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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"The Verge of Death (Part Two)"

If only Yang wasn't handicapped by incompetent people...

Without getting too much into spoilers, that happens a lot throughout the series. Yang believes in democracy even when the people in power are corrupt or incompetent. To go against them would make himself a Tyrant.

The series is absolutely thought provoking on this matter. Is it a better to live in a democratic society where your leaders are incompetent or an autocratic society where your leaders are once in a life time type dudes? Do you give up your important in society for a good life? Do most people really care about the big picture as long as their little world is good? Like we saw in episode 11...the people on the "liberated" planets only care about bread and water when it comes down to it, not who rules who.

There's a reason us OVA fans are so passionate/borderline fanatical about the series.

My history teacher always said that a good Autocrat is better then a democracy. And as much as edgy teens would like to say, even socrates thought that democracy was bad idea.

Democracy is the best worst system we have. People are greedy and stupid so it doesn't necessarily benefit everyone. It's the same with autocracy expect when you have someone exceptional who genuinely cares about populace. They don't appear all that much though.

Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These has been a wild ride. As a beloved fan of the original OVAs, I was among the many who were hesitant to watch this new adaptation. “New character designs? What’s with these Kuroko no Basket designs? Oh god, they made him into a man baby!” Those were among my many initial thoughts as the show neared release, and I believe many of other ‘elitists’ thought similarly.

I’m glad to say I was completely wrong on my hesitations for the new series, and was instead blown away by the quality of the new adaptation. It manages to capture the core of Legend of the Galactic Heroes that we all love, while adapting it to a more modern look. The characters remain as they were in the original OVAs, absolutely loveable and accompanied by amazing dialogue. The battles have only improved with the introduction of CGI ships and laser beams, a modern improvement over the bulky boxes of the original. The new designs took a bit of getting used to, but they don’t matter one bit. Legend of the Galactic Heroes has always been about what’s inside the characters and not how they look outside, and this adaptation has proven that.

I just want to point out that you referred to yourself as "a beloved fan of the original OVAs". I'm happy for you that you're beloved and all, but I don't see what that has to do with Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

This really cracks me up. He should start each of his posts with "As a beloved fan of"!
At least, I'll have him RES-tagged as "beloved fan" from now on.

First time watcher here (I mean, I didn't watch the OVA series, but this series pushes me hard to watch the OVA series this summer) and while there are some parts and details that are sometimes hard to keep up with, as there is a lot of information going on, this series was just amazing in almost everything.
First of all, the plot, the characters and the whole concept with both sides (and an existing 3rd side that seems to be playing neutral and trying to balance out the two fighting sides, if I got it right) being portraited as neither protagonist nor antagonist - purely role neutral with having their own share of problems and advantages (totalitarianism vs democracy political concepts battle) are just amazingly done, not to mention that it is the series which whole idea is that humans never change and even many years later, they still have the same problems and struggles we have now. Given how the original book series was written in the 80s', it's just unbelieveable how actual this series is in our real modern world.
I am still to watch the original OVA series, so I can't judge the quality of the plot adaptation, but the visuals, especially the CGI were on the top level of quality. Especially this episode struck me with how unbelieveable beautifully the starship fleet battles are done.
I don't get why this adaptation score hasn't reached an 8 score on MAL yet, because I have seen not a single negative side in this series so far, except for it being only 12 episodes (I hope they do a full adaptation in the next years). Given how unique and interesting the series is, I just don't get it. Either people these days like cute girls only, or they don't like realistic millitary action, which this series is one of the best I have seen to deliver.
To sum myself up, I just want to say that I get it now why the original OVA series is considered one of the best anime classics out there and why there are the series fans are so passionate about it. I can already add myself to their numbers.
EDIT: forgot to mention the beautiful and fitting the series classical OST, that made especially the last episode both tense and hype. The whole series is without a single doubt pure 10/10 for me.

MAL score was below 7 before episode 1 even aired, so it's not surprising it hasn't breached 8 yet despite rising all season. Die hard OVA fans' prejudice will take a long time to balance out, which is not unexpected given its predecessor ranking in the top 10 of all anime on MAL for the past ten years straight. I just hope more first time viewers like you would enjoy what DNT has to offer and stay tuned for new adaptation in the future (as well as gaining new motivation to try out the classic OVA).

As long as DNT continues with the adaptation, eventually it will be judged fairly over time, because even the OVA, now considered the gold standard of novel adaptation, were panned quite severely by die hard Japanese readers back in 1988.

MAL scores are almost never accurate within the first few seasons of airing; I know some shows that were ranked near the top when a single episode hasn't been released yet. For this specific series, there are a few reasons
  1. It is following the track of an amazing OVA series. Whether due to legitimate reasons or perhaps personal bias (probably a bit of both), almost everybody on here at least who watched the OVA series prefers it to the new series (mostly it is just small things, but still). While there are a few things the new series does better (such as graphics obviously), the fact that it follows such an iconic series makes people compare it to it. The character designs in particular are something people always complain about.
  2. This series is not for everyone. While there are cool space battles, they are a mere backdrop to more political discussions. People who just want SciFi action will likely be disappointed by the large downtime and philosophical discussions. Similarly, as this is adapting a major series, it is inevitably slow in the beginning, which affects rankings with only 12 episodes.
Anyway, glad you are enjoying it! Most viewers consider the first season of the OVA (specifically, the first bit, or the part that this season covered) is generally the weakest bit, so you will hopefully love the rest even more!

Thx, maybe I just a sucker for well written philosophy and politics with neither side being the "right" one and good military strategy mind games. I am definitely watching the OVA series, once I am done with my current series.

So they're saving the Battle of Amlitzer for the movies. Not particularly happy with that as it would've been the perfect place to end it, especially with the shocking setup for the next arc.

I'm happy with saving it for the movie, and think it's an interesting way of dealing with it. The Battle is obviously going to be large, and the thought of a movie-length fight with movie-level quality is extremely appeasing to me. I'm sure it'll be great.

Finally some starfighter dogfights! I was wondering if we'll ever get to see some pilots in action since we've only seen fleet broadside battles so far. Also do they have unique names or are they just called fighter crafts?

And oh my fucking god. Such heavy losses for the Alliance this episode. How many soldiers were deployed again? 30 Million? And so far they've lost like what? 10? 15 Million? And now they want them to regroup for a another attack when barely the other fleets managed to escape? You have got to be kidding me

I really want to see the kind of backlash this will do against the people who supported this invasion plan. There's no way those assholes will still stay in power after this fucking shitshow.

EDIT: WAIT THIS IS THE FINAL EPISODE? Are we getting a new season or an OVA? I wanna see how this battle ends! T_T

Imperial fighters are Valkyries and Republic fighters are called Spartanians

Thanks! I wanted to search the wiki but I might end up spoiling myself.

I have nothing but praise for the CGI in the reboot, it makes the battles a lot more intense than in the original OVA. It's a shame that it'll take years before the entirety of the story will be re-adapted (if ever), but I'll be enjoying every step along the way.

I really think they went all out with this episode to end on a strong note.

Kircheis destroys the supply lines with ease, 20000 ships is overkill.

Reinhard's plan is brutal, and seeing the Alliance suffer heavy losses being played to some new Orchestra music was enchanting.

Poplin and Konev, my favorite bantering pilots finally appear, and their designs aren't bad at all. The dogfight was beautifully animated, but they lost their comrades during the fight. I'm also really glad that they kept the scene between Poplin and the engineer, it humanizes the fleet even further.

Pour one out for Admiral Ulanhu, being the diversion while the rest of his fleet under Commodore Attenbourough fleed the scene.

Loboss is an ass, and I'm sure Admiral Greenhill realizes this as well.

Yang held his own with one of the admirals and both fleets decide to withdraw.

Yang encountering Kircheis is just what he didn't need, and it's a tough withdrawal for him too. We have to pour one out for the 7th fleet admiral who engaged Kircheis' fleet to let Yang withdraw.

The next confrontation will be at Amritsar, which I think will be marvelous for the movie.

This has definitely been my favorite show this season, and I am so happy with the production quality and how they've adapted this. 9/10, I can't wait for the movies.

As a first time watcher, I really like how the anime didn't use tense piano music, but use a more soothing orchestra instead for this episode. The contrast between the fine orchestra + worry-free Imperial admirals vs the FPA admirals who try to keep their fleet alive is great.

And that's part of what I was hoping they would capture from the original OVA, which featured many classical pieces from Mahler, Dvorak, and other composers.

They did a great job of capturing the tone of the battle, orchestral arrangements can convey mood for big dramatic set pieces really well.

That battled seemed a little too fast paced an hard to follow, especially near the beginning. Maybe I'm just stupid.
If I can't bare the wait I might start the OVA, would it be best to watch it from the beginning or could I just pick up where this one left off?

The episode in the OVA is fast paced as well. Though they do a better job of explaining who fights who and how much losses the Alliance takes. Its one of my pet peeves with DNT, they haven't done a very good job explaining numbers of both sides and how much damage is being inflicted. It was glossed over for Astarte.

It would be easier to watch from the beginning IMO. Watch My Conquest is a Sea of Stars movie, then watch Overture to a New War then start with episode 3 of the OVA.

≫then start with episode 4 of the OVA.

Episode 3, not episode 4. The movie covers eps 1-2. Though there's nothing wrong with watching eps 1-2 too for completion and I think they mention a couple of things the movie didn't.

As a fan of the original, I just say that I am thoroughly satisfied with this new interepretation of the novels. Hope we get more than the movies in the future.

My AotS, most likely also year. 9/10.

As someone who was only vaguely familiar with LOTGH, I'm blown away by this reboot. It's beautiful, yet frustrating in the best way possible and it has definitely lived up to my high expectations, so it's an easy 9/10.

It's a shame the next arc will be released as a three-part movie though. It'll probably take ages until the subbed versions come out, so I think I'm just gonna go ahead and finally watch the original once the semester is over (then again, I also intend to restart One Piece … this is gonna be a busy summer, I see)

This is the true definition of space opera. What an amazing episode.

Have been waiting for this episode all season once I realize this was where it was going to end. Amlitzer was always one of my favorite episodes in the OVA. It shows just how badass Reinhard is and how badass all of his Admirals are.

The animation was on point. Especially the Spartan/Valkyrie combat. So good. The music was fantastic too. Anyone know the name of the song that played when the various Imperial fleets were destroying the Alliance ones?

I can't believe we're gonna have to wait for the battle proper though. UGH.

What a cliffhanger! I can't wait for the movies.

Really amazing episode. Those space battles were really beautiful. Although I root for Yang just slightly more than Reinhard, but in this battle, I root for the Imperial Navy.

I wish this series is longer, or the movies will be release sooner than next year tho...

Anyway, 8/10 for me.

As a non OVA watcher:

This was really good and easily the best non sequel this season/year so far and my 2nd favourite show of Spring. It is a shame how little attention the show got and that the finale of this arc is only done in movie format but I hope it receives more attention as time passes and it is successful enough to be able to fully adapt the story


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