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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"Onward, Onward "


Ep 11 and 12 will be aired around 23rd of July. Three weeks :(

Eh, I waited 13 years once.

Hopefully we won't have to wait that long for s5.

With all of the delays I am getting scared about S5. This series seems to be getting almost no attention in the West - is it hopefully selling well in Japan?

I hear you, and I'm nervous too. The only good news I've heard is that Sousuke, Tessa & Chidori placed in a recent Newtype character poll, so at least some people in Japan are watching.

As for the likelihood of an s5, I suspect we won't hear anything until after eps. 11 & 12 have aired.


They aren't completely wrong about the language that can come out of Vietnam veterans though. My dad served there on artillery (and wore hearing aids for the rest of his life along with having a poorly healing shrapnel wound in one leg) and you occasionally heard this kind of thing coming from him too.

I think we know where Sousuke got his inspiration from when training the rugby team.

I wish this show had a budget :'(

Which is the case.

Oh damn, the production went down the drain. Luckily it's not that bad. Those fan service scenes totally fell flat because of it

The lieutenant colonel scene was absolute gold. The way he chews out Sousuke and he's like "oh wells it happens" when Sousuke gets KO'ed.

It feels like karma for what he did to the rugby team :D

what happened to Sousuke? Wasn't he meant to be super op?

An almost-fatal wound to the stomach happened. He's still recovering and I'm pretty sure he suffered some irreversible internal damage.

He still hasn't fully recovered after being almost killed by that one dude two episodes ago.

Random thoughts
  • Yeah, the animation did feel like there was a noticeable drop in quality. To me the most obvious part was not in the art but in the movement; the flow seemed more clunky, less fluid, than it otherwise has been. The episode felt like it was a rush job.
  • Dammnit, Chidori. I thought you were made of tougher stuff than this. If there is one major flaw to this series that I can think of, its the reduction of Chidori into basically a damsel in distress. In previous seasons Chidori was shown to be quite capable and determined, but now she's just listless and seems to have completely given up. She has to know, from all that has happened before, that Sousuke is not one to give up easily. He will find her; its only a matter of time, and what she really needs to be doing is trying to plan ahead for when that eventually happens. (ADDENDUM: I have not read the LNs or their manga adaption; I'm only going with what I'm seeing in the anime. Yes, I know its better explained in the LNs; but part of the job of an adaptation like this is to make sure the plot points remain organic to the story, which in Chidori's case I don't think they are doing
  • Judging by the terrain as shown, I'm guessing Sousuke is somewhere in the panhandle area around Tallahassee, maybe near Wakulla Springs.
  • This episode was just a calm before the storm. It was suppose to have been run two weeks ago, but it obviously is meant to set the stage for what will hopefully be a bang-up season finale. I can only hope that the obvious production issues haven't impacted the show, and that it will end with an announcement for an s5 next year.
Episode rating: 3.5/5

Absolutely loved Sousuke being chewed by Lt Colonel: karma for that particular Fumoffu ep ;)

I guess Kalinin's unease during Amalgam's raid on Merida Island was an indication of what's going to happen.

Does this skull we see in the last scene means that Hunter will really die? :/

Poor Chidori.

So is Tessa sick or just overstressed?

Also, I'm hoping that Wraith pulled a bait and switch, because I don't think Kalinin ever actually looked in under the tarp, and they conspicuously had a shot of Wraith at the warehouse angled looking over a tarped object.

Regarding Tessa: probably both. She has probably experienced grief and guilt over what happened losing so many subordinates and friends which may have lead to any number of mental disorders including depression, insomnia, etc.

I love the series, but I also want the studio more time to work on the production so we get better quality animation/artwork. It's sad to say that IV looks worse than its predecessors, and they have such a wide gap in years.

I mean, TSR looks better than most anime today. KyoAni made two gorgeous seasons.

Yeah, TSR is beautiful. I completely took it for granted before IV. Not that IV is bad but there are definitely moments where I'm thinking about the production quality which is not something I ever thought about with TSR.

Haha, the animation is such shit tier. They're lucky we love FMP regardless of quality.

Lt Col had me rolling. Was reminded of one of my platoon sergeants. Old grizzled dude that would push us hard and talk shit the whole time. Watching us eat shit sometimes and being all “At least he had the fucking balls to try” to any one else watching.

Anyways, I am so ready for Sagara to link up with somebody. Either the remnants of Mithril or Al.

Now that grancrest and hinamatsuri are done all I got left is this precious show, hopefully the animation gets a Little better over the next gap period.

Production issues and QUALITY issues aside, it's nice to hear the OST taking motifs from older seasons.

I agree! I didn't expect to hear that romantic theme again. It's a nice nod to the series' history.

I hope this thread gets bigger than the last few, more people need to watch this show!

Granted the gap between this and the last season is BIG, but man FMP has been such a great series!

I agree, this has been one of the best series of the year. But unfortunately, its the continuation of a series that last had a season 13 years ago, and its not very friendly as an introduction to the franchise. Luckily, the previous seasons are now readily available on several streaming services (Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu), and the DVDs are surprisingly cheap on the used market, so it is not that difficult to get up to speed. And then there's also those pesky production issues that seem to be plaguing it all around, which certainly have not helped.

True the translations have been coming in late and slow, but I have faith that the quality of the story will shine through in the end.

Great episode, I especially liked Sousuke's oxygen trap, though no clue if that's scientifically valid.

They actually expect us to believe Kalinin turned traitor? Ha!

The animation looked awful sometimes, however I like how they pace the story. Some details are amiss from the manga, but there's only so much you can do in 12 episodes.

Hopefully in the last 2 episodes there will be better production quality, and it will be a bit longer, and more epic.


The previous episodes were a little dodgy with animation, but man this episode was really rushed. Missing frames, lazy sound design, weird looking faces, etc. I really hope this three week delay is going to actually make a difference in the quality of the next two episodes.

It's hard to believe something that was this hyped is having so much production trouble. The first two episodes looked phenomenal and had me excited for the whole season, but there has just been a progressive decline in quality since then. The directing is at least decent, though it still doesn't hold a candle to TSR.

I don't like weepy, depressed Chidori. If she's just going to complain, I want Nami back!

The author's take on the USMC was great. Better than the USN.

Sousuke's "deduction" that Almagam targeted him because of the threat of SosukeAl was completely out of left field. And they waited 3+ months to kill him? (I know, Leonard doesn't want him killed) I just don't see how Sousuke could conclude that.

Having become acquainted with the Fear of Alligator, Sousuke really knows now what it means to be a (temporary) Florida resident.

It was really nice to hear the old music again, that made up for some wonky faces in my book.


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