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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"The Verge of Death (Part One)"

"What the hell just happened?"

My exact reaction, Bucock.

I understand why Lobos had to take a nap. Keeping one's head so far up Falk's ass can't be too good for one's health - he probably passed out.

I know we shouldn't laugh at someone having a Seizure, but I got a good chuckle out of it.

I just love how the way they get you to hate Fork is by having him imply Yang as a coward. Aesthetically he might not be as hateful to look at compared to how he looked in the OVA, but boy did they turn him into a much more infuriating character here.

≫boy did they turn him into a much more infuriating character here.

It peaks when we find out that he gets seizures when you hurt his feelings.

You are ordered to follow his every whim so a guy who has no reason to be in his position maintains good health.

I hope all his lower staff send Falk into a coma.

THis anime is just so tragically beautiful.

The originial ova is I think all time best

Maybe the Alliance had to lower their standards to keep their manpower high but gee wiz I feel that being prone to seizures would bar you from entering the military.

I'm kind of mixed about this adaptation not going more in-depth on the process of occupation and Reinhard's scorched earth strategy. On one hand, this show has always been focusing on the big picture with Yang vs Reinhard. On the other, showcasing the plight of the common man as a result of nothing more than stratagem showcases the effects of war just like the Alliance episode with the traffic jam.

Really hyped to see this last episode end on a huge battle. I never expected the re-adaptation to be this decent and I'm excited for the sequel movies next year.

≫On the other, showcasing the plight of the common man as a result of nothing more than stratagem
That's probably my only real disappointment about this adaptation. It's those small details that make the world seem that much more engrossing. Although it is understandable why they would not include due to time constraints.

≫Although it is understandable why they would not include due to time constraints.

Well, it's more due to those parts not being in the novel. Eps 13 and 14 (except for the Bewcock part in 14) were anime original, the novel is briefer and tells everything (iirc, I'll check more thoroughly when I write the comparison) from the perspective of the FPA command. DNT's philosophy is to mostly follow the novel very closely and only incorporate the occasional OVA or completely original material so I don't think it's a matter of time constraints per see.

I can completely feel Bewcock's anger when he heard "It's Commander-in-chief's naptime. I'll pass the message when he wakes up." The Chief of Staff didn't sound pleased either.

Lobos is literally Hitler right now during the Invasion of Normandy.

The Alliance is so frustrating to watch...from this stupid plan to Falk, I want to root for them but at the same time I want this to blow up all in their face so the people in charge take some responsibility.

One word: Incompetence.

That's why its fun watching Yang strugging against all this BS. He's the real MVP

Yep, the empire gets Reinhard who while arrogant at least has can back it up while the FPA gets Yang who has to deal with the idiots bumbling around using brute force and superior numbers every time.

Reinhard also has the benefit of semi-competent royal bureaucrats that, while wary of him, understand that he's brilliant enough to let him be and operate on his own for now. They are entrenched in their positions, so any successes on his part shines partly on them.

Yang, on the other hand, has politicians worrying about staying in power - so they resort to idiotic and desperate stunts such as this ill-planned invasion with promises of "VICTORY!" in their heads to buoy their re-election attempts.

Boy, Die Neue These ends next week and we gotta wait for possibly years to finish the first season of the OVA.

The part 2 movies in 2019 will adapt to the end of the first season's content. Still, true it's gonna take years if at all to see the whole thing.

So pretty much like the OVA then.

Yup, 13 years from the pilot to the end of the Gaiden. I think, if they can continue it to the end, DNT will go with 12 eps per year so maybe we'll be waiting that long this time round too...

During the episode I kept thinking back to Jessica's speech, more specifically the part that is adressed directly to high command. "Where are you right now and what are you doing?"

And also think back to Yang's words in ep4: "the people want things to be easy - they want strong people to take the responsiblility of making big decisions, and if things don't turn out well they have someone to put the blames on." Such complacent mentality is a hotbed for the rise of populism politics and opens up opportunities for people like Rudolf.

Excellent episode as usual, I do wish this remake showed text overlay saying "one week later" etc.

Well I guess it's not a big deal inferring on my own, but it was somewhat confusing for my cousin (he's new) I had to tell him, "a week has passed here" and I found myself crosschecking the LOGH wiki for the dates of the invasion then later etc.

My favorite scene plays out a bit differently, but I'm so glad it wasn't cut out! I only wish they kept narrator's words there.

Is it just LotGH or were all anime characters had a different accent back then?

I think it was just LotGH using the grandiose archaic speech style, especially among the Imperials.

The score for that last scene was so incredibly anxious, it made me feel like the entire empire fleet were a horde of misquitos.

That whole end scene was so epic, I haven't seen as soaring a moment in a sci-fi series in ages. Possibly not since the days of shows like Babylon 5. I liked that though at first glance all the ships look identical, when you look closely you can see different bridge designs and armaments.

I wondering how each side we proceed from here, will the Imperials destroy or capture the Alliance supplies. Could the Alliance disguise warships as supply ships and catch the Imperial's by surprise. Will Fezzan come to the Alliance's aid and what will be their price?

I wish this series was continuing into the next season.

I love how Job Trunicht keeps voting with the sensible side, knowing full well that the war will keep going. So he can take the moral high ground when it all goes to shit.

I enjoy all the episode but the end with the empire fleet taking off is visually amazing!!


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