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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9

Both Asirpa and Sugimoto made great faces this episode.
When Henmi got closer to death his boner began to gleam brighter.

Sleepy Asirpa is freaking adorable.

The ending scene was so intense; I can't wait to see how Tanigaki survives against Ogata. Also, Hijikate continues to intrigue me with every action he takes, the dude is absolutely intimidating and has a sense of mystery to him.

I love the how the ED slowly fades in every episode. It makes the final scene so much better and gets me incredibly excited for the next episode. Every episode, this show never fails to deliver its comedy, action and intensity.
Ogata is probably one of the most dangerous character in the series for one reason. He's a long ranged sniper and the best shot out of everyone. He also knows how to conceal himself and the combination means characters who are better at close range, like ushiyama, Sugimoto, or even Hijikata are at a massive disadvantage since he can outrange and snipe them good. Our first encounter with him back in episode 2 showed that he had really good experience with guns and that he clearly was a excellent shot. Additionally while he's a comparably poor melee fighter he can still hold his ground.
≫He's a long ranged sniper and the best shot out of everyone.

That alone puts him above a lot of characters, in terms of danger.
I'm hoping for some action between him and Sugimoto, as well as with Hijikata, later on.
say what you will about this anime but the way the episodes end is the best ive seen in any anime. usually cliffhangers make you impatient for next week but theres a perfect dose of satisfaction after each episode... im liking this shit.
The way the ED music kicks in....epic af.
Let's all have a moment of silence for our favorite glowing crotch.
Golden Kamuy has some great villains. Sure most of them are pieces of shit but they're so quirky and lovable you kinda miss them after they're gone.
Great series are the ones that can make you love someone even if they're a piece of shit. I'd hate to meet any of these crazy guys irl.
Some of the prisoners have been surprisingly chill. Shiraishi would be a hilarious friend and you know Nihei would be a bro and back you up in a fight.
Finally Ogata is back on the menu, time for some badass sniping.
Bit of trivia for anime watchers out there. Ogata has a nickname too. He's known as "the Wildcat". Just like Sugimoto "the immortal" and Ushiyama "the Undefeated", this name is very well earned and gives you a good indication of what he's like. I'm pretty sure you can piece it together from his actions already.

Wow, Golden Kamuy has some of the most catchy quotes this season lmao
It was like an episode of Franxx there for a bit with the double entendre.
I always wonder if double entendres are there in Japanese too or if it's just the translators having fun. not that I mind in this case or anything, it was perfect
Can confirm; The double entendre is there in Japanese.

One of the things that always makes me respect a translator more is when they're able to effectively, and naturally, localize puns.
Holy shit, this episode was intense.

Things got out of hand with Henmi and Sugimoto when the 7th Division suddenly showed up, and it leads to shenanigans until they have their fight on the beach. Henmi was so happy to be killed by Sugimoto and glad that he promised to remember him. Sugimoto is a considerate fellow.

The orca stealing Henmi was pretty hilarious, and we got to see nude Sugimoto swim to retrieve the body.

Tanigaki can walk again, and he's been hanging out with Hucci and Osoma. Walking right into the hut, we see Private Ogata is back with the remaining brother. I kind of forgot how intimidating Ogata was, but now he's even more fearsome, especially with his sniper skills.

Seeing Hijikata casually disguised and meeting with Sugimoto, Shiraishi, and Asirpa was somewhat discomforting in the sense of anything can go down. So Asirpa has a Japanese name too, and she's connected to the burned man in the ED? Is her father actually alive or is this just a red herring? I'll just have to wait to find out.

Tanigaki resolved to use Nihei's rifle to fight back at the end was cool, it seems like he's going to join our group then. The battle next episode will probably also be intense.

Honestly, even with some missteps in animation and art here and there with the cgi, this has been one of the best shows this season. I look forward to it every monday and I can't wait to continue with the manga once it finishes airing
That fight with Henmi Kazuo made me feel weird.

I want to believe that it was just because of the cold, but what's even more weird is that Sugimoto was blushing too, right along with him.
Sugimoto definitely understood Henmi on some level. He’s got a lot of experience with the adrenaline and intense emotions surrounding a life or death struggle. The difference is that Henmi has fetishized the death aspect while Sugimoto is obsessed with overcoming death to some level. Sugi is insulated from a lot of the homoerotic parts though with some background the anime hasn’t worked into it yet but they definitely connected there with the classic anime cliche, the clash of blades. GK is the best because of the insane spin it puts on the classic cliches imo....and I enjoyed Henmi being a low key badass in hand to hand combat. He almost beat freaking Sugimoto while all shades of messed up!! I guess you get a lot of good experience in hand to hand combat by murdering a ton of people...Weird parallels to Sugimoto again. Oh well, the dude got his ideal end even beyond his expectations so I guess he really won the fight.
How many episodes is this show gonna have?

Somebody tell me the fights get even more gay
12 + an upcoming OVA in September. Still, the manga has more content. They skipped put some backstory and some details are lost. And yes, it'll get even gayer (sometimes). Awesome fights will still be included.
There was no Hinna, hinna scene. Thats sad.
hopefully the food scene with the orca will appear next ep.
Wow yet another hype cliffhanger right there with Tanigaki about to go counter sniping with his one shot. He surprisingly has quite a bit of depth to him in the short screen time he has received. Hopefully that means he'll be a recurring character in the story.
Fantastic episode, my two favorite characters are finally doing their thing. And we got a glowing crotch, what more could i want.
That moment when you realise Hijikata is the old man made me gasp, that was so intense when he's holding the sleeping Asirpa.

Also a great soundtrack this week, with that eerie singing and the intense music during the Tanigaki scenes. I suppose an episode with so much glowing love needs a sweeping score.
Great episode. The pacing for the first half was just awesome. Skipped a few cool Ainu details about whales but I can’t see how they could have worked the stuff in without wrecking the great pace they built up.

The parallels between Henmi and Sugimoto were really pretty cool. At least, on the level that they’re both obsessed with the life & death struggle but from opposite sides. Henmi fetishizes dying in a beautiful struggle while Sugi is pretty much addicting to beating death. It was a beautiful moment they had there together in a sick, twisted way. Very homoerotic too but that’s Golden Kamuy. Never thought I’d love a blatantly Bara Japanese product but we’re here, boys!

I think it’s cause it isn’t Bara based at all, a really well thought out plot and cast of characters are the true strength. The Bara and awesome history facts are just extra layers of madness.
This series is really intriguing. There's so many parties looking for the tattoos and the gold, and all of them have different dynamics and unique characters. I hope this series gets a second cour because it badly needs it, both to properly wrap up a story that hasn't ended in manga form yet, and to give the wide cast more screentime.

It continues to be my favorite thing this season. Asirpa's jewelry flashing when she was at her limit on holding back from going to the bathroom was hilarious.
That was one hell of an episode. Fantastic entertainment, the way the story around the stalker and the escape from Sugimoto unfolded was pretty awesome and creative.

Second part was just as good with Tanigaki really growing attached to the Ainu, now he's protecting them and himself with Nihei's gun. awesome.

Ogata is back, baby!!!

Can't wait for the Tanigaki vs Ogata & Kouhei next week!


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