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[Golden Kamuy] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"Fellow Traveler"

Tanagaki, a Matagi, uses his woodcraft experience to escape his former comrades, Ogata and Nikaidou. He sets a trap by luring them to the carcass of a deer killed by a bear which attacks then Nikaidou. Ogata exposes himself assuming Tanagaki is unarmed, but is shot by Tanagaki with his one bullet. Just then, a 7th Division soldier, Mishima, arrives and tells Nikaidou that Lt. Tsurumi is on his way, however Ogata, still alive, shoots Mishima. Tsurumi's troops arrive and Tanagaki escapes in the confusion while Tsurumi cruelly forces Nikaidou to expose any other traitors in his troop. Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa now have five tattoos. While Sugimoto discusses Hijikata's involvement, Shiraishi falls into the river and is grabbed by Iwan Onnechep Kamuy, a giant Huchen. However he is saved by an Ainu, Kiroranke Nispa, who kills the fish. Kiroranke he knows about the stolen gold, and says that Asirpa's father is Nopperabo and is now in Abashiri Prison. Together, Kiroranke, Sugimoto, Shiraishi and Asirpa head towards Abashiri via Sapporo to confront Nopperabo. 


There's nothing manlier than standing over the corpse of your enemy and proclaiming "Boner."

He inherits the Boner catchphrase and the weapon from Nihei.

The true inheritor of the Nihei hunting spirit.

Lt. Tsurumi, patron saint of symmetry.

Perfectly balanced.

As all things should be

He cuts off your ear and you still say nothing.

He mentions Sugimoto just once and you sing like a bird.

Eh, who needs ears anyway

The question is, was the dude he pointed out really a fellow traitor?

Shhh, don't worry about it. He didn't have an important character face, so he must be a bad guy. Then again, neither does Guy I Can't Remember the Name Of, But Whatever He Informed Tsurumi, Yeah That One, and he's surprisingly cool.

Tanigaki plan to get rid of the guys chasing him was really good. Gez that scene where Tsurumi was torturing that guy was brutal. That scene where Sugimoto and Shiraishi are looking at the flower was pretty funny. Though the mermaid bit was also pretty good.

Ogata might have been the better sniper, but Tanigaki was the better hunter. In the end the hunter outwit the sniper with better experience.

Tsurumi is the gift that keeps on giving. He's as crazy as he is hilarious.

There is an after credits scene.

Oh, murder hotel? Like H.H.Holmes'? That should be creepy...

Shiraishi when he found out he wasn't trusted LOL

Shiraishi is the harem protagonist's clumsy guy-friend who ended up trapped in a brutal other world, and has been trying to escape ever since.

I think at this point we know making it out ok is what Shiraishi does best.

This episode's a doozy with everything revealed. I feel that it's best to point out other things.

For those who didn't know, Ogata ate snow to prevent his breath from being seen. He's a true "Wildcat" with no known allegiances as he almost let Nikaidou get mauled by the bear. When the 7th caught up, he crippled them as the "cries of the injured demoralizes and slows down their comrades" as the manga stated. We'll see more of Ogata in the upcoming OVA in September. I feel that's where it got cemented that he's a cool guy with all the fans thirsting after him.

Look at him! What a handsome lad! Needing to slick back his hair all the time and also he looks so pretty when he got shot. Die beautiful, you handsome jerk..

On another note, I do like how the Nikaidou twins were humanized a bit. Here, they showed brotherly love. A little humanity behind the crazy. When Nikaidou Kouhei got his ears cut off and the other soldier tortured, I forgot how brutal this part was. Hearing the gore and the screams really made its mark. Tsurumi really is to be feared. Even his own men cringed.

We then finally meet Kiroranke, another one to the team. He's also a popular one among the fans. A veteran from the 7th in charge of blowing up pillboxes, we know he's a tough fighter since he had to get close to the maxim guns in order to plant them bombs. He seems to know too much... But I'll leave the rest up as a secret. The ride's quite fun as the manga has 160 chapters and the end isn't near yet. I swear you guys need to read it. It misses out on a ton of details and some characters integral to the show.

Eating snow is also something legendary sniper Simo Hayha, the "White Death" did. Don't know how common of a tactic this was among marksman, but I wouldn't be surprised if the mangaka borrowed this tactic from Simo.

Considering Ogata's sniper stance is based off of another legendary sniper, Carlos Hathcock "White Feather" (heh, look at that, their nicknames even match), I'd say it's very likely.

Of course, Tanigaki said “Boner” over Nikaidou’s wounded body. Seriously, this gag does not get old; I'm beginning to think it's the mangaka's favourite word. Also, Ogata is continuing to show how dangerous he can be in long-ranged combat, which was proven by shooting Mishima between the eyes.

Asirpa’s face was much more frightening than I thought it could ever be.

Shiraishi is now a mermaid… He may be the prettiest mermaid I have ever seen.

The censorship was freaking gold. I don’t know why Shiraishi’s face was used, but it was hilarious, his little face moving around got me.

The ending scene gave me goose bumps. I’m really looking forward to what Kiroranke is going to do in Sapporo. The dude seems to be very knowledgeable, but does not seem all too trust worthy at the moment.

Shiraishi face is frequently used in the manga for censorship and it's hilarious everytime.

Oh shit, Mishima got hit between the eyes. How did he even stay alive long enough to tell that Ogata was alive?

I was more amused by Kiroranke's Saxton Hale level chest hair. Didn't even notice the censorship gag taken from the manga. That's good.

I feel like Kiroranke has some shortcomings in the head, though. Let's say he is scheming something. Why would he think that just pulling something out his ass for the relationship between Tanigaki and Asirpa would convince Sugimoto at all? On a related note, why did Shiraishi think it didn't matter to tell Kiroranke he was a prisoner, but died inside when Sugimoto let out he was from Abashiri? I get there's a different level of significance, but a felon is a felon. Shiraishi, you scat brain.

The Boner of Nihei Tetsuzo lives on!!!

Im glad they added in the censorship considering they couldn't during the naked Sugimoto part.

for those wondering Ogata put snow in his mouth to hide his warm breath

I swear this show is an Ainu documentary in disguise. I love how we started the episode with a sniper duel and some ear cutting and then half way we're hearing about Ainu folklore and how Ainu fish and use parts of the fish they catch.

That ear cutting scene though. I applaud the sound designer of this show. When Tsurumi was cutting off that guy's ear, the sound it made made me physically reel. >_<

And poor Shiraishi, still the punching bag of the group. Hopefully if they do get Nopperabo out of prison he'll no longer be useless in Asripa's eyes.

≫I swear this show is an Ainu documentary in disguise.

If you think that about the anime, you need to read the manga. The anime doesn't cover many Ainu information. The manga is like a Ainu and history enciclopedia.

I really love historical settings in fiction, because they can be used to spotlight historical events that aren't discussed or acknowledged normally. Human history is complex and often terrible, with modern times being the exception only due to lack of public records and knowledge. Everything else is like icing on the historical cake.

I'm just amazed how much the mangaka does his research. You got your 100% accurate early 20th century Russian and Japanese border markers, some random ass American farming businessman setting up camp, Lord Arisaka, old burial traditions from tribes oop north, it's amazing how he isn't just bullshitting everything past the basics.

Bear Count: 6

Okay, I wasn't expecting Kironrake and the revelation about Noppera-bō being Asirpa's father so soon. I thought it was going to be something for the final episode. About Kiroranke, he is a pretty mysterious ally, there's many things about him we don't know, but the main trio is now a quartet.

My boy Tanigaki is impossible to kill in the forest. He knows everything about it. We will see more of him in the future, he is a good boy.

Also, there's a post-credits scene with Best Girl, don't miss it. The next episode is going to be hilarious

If "Everybody, Get Together! It's a Murder Hotel!" isn't a great way to hype up a next episode, I don't know what is.

  • I expected it to ambush him but damn, that CGI bear still surprised me when it showed up. It was so sudden
  • I went from being utterly disgusted to laughing my ass off when Tsurumi yelled in that dude's severed ear. That was some Reservoir Dogs shit, only crazier
  • That censorship holy shit
  • So there's gonna be a Murder Hotel next week? This fucking show
However, I have to say that I wish the art style and character designs were better because they don't do the manga's art style justice. It's still my only gripe with this adaptation

Anyone else enjoy how they censored shiraishi's dick with his own face lol

It's a running joke in the series and I love it.

That was a twist I didn't expect! Kiroranke gave out a lot of useful information, but I think Sugimoto is right to be so suspicious of him. He's definitely hiding something; maybe he's still in contact with Nopperabo.

Tsurumi manages to become scarier each and every time he appears.

Shiraishi and Sugimoto have the best moments together

We interrupt this tale of torture, psychos and facial symmetry to bring you some fluffy squirrels.

Guys, call me crazy, but I have the sneaking suspicion that the hotel woman in the post credits scene might be a bad person!

omg as soon as i saw that crazy bastard approaching I knew he was gonna be all like ; ! LOVE SYMMETRY! It was really surprising to me that Ogata would save his friend, I thought for sure he was gonna let him be eaten be the bear regardless of believing his enemy had a range weapon or not, I did not think he would take any chances.

The reveal felt really reasonable, I dont know it, just did not really shock me that much, it just felt like it made so much sense.

And lol for the horror lady´s smile after the ending :)

Ah I love this anime.


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