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[Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory] Episode 7 everyone's impressions

Episode 7
"Giant Killing "

As Lemon is released from prison, Sousuke, Nami and their team arrive at the place for the illegal match, but Sousuke is ordered to proceed to the combat area alone, leaving the rest of the team behind, where he discovers that he fell into a trap by Amalgam, and his opponent is using an M9. Despite being far outgunned, Sousuke wins against the enemy after setting a trap for him, and chases after Kurama. Meanwhile, Lemon, whose role as a journalist was only a desguise, rescues the rest of the team from being executed with his men, except for Nami, who is being held hostage by Kurama. Once Sousuke reaches his location, Kurama gives Sousuke 10 seconds to show himself, threatening to kill Nami if he does not comply. 

a Savage vs an M9. This is about equivalent to magikarp beating the shit out of mewtwo.

I can’t believe mewtwo won

"I quit smoking" dramatically eats a carrot

I'll take this carrot and eat it!

Joins a top secret terrorist organization that plots to and has successfully taken over the underworld, but has quit smoking, smokers you have no excuse not to quit if you think your job stressful :P

The scene where Lemon is freed is anime original. Also, CR's translation is incorrect, the man who greets Lemon calls him "Taishō", meaning Captain, or leader.

During the maitenace on the Crossbow, Nami gets worried that about Lemon: "Not only will he develop neuroses in jail, but he’ll also be violated by the gay prisoners.". Sosuke reassures her that he paid for his safety.

As a reminder, one of the weak points of ECS is it's ozone smell it gives while active along with being unusable in the rain or underwater due to sparks created while it's wet.

While i'm surprised that they managed to put in the explanation on the M9 and the Savage's differences so smoothly, i feel like i can provide a fuller explanation:

The Savage's engine outputs 880Kw of energy, nearly 1200 Horsepower. That's nearly 3 times as much as a 2018 Ford F-150. 6 times as much as a Camry. The M9, on the other hand, has an output more than twice as large at 2500 horsepower, courtesy of a cold nuclear fusion generator made by one of Mithril's front businesses, Ross & Hambleton Inc. On top of that, the M9 weighs 3 tons less than the 12.5 ton Savage.

Unlike the M9, which is works with an electronic system to move, the Rk-91 has a simple hydraulics system. While the M9 is lightweight and has high mobility, it can't operate outside it's standard load. In addition to that, the M9 has a complicated joint construction, unlike the simple Savage. The M9's abdomen is flexible and can bend in all directions to give it more mobility and is made of the most modern materials. The Savage is shaped like a huge egg and is made of steel. While the M9 can vastly outperform almost all AS models in regular scenarios, when it comes to playing Mexican Miners, the Savage wins by a mile.

In the LN, Lovelock also informs Sousuke that the reason Amalgam let him live was for trading not only his and his M9's services, but for information on the M9, which Amalgam didn't have until then.

After Sousuke asks him where he was taken in his work for Amalgam, Lovelock lists several places, but he notes that all bases he's been where built so that they could be easily disassembled and reassemble at anytime. And most members of Amalgam don't know the big picture as the organization is fluid, with a dispersed command center. It's command structure is built like the internet, if any of the pieces fall, the rest can stand.

While this decentralized chain of command allows Amalgam to survive almost any attack and remain hidden even after Mithril spent all of it's efforts searching for information, it's also one of it's weaknesses as any decision has to be appoved by democratic vote by the leadership. This is why Amalgam took 3 months between the events in TSR to attack Mithril. I feel like i can add that this also creates hope for the crew of the Danaan, as any subsequent attack on them would take more time to vote for than the submarine would need to flee.

I laughed at that guy in the back's becoming Brick Top brand pig feed and no one pays any attention.

This ended slightly sooner than i thought. Even after the M9 vs Savage, the next episode will have so much action it's absurd, but then again, that's expected for the finale for the arc.

WTF! This is like the most detail, well-written logic and real background info just for a story about military nerd having harem.

≫Nami gets worried that about Lemon: "Not only will he develop neuroses in jail, but he’ll also be violated by the gay prisoners."

Ugh. I'm glad they left that out. Not only is it unnecessary, it's also wrong. Prison rape isn't a gay/straight thing.

≫In the LN, Lovelock also informs Sousuke that the reason Amalgam let him live was for trading not only his and his M9's services, but for information on the M9, which Amalgam didn't have until then.

Does this mean his base was destroyed a long time ago? Or around the same time as Tessa's fleet.

≫I laughed at that guy in the back's becoming Brick Top brand pig feed and no one pays any attention.

I was wondering if they were going to show the aftermath. Ick, glad they didn't.

This should be top comment. Thanks for the great info!

Figures that Nami is a Whispered.

Have they found any other Whispered that aren't chicks? Besides Tessa's brother.

There's Bani, the guy who made the Arbalest. Tessa and Al mentioned him in TSR, and Tessa should have mentioned him back in season 1 if it weren't for Gonzo.

I've put a summary of Tessa's explanation on Bani that was cut from the anime here.

I love this series' focus an AS battles, especially since they've all been animated very well.

I originally wasn't sure about how I'd feel about the mechs being CGI when it was announced but I'm loving it now.

They are able to add mechanical action and weight to each movement that sometimes was tossed away for spirngy human action in TSR.

As much as I love the fluid motions, it feels kinda weird to me sometimes, because I was under the impression that most of the mecha in FMP didn't have a direct connection to the pilot's brain like an Eva or a Gundam with a Newtype--yet the improved animation means that a chunky diesel-spewing Savage moves more naturally than either of those. Whenever a mecha in this show changes its body language, I can't help but think "okay, why exactly did it do that? Is there a 'tense up' button?"

Now that I think about it, it would have been cool if they saved that level of fluidity for the mecha with Lambda Drivers and kept everything else a bit jerkier. Oh well.

That short flash of namis face covered in blood, reminded me of the girl at the very beginning of the entire series, who sousuke rescues at the very beginning of the very first episode, I wonder if this is related somehow.

≫reminded me of the girl at the very beginning of the entire series

Just in case your memory is hazy and because the anime's unclear on her(due to her only appearance being on Gonzo's season), she's a whispered that was being experimented on by the Russians.

As of right now, her last known location was on Mithril's care.

I figured she died given how Sosuke seems to have some baggage from that mission.

So Nami is a Whispered

Lemon is a member or a leader of Special Forces unit?

Lemon working undercover I expected a bit but Nami being a Whispered was something that I totally didn't see coming.

Love the fight between the Savage and M9 though. Shame the M9 was scrapped. I was hoping that Sagara would get to keep it after winning. And the pilot is apparently an ex-Mithril that surrendered after Amalgam took over. Lovelock obviously regrets not fighting back so I hope he lends a hand next episode.

≫Nami being a Whispered was something that I totally didn't see coming

She is a hottie with unnatural hair color, which is also true for all the other known whispered (even for Leonard.... would smash, nohomo).

≫She is a hottie with unnatural hair color

Btw, Tessa's described as ash-blonde in the LN, and Chidori has black hair.

It's the old change in hair colour to look more interesting. Happens even with natural hair colour like Kazuma in Konosuba.

That was actually really well done. When the series began I was super worried about the 3D mechs, but they blended them really well.

The only awkward moments were the lack of any music when Sousuke downed that helicopter (a nod to the Hind scene from the original FMP).

Overall, awesome ep. It ended way too quickly!

Oh man, at the beginning of the match I was saying to myself "damn, I wish we weren't going in with a Savage" but shame on me for doubting Sousuke, I guess. That mech should be proud, no other Savage has ever looked this cool. Good old Sousuke.

I see these guys come from the Dr. Evil school of villianry.

Sheriff: I could have just shot him, but this more fun pinky giggle

I know it wasn't going to happen, but in the scene where Benny Lemon rescues the other team members, I kept hoping that the snipers would turn out to be Revy and Dutch...

It can be hard to follow the combat scenes involving AS's in this show. the strategies they use just don't make sense to me, as well as their movements. maybe they are just emulating how the fight went in the LN. ahh well, just a minor gripe. I still come back every week

I’m glad they’ve essentially ended the mech tournament fighting storyline it was a nice change of pace but really uninteresting to me compared to FMPs usual type of story lines. That said, I’m also missing the rest of the cast so that may be courting my opinion on the arc. Nami is ok but she can’t compensate for Chidori and the Tuatha de Dannan crew.

I was a bit disturbed that the whole crew would go to the blood sports venue without taking some precautions for their safety. They could have been shot the moment Sousuke walked out of sight, but it was fortunate that the police chief was a dedicated pig farmer.

I had to remind myself that there were still other people watching this match and betting money on it, so the chief couldn't just maybe blow up the arena if things were looking bad. He could only have Sousuke killed maybe after the match when the official win is tallied. But the episode made it look as though only Kurama and the chief were enjoying the spectacle, and made the fight seem unnecessary when they could outright kill him.

While I'm fully enjoying it, I do believe the quick pace and lack of some inner dialogues might confuse people who didn't read the novels.

In general i think the story feels way less intense than it does in the novels.

For instance, if I'm remembering correctly throughout the current novel being covered Souseke questions himself a couple of time, in particular, if it makes sense to be doing what he is doing. In one instance he even thinks to himself he's starting to forget Chidori appearance. And when he's leaving Nami an the others to fight the M9 he wonders if it would be best to just forget everything and just live there with her.

I think it really adds to Souseke as a character and what he's going through and the overall depth of the story.

Still enjoying it though.


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