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[Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These - Kaikou] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"Each Person's Star"

"As long as we don't attempt something stupid like a reverse invasion..." - Yang Wenli, ep 6
I'm calling now that the reason the Defense Minister or whatever said "Record me saying I opposed to this" is because he totally knows it will fail.
As the defence chairman and the backer of PKC, he doesn't really need to prove his pro war credential to his core supporters. If the FPA wins, he gets credit for being in charge of defense matters, and would only be noted as prudent. If they loses, he would be lauded by independent voters for his foresight to oppose the stupid invasion, while still garnering full support of the pro war camp licking their wounds. Just like when he agreed to send Yang with half a fleet to conquer Iserlohn, this guy always positions himself for personal gain regardless of the outcome.
That was kind of my point but I indeed didn't considered that he would "win" in both scenarios.
Jessica's speech at the end was pretty nice though I can't shake the feeling she's going to get assassinated...

Also barely recognized her here, total cutie :)
Jeez. I was just waiting her the whole time to get sniped, the ED really calmed me down.

Sniped would be to professional, being knifed or exploded from a "fanatic" would be a better way for the government
I think a professional assassin could work as long as the public is beaten over the head with stuff like "paid with imperial money", "Citizen of the Empire", "order signed by the Emperor himself". It's a bit over the top, but the viewer would also need to be aware of what was happening.
I like the updated looks of Dominique and Sithole. We'll get to see Andrew "asshole" Fork next episode. Windsor looks absolutely disgusting, which actually fits her personality more-so than in the OVA series. And the foreshadowing from Dominique and Rubinsky was cool.

All in all, a rather decent set-up episode. Looks like this will end with the Battle of the Amristar Starzone and the movies will pick up afterwards.
≫Windsor looks absolutely disgusting,

Honestly I didn't pay it much attention because I was too busy being infuriated by what she was saying

God I had forgotten how absolutely obnoxious she was
Remember she is also the minister of transportation, and the traffic mess toward the end of the episode is not subtle at all.
The traffic jam serves as a purpose of showing how the Alliance literally can't afford to go to war pretty damn well doesn't it.

The loss of skilled labor is hitting the planet hard
Lmao Admiral Greenhill asking Yang if he has plans on being married anytime soon with his daughter right next to him. Yeah he totally doesn't have any ulterior motives right there.

For a set-up episode, I found myself quite engaged. The presentation of the Alliance Council with their fancy council room and their concerns over reelection to where they would be willing to put lives on the line, the presentation on how civilian life has been impacted by military demands, and the ideal of stabilizing the government vs. fighting for a "just" cause were quite intriguing.

We also got some new info for some characters like Jessica who, rather than fall into despair over her lost fiance, goes out and wins an election and is the vanguard of the anti-war movement and Julian who is apparently a local celebrity who is known for his academic and physical prowess (which wasn't known in the OVA IIRC).

Not a fan of the death flags already being raised up here, the Captain in particular with him touting about he doesn't want to die a noble death and would prefer to die in the presence of his grandkids. Then there's Jessica trying to fight the head honchos in the Alliance government and a violent pro-war group. That's not a very good recipe when you're challenging the ones in power.
Here is hoping that Jessica doesn't die...
Stepping-up in opposition to a government that is quickly becoming Authoritarian? Yeah, I'm sure she'll be fine.
a vanguard of justice and sense?
Not MC?
Yeah I'm sure thats NOT a death flag
Big victory at Iselhorn - Approval 36%.
How low must the original approval rate be to still remain at rock bottom after the victory?
Astarte must have messed it up real bad - and the problems with the economy and civic infrastructure sure weren't helping.

With the capture of Iserlohn, the pro-Peace faction had all the more impetus to gain power and negotiate a treaty.
Best i could tell, the imperial navy has been beating them senseless for some time. And that is why Yang is rising so fast because he is at least not making a bad situation worse (never mind winning).
He saved the population of a planet, saved half the last fleet from Astarte, and saved his entire nation by seizing Iserlohn. If there was ever a peaceful man in war, it's be Yang.

If there isn't at least a truce for a few years, I'd be pissed as a member of the FPA.
We have a noble duty, to defeat the Galactic Empire and save all humanity from the threat of its tyranny.

Holy crap. Fuck Windsor. What if there are citizens of the Empire that are happy with the Empire? You can't just suddenly decide that you're "saving" someone from their everyday life. Also by doing that then you're no better than the Empire.

And I already feel scared for Jessica. We know how many politicians that are for war and how they're doing this to keep themselves in power. I wouldn't be a surprise if certain people will be setting up "accidents" for her.
I also like how Windsor later said "My, such righteous statements", very obvious example of doublethink / hypocrisy / gaslighting. The entire political aspect of this show is extremely relevant nowadays, which is one of the things that makes this show so great.

≫What if there are citizens of the Empire that are happy with the Empire? You can't just suddenly decide that you're "saving" someone from their everyday life. Also by doing that then you're no better than the Empire.

That's true, but I hope people realize that countries have done that quite often in the past. Just look at how the U.S has tried to "spread democracy" or disposed rulers or fought against terrorism.

There could also be the argument that the Empire truly is a tyrannical threat. I think most would agree that the Empire intends to retake the Alliance, so they certainly are a threat. Not long ago they had a law that would dispose anyone with disabilities. That's not much different from what the Nazis did. We'd have to know more about the Empire to really say whether or not that's the case though.

There certainly are reasons to continue a war with the Galactic Empire. What we saw was that those reasons were used as a cover for the real reason the war was continued, which in this case was political power. We've seen wars fought in the past for similar undercover reasons
Ugh, seeing Yang chained to this dysfunctional disgrace of a democracy frustrates me. What a waste, what a shame.
I loved Lebello in the OVA/books, and I love him in the remake. He and Huang are the sole voices of reason in the current Alliance government. I'm also digging the increased spotlight on Jessica and her entering the political sphere. That speech was great, and it's much more interesting to see her rise instead of merely hearing about it offscreen.

Rubinsky and Dominique are looking/acting great. The music when she left his office and said "I don't recall selling my freedom" gave me chills. Good to see some Phezzan plots starting to show up, showing how they're wanting to win through economic means.

Based on the endcard, it looks like next week will be back to the Empire, which is good. So far DNT has felt extremely Alliance-centric, which is problematic. Hopefully we'll spend several episodes with the Empire to balance the screentime.
Finally we get some more politics this episode, and they've seemed to keep the discussion intact. Joan Lebello finally makes his appearance in the High Council, dissenting on all of the Council's efforts to keep propping up the military even more despite the impending economic collapse that would occur should they prolong the war. And now you've done it fools- Yang just mentioned that a reverse invasion would be stupid, and you vote to approve an invasion? We also have Trunicht actually disapproving the plan- he's not an idiot even if he's morally corrupt, he at least has an idea of when troops should be sent out.

Yang true to his motivations, tries to have Fleet Admiral Sithole approve his resignation so he can receive pension and relax. But that low blow of making Yang think about what would happen to his fleet if he left really makes you hate that he's right. Also the mention of the plan coming from someone in the strategy department going straight to the National Defense Council- I'm loathing that person's introduction already.

What a nice dinner between Yang, Julian, Frederica and Admiral Greenhill. Julian is quite the youth celebrity in the town. Admiral Greenhill also props that question about Yang's intent to marry and Frederica gets slightly embarassed. Yang's line about denying special treatment is such a Yang thing to say as well, he truly loathes being treated as above others.

Wow, I'm liking the new look of Fezzan already, it feels so artificial which kind of encapsulates the idea of Fezzan's interests in money. Classic Fezzani business of owning everyone's assets through shell corporations, Rubinsky is quite pleased. Dominique's new design is certainly great, and her quips about the creation of a new Galactic Empire and how she's free to make her own choices are part of why she's such a great secondary/tertiary character.

That Jessica and Julian interaction, I don't quite seem to recall them ever having met in the OVA, and this was a nice brief encounter. It also leads to how Jessica just won a small election. Her speech is one of the hallmarks of the episode, motivating people to stand up and make new history as well as having the FPA theme playing in the background to mark her speech as truly being patriotic.
The face of absolute panic on Greenhill when Yang mentioned the "leftover" fiance of his friend...
LOL I'm glad someone else noted that as well. I had a big chuckle at that scene.
I love modern Frederica's design. Modern anime ruining my LoGH with prettier looking girls smh.
Anime girl with more than one clothes & hairstyle design? Impossibru.
Once more unto the breach, dear friends. For humanity, for duty, for the greater good, for approval ratings... FIGHT-O!!

Yep, this show never stops being relevant.

That was an incredible episode;

further telling us about the political landscape; The sleezy defence chairman knowing how the vote would go and pretending to be opposed to dispatching more soldiers. the manipulative secretary of transportation, the leader of fezzan behind the scenes financially as well were intrigueing in this episode of game of planets.

admiral greenhill, i think that was his name,asking yang whether he intends to get married and his daughter blushing was kinda expected, but yangs response was very interesting. Him mentioning that his friend left a fiancee behind could imply his feelings for jessica, but knowing yang it seems like he is saying: "I don't wanna leave a wife/fiancee behind and on her own."

mhhhm too bad it is not a 2 cour season.

(i know the original, but after being spoiled by the visuals in die neue these i dont know if i could watch it)

Also Im scared for jessicas safety. During her speech I was already expecting so kinda rioters/assasins something of the sort

What a great set-up episode. I love the opposing parallels between the current empire and the alliance, with the current emperor wondering if the empire should die, and the alliance politicians not working for the people anymore. Feels especially poignant nowadays as well. It actually is making it hard to know who to root for in this war.

Julian and Yang's relationship has really grown on me too. When he first came into the picture, I thought he was a strange addition, but now I love having him there. He creates an interesting foil for Yang to bounce off of.

Jessica's speech at the end was really well done.


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