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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"The Fallen Witch "

On Anchorage, a vagrant and disoriented Tessa is found by the authorities and hospitalized. While inquired by Doctor Witt, a psychiatrist, Tessa claims that after escaping Merida Island, her subordinates eventually deserted and abandoned her. Not believing her story, Witt orders Tessa to be transfered to a mental institution, but both are captured and brought to Leonard's aide, Lee Fowler. In the occasion, Tessa reveals that she was faking her condition and her story to lay a trap on him, and her forces confront Lee's men. Lee barely escapes, and warns Leonard, who is maintaining Chidori under his custody in Mexico. Meanwhile, in a secluded Polynesian island, Sousuke finally awakens and Lemon informs him that he was uncounscious for fifty-six days since his confront with Kurama at Namsac. Soon after, the island is attacked and a weak Sousuke is forced to lie down on his bed while hearing the gunshots outside. 

They only gave us three minutes of Chidori and Sohsky Seagull. But hey, we have Tessa which is nice.

Tessa cursing like a sailor was fantastic.

I loved this episode so much. I am all in and ready for this wild ride.

Eh, I'm getting tired of everyone constantly giving their enemies openings, relying on plot armor protection.

On the other hand, I'm not getting tired of the CGI mechs. Guess this is an example of "good CGI".

≫Eh, I'm getting tired of everyone constantly giving their enemies openings, relying on plot armor protection.

Same, Tessa remained mostly still in that gunfire against highly-trained soldiers and yet not a single one of them could hit her. This is just a "Hello" scene so I'm okay with that this time but it was absolutely awful.

Wouldn't it make sense that, given who their employer is, they were given explicit instructions to avoid killing Tessa? A dead Whispered is useless and you now have an angry brother to deal with to boot.

They left out Tessa flipping the bird :(

Tbf, that's barely half a bird.

I guess sigma was more ruthless in that regard

I just looked it up. It's glorious.

Shame we didn't have that but i'll be content if there's half of the profanity included in the training part.

I wonder why they did that. I mean; come on, there are so many serious themes and gruesome kills in this show, and you aren't allowed to flip a bird? What is wrong with censoring these days?

I mean, there was no one there. She was talking on the phone. It's a little weird to flip the bird in that situation.

It was so good to see Mira again! I knew it was the Whispered girl from episode 1 of FMP! the instant I saw her typing away at the console. Glad to see she's still kicking and assisting Mithril now. I was nearly in tears during Tessa's whole sob story, but then I noticed the nurse still holding onto Tessa's wheelchair despite being a hostage herself and something clicked. Hooray for Mao, Kurz, Ben, and everyone aboard the TDD! And Kaname! What a relief to know she's unharmed. The Sousuke in ketchup moment was sweet. Speaking of Sousuke...I'm not sure how he'll fare from now on :( Kurama's bullet likely perforated an organ or two and if Lemon was telling the truth about Sousuke nearly dying several times post-operatively, then our hero is in even worse shape. Coding once can be enough to mess up a person, but multiple times? And following major surgery? Yikes. What a thrilling episode! Well worth the wait.

This is pretty funny but pretty sad at the same time.

I ate that whole thing hook line and sinker. I got happy seeing my home town at the start of the show that I just turned my brain off.

I remember thinking, "There's no way this whole backstory can be covered in this one episode, how long till more Sousuke?" Then Mao started talking, and I felt dumb.

Exact same, until Mao started talking I bought into it all.

Its starting to be obvious that they have production issues - the animation took a noticable dip in quality.

That being said this was a pretty neat episode. It did a good job in setting up whats about to come.

I hope the studio manages to pull through without any major problems till the end.

≫the animation took a noticable dip in quality.

Speaking of that, I'm 100% certain there was a missing cut at 11:17 that was supposed to accompany the audio of someone getting bipped. At least it wasn't as bad as in Episode 8.

Yes, that and the Codral exploding as well. Loads of cut frames.

Here's to hoping the eventual BluRay fixes all of those.

Going by the current rate and where the story will likely end at, the next 3 episodes should be all action. Can't wait.

Will the anime end at a satisfactory point? Or will it be a cliffhanger. :(

From here on it's a wild ride all the way to the end, which is quite far off. Hopefully they will find some brief lull in action to end the anime.

One hell of a cliff hanger... And I'm still sad over Nami, it was short lived, but I still loved her T~T

I'm still salty she was killed off. Definitely on her way to becoming best girl but no. At least she was buried at her old village. It did kinda feel like she was killed off simply to be killed off with some slight shock to the viewers. Don't really like that kind of writing myself and I don't really see why they teased her as being whispered only for that to happen.

For story reasons, they couldn't keep her alive.

Nami filled many important plot roles here:

1) She was there to build up Sosuke as a character and to provide him with a "settle down" opportunity; in the LN and Sigma, he has many internal monologues at which he toys with that idea.

2) She serves an important role in world-building, establishing the fact that there are many "undiscovered" whispered in this world. A quick calculation done from a fact that appears near the end of the story suggests that there are ~1000 whispered in this world and only a few of them are known to Amalgam or Mithril.

3) Keeping her alive might reveal a big plot point about the whispered early on.

I know a lot of people were frustrated by the Namsac "side story", but hopefully now that we're back with the main plot people will enjoy the direction things are going.

I really hope this eventually (sooner, rather than 13 years later) gets adapted all the way to the end because I really feel like the best is yet to come in the later volumes.

Thoughts on this episode:

1) There had better be a next season.

2) I suspect that the end result of this arc will be that Sosuke's injuries will mean he can no longer be a soldier. He's going through hell, both physically and mentally, and it seems theres still a long road ahead.

3) There had better be a next season.

4) I'm just imagining what NORAD and PaCOM's reaction would have been to the detection of a submarine-launched cruise missile off San Francisco.

5) There had better be a next season.

6) Good to see Chidori, but I'm kind of disappointed that she's basically been relegated to Damsel in Distress That Needs Rescuing this season. Would like to see more of her story.

7) There had better be a next season.

8) Tessa has been hanging around sailors for so long she's starting to talk like them. Loved the reaction to her crew to her profanity-laced tirade.

9) There had better be a next season.

10) There had better be a next season.

11) I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I really hope there's another season of this.

nice seeing the rest of the squad, Tessa was pretty cute as always.

This season is having a serious case of Only Six Faces Syndrome. Nami/Tessa was bad enough, but I never would have guessed that Mira was the girl from the very first episode if it wasn't for her hair color. Then again, they're all Whispered... I wonder if making them seem similar was a conscious choice on the part of the animators.

I have a hard time caring about that though, because this was a really good episode. Another top-notch AS fight, and I honestly couldn't tell if Tessa's story was true... until I noticed her nurse's eye color. :P

≫until I noticed her nurse's eye color. :P

Just checked it. You're right. I wish I'd noticed that earlier ;)

All whispered are the same age for story reasons. So at least that explains why the female whispered always look young. But I agree that the new adaptation lost a bit of the character uniqueness of the original series.

Having recently rewatched FMP season 1 again, I noticed that the character design on that show was quite unique. I miss the original design of Kaname.

Loved that they used the Tatakau M9 song from the original series.


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