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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 12 -FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"Trickster Fox"

In the lawless town of Barato, Hyakunosuke Ogata sees Hijikata while having a shave in a barbershop. In Sapporo, Shiraishi meets Ushiyama who takes him to Ienaga who is also still alive, and secretly gets a copy of Kazuo's tattoo. Shiraishi then reunites with his companions without telling them about Ushiyama and Ienaga. They go hunting near Naganuma to raise funds to buy explosives and catch a red-pelted "Trickster Fox" along with some river otters. In Asirpa's village they meet a travelling Ainu fortune teller named Inkarmat wearing a red fox fur. She advises Sugimoto to forsake his plans, however Asirpa does not trust her. Shiraishi takes their money to the horse races with Inkarmat where he wins on two races using her predictions. Meanwhile Kiroranke meets some old friends who ask him to ride a horse in the last race for a yakuza boss and lose. Shiraishi bets all his money on the last race, but Kiroranke wins the race, causing Shiraishi to lose his money. In Barato, Hyakunosuke Ogata finds Hijikata and offers him a tattooed skin to join his group. Shiraishi tells Sugimoto and the others that one of Ienaga's clients saw a tattooed skin in Yuubari, and he convinces them to go there instead of Abashiri. Sugimoto's group now have five tattooed code skins. 

My favorite non-sequel of this season. I'm not gonna lie, the studio and the director got REALLY lucky with the source material, I consider it one of my favorite manga, so anything mediocre and under and this would've been easily forgotten if done by the same people.

8/10 Hopefully the director learned from his mistakes and won't add CG bears next season.

Those CG bears were lmao-worthy.

Give me more CGI bears

I want a CGI bear crowd scene. Something like the Huns descending down the mountain in Mulan.

I did not expect this show to get 2nd season, so this is fantastic news! Hinna hinna!

But beside that... How did that beard grow back so fast?

That isn't too unrealistic. I've heard tale of Richard Nixon having to shave two or three times a day to battle his quickly growing five-o'clock shadow.

Don't forget to watch the after credits/ED song. There's some additional scenes.

So... was it a glove? or human skin hand?

Maybe, they are both...

This show was a pretty wild ride with so many crazy characters. It felt like a mix of a Western and an Ainu documentary with a lot of comedy thrown in and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the continuation!

The ride hasn't even begun. What you've just witnessed is the tame stuff. The ride gets so much more wild from here on out.

I can't wait!

Here's a no context panel to get you hyped. When I said the ride's just getting started I wasn't kidding.

I loved that panel when I first read it. Looks like something out of Jojo.

This series is pretty much Sugimoto's bizarre adventure. The amount of crazy shit everyone gets into in this crazy treasure hunt is unbelievable. It's hilarious how you have this grounded realistic setting with so many insane characters.

Asirpa is the worst wingman ever.

She dont want other girls stealing her man.

Wow season 2 announced at the end of season 1, and it's gonna be this year too?!

I can't find season 2 on MAL yet though?

Give them time, they haven't even put Jojo part 5 on there yet and it's been a couple of days.

They haven't added anything since the downtime, I really hope they'll get that sorted soon.

Please watch the OVA this September. Episode 12 hints at an important arc with Hijikata and Ogata. It was one of my favorite arcs in the manga

Is the OVA before season 2 then?

The OVA will expand on the arc that was hinted this episode

For the anime-only, the battle that was hinted at this episode involving Hijikata and Ogata will be covered during the OVA, so be sure to check that out because it's a pretty good arc.

That was a phenomenal show. Incorporated fantastic storytelling with a wildly interesting premise. I gotta say, after not really hearing anything about this show before it aired, I was blown away. A pleasant surprise is an understatement; this show was like a surprise party with all your best Friends.

I'm impressed. Can't wait for season 2 this fall!

You didn't hear anything about a Tezuka Award winning manga's adaptation?


Anyways, welcome to the series!

Honestly no, because as much as it pains me to admit, I don't keep up with the manga scene as heavily as the anime scene. I really wish I were more into manga, but I really only hear about manga series after they become anime. I currently own all the US released volumes of MHA, OPM, and Silent Voice. Would have never purchased these books if it weren't for their adaptations.

Also, I find it harder to discover good manga than it is to discover good anime. Maybe that's coming from lack of experience in the area, but personally I just find it difficult to know where to start.

Tbh the manga is still substantially better. it's in a different medium though but it plays to that medium's strength way more effectively than the anime did. Plus there's so much interesting fun facts and nuance missing from the anime that's present in the manga.

Unexpected Mamiko Noto

This episode is already a 10/10 for me. Now that there's a Second Season confirmed this fall not a lot to say from me to be honest.I just need that Season 2 to be good!

Yaass Inkarmat is here! Also, Season 2 hype!! I like the idea of alternating seasons of GK and Gintama, we're guaranteed to get some good laughs through the end of the year at least~

Plus it lets the manga keep going at a decent pace so we hopefully don’t overtake it too son

I loved the conflict between Hijikata and Tsurumi who are both after the gold.

Hope they'll expand on it in S2.

Season 2 hype lets go! I had so much fun with this show. Goofy and serious at the same time. Im so invested in the story. We will take the summer off and see y'all in the Fall season

Wtf what is that guy's face. Jesus.

Kiroranke has the fastest growing beard ever. It grew back before the episode was even over.

Sad it's over but super hyped for the second season in october. That's awfully close though. Hoping that's enough time for them to do well.

This anime was amazing. This had great story and characters and the soundtrack was really good. Can't wait for the next season.


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