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[Gundam Build Divers] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"Coalition of Volunteers"

When Kyoya learns from the Game Master that the GBN administration cannot do anything about the Mass-Diver incidents due to a lack of evidence, he invites several Forces into Avalon's Force Nest and proposes to establish a Coalition of Volunteers, with the intent to identify the mastermind behind the distribution of Break Decals. Rommel warns all volunteers that the Break Decals now have regenerative abilities, which is how the Mass-Divers wiped out his Force. One volunteer meets up with Tsukasa, who has already learned about the covert mission and forces the volunteer to log out. Riku is informed that Hyakki declined the invitation and placed themselves on a self-impsoed suspension due to Do-ji's use of a Break Decal, but Ogre had recommended the Build Divers to participate. Kyoya has a beginners' server sealed off for the Coalition to flush out the Mass-Divers. Despite sustaining heavy casualties, the Coalition storms through the satellite base. Kyoya falls into a trap and confronts a Providence Gundam while Riku and Ayame follow Sarah's instincts and head for Tsukasa's location, only for Ayame to reveal herself as one of the Mass-Divers. 

That's one top 10 anime betrayals cliffhanger right there. We did kinda know it would happen of course.

Not a bad episode though. They actually adressed a couple of issues like the lack of any admins, and while none of it makes all that much sense, that's not a problem. As long as they plausibly explain why they need to get into a big fight that's good enough for me.

The regenerating gunpla are a bit annoying since it means nobody can actually win any more, unless the large beam attacks can destroy them entirely perfect cell style. But that just leaves anyone without a ridiculously huge gun in an unfair position. I hope we won't get too many fights with those, because it won't make for super interesting combat.

Nice to see more Rommel though. And the fact they apparently invited Patrick to their debug party, which means he's apparently not a horrible player at GBN.

Overall i'm not gonna get super excited about GBD any more, but if it's like this the show is not that bad. Next week we get apparently get ayame's SD Gundam related backstory. Hopefully we'll get some info about who or what Sarah is as well.

≫Next week we get apparently get ayame's SD Gundam related backstory.

Preview for next episode spoilers Also, her SD HAS A REAL MODE

i wasn't exactly super excited mysself bout it all. but it is fun to watch how they play with the concept, and they have done so well.

however that is the point of it actually. the regenerating health thing means no one can necessarily beat them unless they are exceptionally skilled or use the cheats themselves. the hwole idea of it is that they make the game unplayable it seems. this is basically thier idea of an invincibility cheat.
though yea its hard to believe they could make a program that perfect. it would require a major dev and coder of the project to be able to do that under their noses.

guess a possible countermeasure they could use is using a variation of the break decals themselves, but they are meant to reverse the changes in the program. basically gives them an advantage in thse fights. Basically a ban hammer XD. but only activates when dealing with someone using the decals...... could still be countered by someone using an unaltered mech though.

though i have to wonder how things will go from here. it seems weird that this is happening near the mid of the season.

Maybe episode 10 already gave us a hint on what Sarah is. My thought is that she's the "Main Program" of GBN that Kyoya and Rommel were talking about. Which makes her the god of the game's universe, like Kyoya said. It could also explain why she can track the location of the Break Decal's evil-mastermind-in-a-hood (What's his name again?). Something even the Game Master didn't seem to know at the moment.

On top of that Sarah knows the feelings of the Gunplas (and the builders who built them) she encounters. She feels the pain (or something like that) of the badly built/customized Gunplas. If she's the Main Program the gadget the divers use to scan their Gunpla gives her that ability, especially since the scan should be able to detect the slightest imperfections in the build.

These devs seem rather incompetent when it comes to dealing with cheaters.

Still probably less cheaters than CsGo.

From a legal standpoint, they have to use proof from coding. If it's not in the computer code, they can't do anything about it.

Iron Maskz unite! Best part of the episode for me.

An entire Force made of Char Clones.

...masks are a common thing in Gundam, after all.

Char´s impostors are having a field day


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