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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 8 everyone's impressions

Episode 8
"One-Man Force "

Instead of waiting for Sousuke's reply, Kurama executes Nami in front of him, when Lemon and his forces arrive to confront the police chief's forces, forcing Kurama to escape with the police chief. Eager to get revenge on Kurama, Sousuke tracks him down to AS league stadium, where the other competitors are given heavy weaponry and promised a reward for killing Sousuke. After Sousuke defeats all the enemy units, with the police chief being killed in the occasion, he chases after Kurama, and despite being gravely wounded, kills him. Meanwhile, Wraith get her hands on a new Arbalest-type AS. 

I'm sad this show isn't getting the love it deserves here considering it's actually one of the best shows this season and even from years ago (well barring the first FMP maybe).

I was initially unsure about Xebec getting it, but now, it shows that they respect the series. It helps that Gatoh is there as well to supervise.

Too bad about the production issues though. Hope more people here watch it to discover why this series is beloved.

Tbh it's a hard series to get into in the seasonal culture of today. You need to have watched 49 episodes(37 if you skip Fumoffu but that sacrilege) prior to this(with animation that feels really old) and the last season was over 13 years ago. So mostly older anime fans who have not moved on from the medium watch this show.

Everyone cries for Spice and Wolf 3, but this is one of the reasons why it won't be made.

Actually, the animation isn't even that bad, even for modern standards. The original FMP holds up surprisingly well if you can look past the lack of 1080p and some cringe tropes that existed back in the late 90's.

Sagara just casually kicking that grenade out the way was amazing.

Was surprised by Nami. I thought she'd be the one to make a new Arbalest or something, and I figured Lemon would come in and shoot them all at the count of 1 or something...

In an episode rife with good moments, that to me was the best.

He didn't even pause.

Any other anime would make that move a big deal, dynamic action lines and close up of the spinning Grenade and he kicks it away screaming using his full power.

FMP just had him casually punt it to the side.

"And yet the future refused to change."

The adaptation did not alter the outcome of this week's episode.

The after credits bit with Wraith was a nice touch though.

If you want a different ending, u ought to play the game. Both SRW and the new FMP one has nami surviving

Damn. They just killed off Nami like that. Here I thought she might live to meet Chidori.

That entire episode was intense though! Total action from start to finish! Just wished that Carrot dude's death was more satisfying. Then again FMP was never that kind of show.

And was that Wraith at the end? And that AS at the end is definitely for Sagara. I wonder if they'll name is Arbalest again.

I hope we get to catch up with the remaining survivors of Mithril. It's been like 4 episodes and a break week since the last time we've seen them.

That was definitely Wraith at the end and she was with one of the Mithril officers from Hong Kong at the end of TSR. I'm willing to bet that the thing she recovered was Al's AI core or something along those lines. Also, the next episode title "Fallen Witch" definitely suggest we'll be catching up with Tessa and company next episode.

≫next episode

in two weeks T_T

I understand your pain, but if two recaps means that the season is gonna stay as good as it has been, I'm kinda okay with it

This is what you get for fucking with Sousuke's stand-in waifu.

i remembered how disbelieve i am when i saw her death on the manga, the anime version was even worse! i seriously love her character and yet :(

I want more gun action in anime. :(
This episode was amazing and I hope that the remaining 4 episodes will feature even more like this.

edit: I think that the last part of this episode was better than the entire current season of Sword Art Online. It had:
  • high stakes (no mech as a cover, now every hit could be fatal)
  • the viewer's location awareness was present all the time (John Wick style, no shaky cam or +10 cuts to jump a fucking fence)
  • it had some nice choreography (shooting the ground to get a dust cover, kicking the grenade)
  • the conclusion was made by up-witting each other until someone had one final trick more up in his sleeve.

Seems like the delay wasn't a week like some anticipated. Honestly suprised they killed off Nami that quickly

was reading sigma after eps 7, and yeah the writer have some balls lol

The pacing of this season is amazing, never gets boring.

Knew we were in for a wild ride when the OP didn't play. We didn't even have time to mourn Nami. :(

Not knowing there wasn't gonna be an OP, I thought they just killed her off in the cold open. I was flabbergasted.

I was surprised how well Sagara held up against Kurama considering Kurama had the high ground most of the time.

The pubg player in me questioned every move.

Nooooooooooo! I had forgotten what show I was watching the last couple of episodes. Nami was shaping to be a best girl that could compete with Chidori and Tessa. Nooooooooooo! I need to go watch some happy show to mend my broken heart.

At least Sagara casually kicking the grenade made me laugh more than it should have. The AS battles and on foot gunfight was amazing. I seriously hope this anime has more frequent seasons. This is seriously some top quality fantastic anime. I had forgotten how great Full Metal Panic was back when I first saw it.

Had a bad feeling about Nami but it still hurt to see things go down like that. Then again, it never really felt like she was going to stick around for long, considering her role as a stand-in for Chidori.

Still, might be my favourite FMP arc so far!

Rip Nami :( very sad what happened to her. After that, this episode was like an awesome action movie, also Rip Savage mech, you were a little badass combat machine till the end. Sousuke is gonna need some recovery time after this.

Ive only watched the anime and ouch my heart and soul hurts. I understand the death flags but tbh I did not think that would happen this early. I had a micro amount of hope that was destroyed instantly.

Man I was really liking Nami’s character and for her to be killed off like that is bull... so many different kinds of emotions going this ep from sad to anger to suspense to wishing sousuke pull the trigger as soon as he got the info overall a great ep

This episode was fantastic. Love this series super attention to tactical military combat, especially the fight between Sagara and Kurama, like Sagara creating a smokescreen spraying the ground to get cover. (not sure how realistic that actually is against concrete, but it was cool)

Really sad episode this just like the manga. But it’s really hard to avoid thinking that Sousuke’s whole Namsac approach was just too blatant for there to be any other outcome. It’s understandable given the priorities he went in with but you wish Wraith or someone had given him a course on undercover work... but then again, this is ‘normal high school kid’ Sousuke we’re talking about here! Wraith couldn’t be there to save the day like on the school rooftop...

Just sad the way there are two resourceful special operatives hiding in Nami’s team and neither is able to shield her from this turn of events. At least Sousuke was honest with her though, unlike Mr I’m Honestly Not Kurtz...

It’s a great story of course but it’d be interesting to see someone with more strings to their bow tackling these kinds of situations. Might reduce the grenade-kicking quotient a little though!

Great episode, even if the animation was a little janky at times. The AS combat was good, too.


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