Wednesday, June 13, 2018

[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Ayame's Tear"

Ayame's full Gundam looked nothing like Unicorn or Banshee, so I sure as hell wasn't expecting the NT-D system to make its Gundam Build debut here. Super cool system that doesn't get enough love because Unicorn's first half revolved around trying to stop this mode from occuring. More, please!

Ngl I got super excited when they showed Ayame's full face. Also that's a dope Gundam

So that was basically exactly how we all thought this would go. Of course Ayame isn't evil, and of course it takes about two minutes and five lines of dialogue to turn her back around.

I didn't expect her to be from an all-SD clan though, but what actually surprised me is that the show admits they aren't 100% equal in a very competitive sphere. It's not even a super bad backstory, but we just get it explained in a 10 min flashback after which Ayame joins the good guys again so it sort of lacks any impact.

Also Hood McShadyface wanted the most cobbled-together Gundam ever because...reasons? Unless he knew exactly that this would earn him a single person working for him down the road. While he has a bunch of mercenaries working for him anyway.

The fights weren't that great either. The break decal suits can recover so the solution is just to beat them harder, I guess. You'd think they would abuse the fact they have to get destroyed in 5 seconds, but none of the pilots apparently even know or care much about GBN. Makes sense if they're destroying the game but it makes for low-stakes opponents. Farewell, loveless one! I hope they won't keep saying that.

Didn't spot Patrick this episode, which is a shame.

Next week we're apparently getting a break Zam and wings of light? Probably some explanation about both mr. Evil and Sarah as well.

Once the break zam is mass produced...

Patrick is at around 10:58 when KO-1 asking those who got hit to retreat. Only his voice though.

Hood McShadyface probably wanted it to personally smash it, because if he can't have friends, nobody else can, either.

I mean, that's gonna be his motivation, right? OG Gunpla battles were the only 'true' thing, and this VR game ruined everything, and all his friends, so it all has to burn because baaaawwwww.

Everything he has said/done in this show sounds so lame when placed in the context of him wanting to get revenge against an MMO game, and it just kills whatever empathy I have for him as a villain. He just sounds like a whiny little shit raging on CS:GO.

There's a 50% chance that in the end, he'll become friends with everyone, and be a nice guy again. Sooo, that could be a thing.

I don't know when was the last time I watched something with this terribly written backstories.

What's with the downvotes though? Even I kept watching every week hoping it will get better. But good lord this show made me appreciate Try much more.

I think the mistake is watching for the story. I'm just watching for the cool robot fights at this point.

Me too, but the fights are really quite underwhelming tbh.

Yeah, it’s definitely not as good as the last 2 Build seasons.

Ngl im so hyped to get Ayame's Gunpla when it gets released.

So Ayame's backstory was... ELO hell?

Sarah is totally a "bug/glitch" that is going to get deleted once the break decals get purged from the system and GBN gets reset back to normal right? That's the endgame here?


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