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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 22 everyone's impressions

Episode 22

The Klaxosaurs continue to depart for space to fight VIRM, taking Strelizia Apath with them. The surviving Parasites work together to ensure their survival, led by Squad 13. Zero Two is still in a catatonic state and Hiro is puzzled by a series of wounds which appear on her body. Nana informs the others that Kokoro is pregnant with Mitsuru's child. Meanwhile, Hachi and the original Nana locate the facility where the discarded Parasites are being held, including Naomi. They read a message left by Dr. Franxx before his death instructing them to take care of the Parasites. Desperate about Zero Two's condition, Hiro realizes that her mind is still inside the Strelizia Apath, fighting VIRM with the other Klaxosaurs at the orbit of Mars. He decides to leave for space to reunite with her, despite his friends' protests. In the end, the other members of Squad 13 agree to accompany Hiro in an abandoned Klaxosaur spaceship, and are joined by the surviving members of the Nines. However, Mitsuru stays behind, concerned for the pregnant Kokoro. 

Darling in the FranXX is now the Space Force.

Next stop: Klendathu

My little vegetable dino girl can't be this cute

It may seem kind of depressing and grim, but hey at least Hiro didn't do a Shinji Ikari...

I'm so fucked up.

Another reason for Mitsuru staying at home: to take child care lessons...Possibly

I really really hope they get their memories back. I don't want them to do this based on their old feelings.

At least there piecing together what happened between them, when Mitsuru freaks out in the hospital room it feels like he knows what they both did and were to one another, but is freaking out because he can't remember it. I'm glad the wipe hasn't erased all character development between the two, as they seem to have their post ep. 15 personalities just not the memories. I'm hoping they go back to mistilteiin next episode to get some fertile soil, while Hiro is going all TTGL up in space, and they find their wedding picture which triggers their old memories, just in time for the finale.

Miku: Do you think we'll ever find something like that?
Zorome just stares at the stars

Zorome that was your moment!

Also, after all this time to intorduce that Naomi was still alive but then decide to bring her along to fight. There could have been a nice little character arc there with Naomi and Hiro.

Look, Miku! Shooting stars!

Zorome b-baka!!

I love how they really have no clue whats going, just trying to cultivate some fields and watch the sporadic Klaxosaurus departure

I thought 002 was disintegrating, but must be crazy damn genetics to get the wounds of your bot transferred in Real time
Love how everyone is struggeling and trying to keep it together, especially Nana who just gets thrown into motherhood, like Kokoro
Cant wait for next weeks crazy stuff, thats going down in space

It's not a genetics thing, it's the connection between her mind and body, kind of like the Matrix. The mind makes wounds real and all that.

This episode was directed by Noriko Takao (former Kyoto Animation employee; she worked on Clannad, Haruhi etc.)

It was her second time working on DitF project (episode 5 was also directed by her).

Not only directed she Ep 5 & 22 she also storyboarded them. She actually also storyboarded episode 13 which makes it 3 episodes that she worked on.

Seriously? One person is responsible for 5, 13, and 22? Good god, I think we've found a common thread.

I mean...I'm going to clarify I'm speaking for myself, but those are the three best episodes in the series, bar none. The only ones that come close are 4, 6, 15, and 21.

I'd totally recommend everyone to remember the name Noriko Takao and look out for whenever she appears.

Coming from KyoAni she has applied her talent in numerous A-1 projects though Idolm@ster was the biggest one thus far.

These three episodes she has been in are a really good example to show her display not only in directing but also storyboarding. Dramatic tensions between characters are her forte so Nishigori did really well to place her at these particular episodes.

We should also not forget the incredible KA team that allows for her work to come to life. There were so many "Takao" moments this episode that only are possible if they have KAs experienced in character acting to back it up.

Never knew how much I missed Thicc Nana until now. Was glad to see her back.

Yeah after that cold scene from the new Nana I was like please let us get to see old Nana again before the show ends! Was thankfully a lot sooner than I expected!

TFW you'll never get a loving hug from thicc Nana...

MRW Zero Two is on Earth but actually isn't and its just her body and her mind is actually in the Strelizia

MFW the writers put 3 seasons worth of plot into the last 5 episodes of the show

I am consumed by the sense that I never want this to end and I desperately want it to at the same time.

What a ride.

Hope it ends on a good note...

I hope so too.

A lot happened this episode, from papa's secret freezer, to plantation 13 in space!

But let's just take a moment to appreciate that we are going the full teenage pregnancy route with Mitsuru and Kokoro.

In the distance MTV suddenly has an idea...

Teen Mom: Anime Edition

The sequel to every hentai ever.

2 weeks left bois

I really hate that probably my favorite anime is going to be ending in two weeks.

Zero Two may be down and out, but we are not giving up yet!

She's not down and out she's fighting in space

That was a pretty nice ending for an episode that was starting to make me wonder who was gonna be the first one to kill themselves...

And link to the manga. We are back to naked girls full chapters now!

I like how in the fight in the manga, just a random naked Ichigo.

Meh I'm not really digging the manga to be honest it just feels like they---

≫random naked Ichigo
It's pretty alright, I guess.

So I've been waiting what feels like a life time to finally see the page of the book that Zero Two wont show, and I've been afraid of what it'll show. I was about to fall over when it was blank, and relieved to find that she left the ending up to him. He can stay on HIS world and rebuild, or he can keep his promise to her, and he can come get her.
God speed you son of a bitch bring our best girl home. Alive. In one piece. In her own body. And you marry her!

I liked this episode a lot.

Every character is struggling with their own battle, and it's really interesting to see how everyone is struggling with life after everything they knew is gone. Hiro's dilemma is especially heartbreaking. He has to choose between his friends he has known his whole life and attempting to save 02. He, of course, picks her, but that choice was not an easy pill for everyone to swallow.

I look forward to seeing what happens next week!

Blue horned Hiro looking good

That's an interesting "twist"

interesting that her real body gets damage as the strelitzia does

Kokoro confirmed pregnant and Mitsuru definintly feels responsible to some degree for it, maybe he remembers something?

Lets go save Zero Two!


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