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[Hinamatsuri] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"Like a River Stream"

I'm beginning to think these girls might not be surrounded by the best influences.

Anzu's parents are saints.

Anzu is a saint

What could possibly give this idea? I mean, what better influences are there than the yakuza and some other people closely related to them?

Hitomi is fairing really well, probably better than most of us here

Also at a younger age than most of us!

The best influence she has now is Hina, the only time we saw Hina today was sleeping in class.

This harsh environment allow's Hitomi's true potential to shine!

Hitomi's mother looks more like an older sister than her mother...

Or even a younger sister. She's shorter than her middle-school-aged daughter!

Legal loli

At least she has the voice of an adult, unlike some shows who go full loli for no reason

Basically most of the show so far.

Funnily enough, the most competent adults were people like the homeless and the restaurant owners who helped Anzu. Must be the pureness rubbing off on them.

Nitta seems find so far, apart from the fact that's he's a yakuza, so I don't know why Hitomi's categorizing him with the other adults

Let's not forget that their first encounter was basically like

Hitomi: "Omg finally, Nitta-san's dad!"

Nitta: "I am no ones dad! and I want a drink."

I think Hitomi probably broke several child labour laws on about half of those jobs. Who cares though, she's a goddess who can do anything.

Goddammit Sabu, you're a fucking bad influence on Anzu, get the hell away from her. Luckily everything worked out alright in the end, giving shoulder massages to her guardians was so sweet of her.

Did Uma Musume air early this week?

Sabu is just terrible in general, he almost got Nitta killed

Well Sabu isn't really malicious, just a complete idiot and more than a little spineless.

Hitomi has become the poster child for lax child labor laws.

I'm trying feverishly to understand how she manages to go to all those day jobs whilst still making it to all her middle school classes? Unless she has a time turner, Mon - Fri during the day is school time meaning she was either cutting class, apart from her night jobs, or all her days jobs took place on the weekend. Yet she still had time to see Anzu, unless she works only some weekends...

Seriously, my mind is working overdrive & I'm not even working half of what Hitomi does. What a dynamo.

Hitomi is just that OP.

Hitomi is doomed to succeed, middle schooler living in 300 000 yen apartment getting offers from top companies :P best girl

Anzu such a good girl

Hitomi is on the path to suicide within a few months of this.

Anzumatsuri keeps on giving, that last scene was so sweet.

that last line about her issuing more..she too pure

Straight away, Hitomi came to the realisation that she was busted.

Now that Hitomi is doing a lot of manual labour, she has begun to take Hina's approach in class. Hopefully, they begin to enfore some child labour laws soon otherwise Hitomi is going to be missing out on a lot of education.

I agree with Hitomi, there has been no adult around that she can trust. I was expecting Sabu to be of some help, but he ended up getting Anzu to gamble... Even Nitta is beginning to realise Hitomi is not happy with her current circumstances.

It was heart-breaking seeing Anzu go from ¥45,000 to ¥500 within a matter of seconds. Her wanting to show gratitude to her parents showed how good of a girl she is.

Also, unless you're counting the episode preview, Hina did not have a single line this entire episode. Honestly, I think that's probably for the best as Anzu and Hitomi got more attention this episode, which is always great.

Its a loli hag! 

Hitomi executing a brilliant strategy by accident is genius, even her mom is proud, lol 
As always Anzu is breaking my heart, although I expected her to be more reasonable with betting. Then again she was brought up as a Telekenesis Killing machine... 
Change of pace next week?

haha based off the manga next week will be hilarious

Hitomi is the best character of this series hands down.

Can’t make it 20 seconds into the show without cracking a smile. I love this show.

Good for you, I could’t make it 20 minutes into this episode before I started shedding tears :( Anzu you’re so precios

I'll be honest, when Anzu was first introduced I thought she would be that generic rival character to Hina who's sole purpose in the anime is to challenge Hina to a duel every time they meet and gets wipe off in one move, little did I know, she has become best daughter.

Anzu has had some great character development since her first appearance. So thoughtful and caring, even if she did get a little greedy at the tracks. A stark contrast between her actions with money and Hitomi getting overworked to exhaustion

This episode might as well have been title "Bad Influences", "Like a River Stream When the Adults Around You Are like Toxic Pollutants".

Utako pushing Hitomi's head down, forcing her to sign that contract and Sabu getting Anzu into gambling feels so WRONG yet makes the show so GOOD.

That silent scream face is my favourite running gag in this, I feel bad but I laugh every time Hitomi does it and then to see the adults do it was even funnier. Maybe one day Hitomi will learn the most valuable of life lessons, which is when to tell people to 'fuck off!'

The moment the horse race scene started I wondered if they'd sneak an Ume Musume gag in there and I was so glad they did. Poor Anzu though, she was so happy when she was laughing manically about her money. At least her pure heart still made her foster family happy.

Hitomi's tiny mom was hilarious sight gag, I can't imagine how crushing it must be to be significantly shorter than your middle school daughter.

Heisei monster coming for the next episode?! A few scenes will be missed but the hype is back!

This episode had the best two girls of the series, can't ask for nothing more.

Oh yeah! We are having the documentary for next week!


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