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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"Everybody, Get Together! It's a Murder Hotel!"

Ushiyama Tatsuma checks into the Sapporo World Hotel run by the very attractive widow Ienaga Kano and makes advances towards her, but then Sugimoto's group arrives. The hotel is filled with booby traps and secret passageways, and Ienaga drops Shiraishi through the floor to avoid him meeting Ushiyama. Shiraishi finds himself in a basement torture chamber and Ienaga drugs him unconscious. Later, Ushiyama is also dropped into the basement. Shiraishi tries to tell him that the proprietor is a former prisoner dressed as a woman, however lust and too much beer clouds Ushiyama's mind. Meanwhile Sugimoto finds Ienaga drooling over the beauty of the drugged Asirpa and attacks her. Ienaga escapes only to be cornered by Ushiyama who has recovered his senses. She runs through the hotel, pursued by the men for their separate reasons. A series of events during the chase triggers a massive explosion, destroying the hotel, and burying Ushiyama and Ienaga in the rubble. Sugimoto's group continue on their way to Abashiri Prison without the tattoo of Ienaga. Later, Ushiyama emerges with the body of Ienaga. 

Man, this episode had everything. Dick jokes, explosions, murder, osoma jokes, Sugimoto getting stabbed. Doesn't get much better than this.

I think this was the best episode so far, a perfect representation of the show.

Also that gay scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is still a 7/10 at best on the Golden Kamuy Yaoi scale.

Shiraishi's face when he tossed that bomb after Ienaga came through that door was priceless.

I need that in gif form


This episode was definitely based on America's first serial killer H. H. Holmes and his murder hotel.

Yep, most of the characters in Golden Kamuy are based in a real person or a character from a film.

Who was the last serial killer they faced based off of? The one with the golden erection?

Apparently, Henmi Kazuo is modelled after American serial killer Henry Lee Lucas.

Aw, Sugimoto found a kindred spirit.

I feel like Sugimoto can relate to every psychopath and violent person on this show. In a different universe maybe they could all be killing buddies.

I feel like including the phrase "find out whether he's got the dick of a gentleman" legally forbids me from rating this show less than an 11/10

What even is that thing on Ushiyama's forehead? Did I miss an explanation somewhere?

It's a a titanium plate he inserted to gain an upper hand against his judo opponents.

did they explain that somewhere in the manga? ive read through the whole thing and i dont remember it being said

That was a great start of a new JoJo season.

The manga is basically the bizarreness and Homoeroticism of Jojo + the Comedy of Gintama + the Action and violence of Berserk + the Cooking of Shokugeki + the unique historic setting of post Russo-Japanese pre WWI Japan.

It's essentially a Japanese wild west story set in the pivotal period of modernization with ethnic native conflicts.

The music in Sugimoto and Ushiyama fighting scene was very much on point.

Hinna, hinna!

It's set to have only 12 episodes, and that makes next week the last one. There's no way they can wrap it up in that, I need another season after this one.

It really seems like an advertisement manga. It has done a great job. As even with the numerous animation problem the story and characters shine through and makes me want to read the manga. Which takes a lot for a story to make me want too do that.

At least we'll be getting an OVA in September.

This is the best episode of Golden Kamuy so far, hands down. The animation was decent the whole episode, the rhythm was really good and the comedy had me laughing out loud so many time.

Lol, the dick jokes this episode.

That was pretty entertaining though especially with this Ienaga woman. Never judge a book by its cover.

Poor Sugimoto, Asirpa doesn't know about shrinkage.

That moment when you're so horny you don't care if the woman you want to fuck turns out to be a guy.

Once again great reaction faces this episode.

I like how Shiraishi is just lightly brushing the wall as he watches his grenade blow up beside the doctor.

Great episode. Many laughs.

Yeah I figured Ushiyama didn't die.

Ushiyama's basically the Juggernaut. There's pretty much no one that can match him in a melee.

I think its understated how good the OP is

I'm in love with the ED too.

Don't forget the after the credits scene though it's what you'd expect.

I've maintained that Golden Kamuy is a near-masterpiece that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves and this episode is making my double down on that assessment.

This was a fun episode. That conversation about dick really cracked me up. Also the ending where Ushiyama and Shiraishi are chasing that woman was great.

If he wasn't their enemy the mountain would make great friends with Sugimoto and Asirpa.

More episodes? I'll be damned! Ienaga isn't even on the ED, now more episodes?

Fun episode. I like how quickly events turned the table on the "proprietress". I hope Ushiyama keeps the dude as a chained up sex slave for years to come.

"That's poop that you can eat." I like how Sugimoto doesn't even bother correcting Asirpa anymore.

My God I love this anime.


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