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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10

Yang be like ''ooof, what an idiot''.

No wonder why Yang is basically not allowed to leave, he is a genius and way too talented for his own good. Without him, the Alliance would probably be fucked entirely with the dumb people in command who only want fame.

Yang is basically cursed to be genius at what he hates the most.

FPA is better simply because they get chairs at their strategy meetings, unlike the Empire where everyone has to stand.

Clear advantage for democracy.

To be honest, hearing the numbers of men involved doesn't shock me given the scale of the world. But to hear that 60% of the Navy is involved in the operation is an entirely different story because that is one huge gamble the Alliance is undergoing. And it's all for the sake of keeping in political power...that's fucked up man.

At least it seems Yang isn't the only Admiral in the group that is somewhat uneasy with this "plan" that replies on the Imperials literally giving up and running away. 30 million men sent out to "liberate" 25 billion is a logistical nightmare in every facet.

Meanwhile Reinhard is confident to the point he tells his subordinates to take advantage of this time to get some commendations when they are about to face off a *30 million man invasion force. Not "stay alive cause it'll be tough" but "yeah enjoy this opportunity to further your career."

With 2 episodes left, I'm guessing we're gonna cover the battle that's to come with the movies talking about the aftermath. No matter who wins, there's bound to be a lot of bloodshed.

His line about the defenders running and giving up reminded me of Wei Yan in the Three Kingdoms period. He served a small kingdom called Shu and they had their own Iserlohn corridor which restricted access between the kingdoms. His plan was that the defenders would flee and surrender to him when he arrived. He wasn't the smartest tool in the shed.
Fortunately the commander in chief was very cautious (perhaps too much so) and never enacted his plan.

My first thought went to the "scorched earth" tactic.

When an enemy invade, you basically keep retreating, taking with or destroying anything they may use to fuel their advance.

Sooner or later the invader will be unable to manage their supply lines, and that is when you counter-attack.

Russia used it against both Napoleon and Hitler, helped in no small part by the Russian Winter.

And before them Sweden when it was most powerful in control of a lot of Germany and invaded from there and then same scorched earth.

There are some counters. You let them scorch run out some raids to destroy infrastructure they don't burn and then pull your army back keeping only what can be supplied well now the enemy scorched what they need to push you out of the chunk you sliced off. Reminds me I need to study how Germany knocked Russia out of WWI.

Is Falk voiced by Kamiya? Because he sure seems like a scummy character...

Nice pick right? He has plenty of experience in that department.

Kamiya is just perfect when it comes to voicing punchable characters.

Just to let everyone know, the full ED is available on Spotify.

Is Falk’s VA Hiroshi Kamiya? I cannot unhear his Araragi-esque way of speaking. Falk keeps talking and talking but doesn’t get to the point right away. Also, what is the role of the guy with the poker chips at the beginning? He seems to be pulling the strings behind Reinhard’s tactics. I don’t trust any of them at all.

He doesn't really have anything to do with Reinhard's strategies, though he does keep a keen eye on both Reinhard and Yang because he realizes how ambitious (mostly Reinhard) and talented they are. Rubinsky just leaked the invasion plans of the Alliance to the Galactic Empire.

Thanks for clearing that up. There’s too many characters to remember in this series.

It only gets worse. One thing I'll give the character designer cred for -- the characters stand out a lot more than they did in the OVA designs. Especially for the empire.

I recall it was a Greek and early Roman idea to basically find a Yang and put them in charge as anyone who actually wants the job cannot be trusted. Been awhile so don't know if I got that right or not. It sad how many men people are willing to have die just for political power.

It was always an ideal and heroic figures like Cincinnatus kind of made this myth, but Rome had plenty of self-serving leaders as well. If you follow the invasion of Hannibal into Rome in the Second Punic War, Rome was hamstrung by either incompetent or feuding leadership. Rome had a system where there were two co-leaders, and they would fight over strategy. They would alternate days in command.

Cincinnatus is famous in that he was made dictator, or sole ruler, twice and both times gave up his power immediately after ending the crisis.

2 co-leaders alternating days in command! That's amazing they were not routinely routed.

Ah, war!

What a way to rally public support by drumming up patriotism, freedom from tyranny and liberty for all!!!

30 million men; 200,000 Ships ; 8 Fleets - And all for just 4 more years in office...

Viva Democracy!

Its funny how for a series that got animated in the 80s, the whole show was pretty much relevant to the whole War on Terrorism thing that was going on in the US.

A big thing the series emphasizes is how the nature of men stays the same regardless of whether we're conquering the stars or just chilling back on Earth. I expect the material to hold up for quite a long time, maybe even forever.

One thing for certain - Rubinsky grossly overplayed his hand. He may or may not slightly underestimated Reinhard (aided with Oberstein), but he certainly drastically overestimated the competence of the FPA, but can you blame him though? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Even Rubinsky can't see through Oberstein's Machiavellianism and Fork's utter retardedness.

The real battle between galactic heroes is Oberstein vs Rubinsky.

To put things further into perspective for new audience: the Empire is not just marginally more powerful than the FPA. Empire has 18 full fleets while the FPA had 12 before Astarte. Population 25 billion to 13 billion. The FPA was only able to achieve stalemate because they were mostly fighting defensively with better logistics, and the fact political infighting in the imperial ranks prevented them from deploying full force.

Since Astarte FPA combined 4th and 6th fleet into Yang's 13th fleet (at half strength), and before the expedition, the remaining 2nd fleet was added to strengthen Yang's fleet to full strength. So essentially FPA is devoting 8 out of 10 fleets in this gambit against 18 imperial fleets on their home turf. Even though Reinhard is only allowed to use the fleets under his command (half, 9 fleets) to engage at first, you can see how reckless this whole farce is.

I think most new audience can see by now there are comeptent and incompetent soldiers on both sides, so at the execution level they are about evenly matched, but at the political level, you have an emperor largely adopting a handsoff approach, and through favortism promoted Reinhard whenever possible, giving him tremedous authority over troops and freedom to pick talents, while on the FPA side, Yang is being handicapped by superiors at every turn. Even better, at the military strategic level, you have the blonde brat aided by Kirchris and Oberstein pitted against our decorated young star of the Alliance Commodore Andrew Falk (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

≫the Empire is not just marginally more powerful than the FPA. Empire has 18 full fleets while the FPA had 12 before Astarte. Population 25 billion to 13 billion.

Or in numerical terms, the "national power" of the three powers is quoted in the first book as Empire 48%, Alliance 40%, Phezzan 12%. Not as big as the difference in population, but the FPA only achieves its share through being on pretty much a total war footing which has exhausted its' human resources, as we saw in the last episode.

Frankly after reading the novel I didn't buy the 48:40:12 ratio given by Tanaka - he must be talking about GDP on paper because the industrial strength and recovery speed is way too inbalanced in later story. Also that 12% Phezzan power must be all paper, I bet they export a lot of anime to both sides :p

The darkest part of LotGH's future is that, canonically, 1600 years from now bad anime is still getting made...

Fair point. GDP would be the most logical explanation for "national power", then again why not simply say GDP...

Tanaka-sensei's use of statistics in the first book is sometimes a little weird, another thing I never understood is why the number of men (and some women) in the FPA and Imperial armies is actually pretty low compared to the size of their populations. Hell, I think the USSR had a larger army during WW2, and they had a population of about 200 million people.

Time for another glorious episode.

We start with Fezzan discussing informing the empire about the Alliance's plan to send 30 million people on an expidition. I forgot how awe stricken the imperial commissioner was, and Rubinksy and Dominique just kind of discuss the further ramifications and how to keep the balance in the war back to Fezzan.

Lichtenlade certainly doesn't want Reinhard to win in the opposition to this strategy because he'll gain more favor, but you can't just let the Alliance win and have to defend the homeland- so he settles with having to deal with Reinhard eventually.

I love how it transitioned back and forth between Yang and Julian discussing the offensive idea in how it affects the political atmosphere of the war, and Yang sitting at the strategy council.

I really do love the admirals tearing into Falk's sense of strategy because it's very vague and doesn't really amount to counter strategies, while Falk is just being dismissive and condescending to them. Calling Yang a Rear Admiral shows how much of a douche you really are, especially when he's telling you that stretching the supply lines too thin is a bad thing and to not underestimate Count Lohengramm. Also we get to start seeing why Vice Admiral Bewcock is an awesome guy, defending Yang like a good ally.

After the meeting, Sithole explains to Yang that he wants the strategy to fail with minimal casualties. He doesn't like Falk either, especially since he's arrogant and thinks his skills are better than they are, and is largely trying to oppose the man who rivals him- Yang.

Even though Yang hates bloodshed, he feels remorse at his victory in Iserlohn because had it been a bloody battle he would have deterred the Alliance from trying to start a new offensive. I feel for Yang, sometimes your values have to be tested for what's best for peace- he tried to do it his way and it only made them more determined for more victories.

Reinhard, your strategy is rather ballsy. You're just eager for decisive victory aren't you?

Finally we get our invasion next episode, can't wait for some glorious battles.

Also of note, the music this episode was a bit more quiet and subdued compared to previous episodes, which was nice. I'm expecting it to be bombastic and loud next episode.

Falk is basically a Youtube armchair field marshal.

No strategic understanding, no real operational plan, just condescension that you do not believe in the power of Righteous Bullshido and Kruppstahl Wunderwaffe to deliver victory.

Reinhard is drawing the FPA deep into Imperial territory then hitting the supply lines and all out assaulting.....shit that's the same strategy the Russians used on Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler.

The best thing to do as well would be for Reinhard to use his own insurgents to mess with the FPA's supply depots/ships and the food source on Imperial planets to truly make this strategy scorched earth.

Oh my god the FPA is fucked unless Yang saves the day.

And before them Peter the Great vs Sweden when it was the great power in Europe and launched the attack from its territories in Germany.

And, with no small bit of irony, Finland used it against Russia to a lesser extent during the Winter War at the onset of WW2.

Good god, this is gonna be a slaughter - and the most tragic aspect of it all is the fact that this plan was so shortsighted and unnecessary from the start. They're gonna send 60% of their Navy and at least half of them to their deaths.

It's a bit of a crime that this season will end in two weeks and the only sequels are gonna be movies that'll be subbed months after their releases. I'm seriously considering watching the original this summer because I've become really invested in this show.

Honestly you should. The old OVAs are quite possibly one of the best narratives in history, seriously. It is a slow burn, so it might be a little harder for someone with modern storytelling habits. But I promise, the slow burn makes the high points that much more impactful.

Not only that, but this version has been extra enjoyable for me because I have watched the old OVAs and can combine context. I feel the opposite would not be true, because the old OVAs build up to the "red wedding" moments so well, and knowing what the big bombs are might make it feel like taking forever, since you already know where all the foreshadowing is heading.

After so many Yang-centric episodes, I've grown to love his character all over again, so it hurts so much more to watch him getting dragged into this nonsense.

Especially now that we know what Reinhard is planning and how he wants to shatter the Free Planets Fleet once it's deep inside Galactic territory. Yang's gonna be in a load of shit. :(

First episode of this adaptation I genuinely enjoyed. It seems the season will end before the battle really begins, at a cliffhanger perhaps, something we rarely saw in the original series.

On another note, Yang is a sad man. He's never been able to do what he wants to do. And when he's so close to obtaining a small peace he so much desires, he's lazy and unfair.

I finally caught up with the show. So far so good, focused more on Yang than on Reinhard.

Though he seems to have an ever increasing number of opponents in FPA before even having a go at the Imperial force. Falk that new guy.

But will this show end up with some sort of conclusion the the FPA invasion? Only 2 more episodes for that... At least I hope Yang comes out on top

Another great episode. Falk's entire planning process rests on optimistic assumptions - the civilians seeing the FPA as liberators, Reinhard making foolish mistakes, supply lines remaining rock-solid even as massive advances are made into Imperial territory, etc. Falk is begging for disaster.

Don't necessarily agree with Yang completely, though, on the civilian populace definitely opposing the FPA because of the upheaval an invasion would bring.

Reinhard's strategy is reckless in it's own way too, though. Pulling back in the expectation that the FPA will be reckless in it's pursuit is risky. You never know the mind of your adversary, but this time around, Reinhard's adversary is gonna play right into his hands, looks like.


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