's this cute?

Anzu is best daughter.

Hina representing the underworld, and Anzu the heavens, is very fitting.

Reality is coming home. xD

I'm so fkin sad that this ends next week, FUCK! ;_; Second season PRONTO!

Anzu is an angel literally.

Yakuza first half was hilarious as fuck.

Really enjoyed this episode since Utako wasn't there at all.

Also, wow Hina has been completely wiped out from the ED gets me worried but had me laughing too

Edit: not the first time it seems my bad, but one thing is different that Nitta is sitting beside Anzu and has taken Hina's empty seat

≫Really enjoyed this episode since Utako wasn't there at all.

She got even more wiped out from the OP again; She used to be able to be seen walking with an umbrella in the part where Hina is in the rain.

Blessed be the wicked by the light of the purest angel Anzu, Hina gonna finally get some screentime but alas it is with a heavy heart that it will be the last episode.

As if anyone needed more reasons on why Anzu is best girl in the show

This episode confirms that Anzu best daughteru


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