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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 13 everyone's impressions

Episode 13

Absolutely the best episode of the series so far. I need Bandai to release an Astray No-name kit holy SHIT it looks fucking cool. I hope Riku's new suit looks cool too. 00 Diver Ace looks pretty lame/standard - the next episode PV looks pretty promising though.


Also Ayame's smile is so precious.

Edit: It's real WOOOO

Now tempted to get that head unit and modify it to my overdue kit project...

≫Also Ayame's smile is so precious.

My favorite part of the episode.

It's funny how when a major character is using a SeeD suit, they start recycling animations within the same episode.

When you reference other shows so hard that their productions issues from 16 years ago travel over to yours.

On the one hand, Tsukasa’s an no-fun-allowed asshole of the highest caliber.

On the other hand, he’s not wrong about the old battle system encouraging battlers to improve their Gunpla; we went from Build Strike to Star Build Strike in GBF, and from Winning Gundam to Star Winning in GBFT, all prompted by battles, Gunpla damage, losses and subsequent improvements to become better.

And now this duel in the not-Plavsky GP Duel is prompting Riki to make a full upgrade from 00 Diver, where before we were stuck with him basically using an 00 with a SEED backpack.

You know, GBD, you’re not really helping your case here.


At least Tsukasa’s still got some honor returning Ayame’s Gunpla.

He didn't need her gunpla after he lost in GBN, so there was really no reason to keep it

≫On the other hand, he’s not wrong about the old battle system encouraging battlers to improve their Gunpla; we went from Build Strike to Star Build Strike in GBF, and from Winning Gundam to Star Winning in GBFT, all prompted by battles, Gunpla damage, losses and subsequent improvements to become better.

That's kind of a wrong PoV. You still need to improve your own gunpla build in GBN. It also has a bonus of being more consumer friendly because ya know, your gunpla doesn't get completely rekt IRL.

If you implement the old build fighters system in real life you're gonna get shut down fast.

His logic screams you can only love Gunpla if you're willing to put them in a situation where they're destroyed. Can't agree with that.

"Hey kid, fight me in real life in this sketchy as hell abandoned warehouse district, and don't tell your friends or parents about it."

Is, um, is this the message you want in a show aimed at a younger crowd. Also, does Riku even have parents?

≫Also, does Riku even have parents?

You could ask this question about 90% of anime aimed at children

True. And even when they do have a parent...where's the other parent?

For example: How many kids in Pokemon actually has two parents?

Yeah, either divorce rates in the Pokemon world are ridiculously high...or the adult work environment is far more dangerous than these kids adventures let on.

That or all their missing parents are Pokemon trainers, bang up the kids mom then fuck off on an adventure forever

So all the predictions were true, Tsukasa wants to destroy GBN because everyone is a casual scrub. He's also the only one to realize the obvious about Sarah, which I imagine will take a while for everyone else to catch on to.

I guess this is about as good as we could hope for? There's some actual grey area here as far as improving gunpla goes, especially because Riku will get a big upgrade now. And the fight wasn't too bad even if it was just a high-speed slugfest.

I take it Patrick was in the crowd at the opening? Didn't spot him myself.

The gunpla from Ayame's old team is still one heck of an ugly monstrosity. It's just a symbol I guess but come on. Can we just see Ayame irl now? I assume she lives nearby because everyone does. Would have been awkward if Tsukasa was on Okinawa or something.

what exactly do you mean about the "obvious about Sarah"?

That she's an AI, or something. Whatever the deal is with her.

In the subs of what I watched Tsukasa says "someone else is hacking into GBN and they're in the same team as Riku."

Was it said differently in what you watched?

That shows he's aware someone on his team is manipulating the game data. Nobody else has gotten that far yet.

Oh no!!! It's an Astray Elitist!!!!!

Is that Destiny gundam?

Oh god.

If it is Wackymodder will have a field day.


I've been wondering if I should watch this and if I need to watch the other ones to understand what should I do?

its stand alone, if you know what gundamn is in the first place this isnt hard to pick up and watch.

build divers is pretty much a standalone series.

however, its quality doesnt quite live up to the original buildfighters, your enjoyment of this show may vary depending on your investment into the gundam franchise as a whole

Firstly you don't need to watch the previous ones, just understand they existed.

As for you wonder, well my opinion on it is: I'm pretty easy to please and I'm enjoying this as much as the previous series. The more picky people say the first season of the first series is the best and they're not wrong but that doesn't mean this one is shit.

But go into understand it's target audience is kids in the same age range Pokemon or Pre-cure targets.

Much better episode this week. The GPD was cool, the format is just so much better than GBN. And that smile!

If you liked that and haven't watched any of the other build fighters series I suggest you watch them as that's what they are based around and honestly are just much better shows.

Yeah I've watched them and enjoyed them a lot. Really disappointed with how this series turned out.

If their goal was to have Tsukasa represent the sore losers of the online gaming world I'd say it worked well enough. But anyway, isn't what he did to GBN considered a cyber crime? He should be in jail. Not because he made the other players suffer or because he made Ayame cry, but because he tried to destroy a (probably) major company's property.

"What would Bandai or Sunrise (or other companies attached to Gundam) do if some butt hurt fan messed with their stuff?" should at least be the approach made by GBN's company. But I guess no one in Riku's team will be willing to give Tsukasa's name to the authority because the bad guy loves Gunpla as well.

By the way, can someone help me identify the mobile suits I put circles on in this? Especially the one with red circle. It's actually from episode 12, but I figured everyone would be going on the Ep. 13 page at this point.

Astray No-Name's equipment on its right arm reminds me of Testament Gundam's equipment, also in the right arm. Both of them giving off the appearance of large mechanical monster arm.


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