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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 21 everyone's impressions

Episode 21
"For You, My Love"

As VIRM uses their powers to upload the consciusness of the humans from the Plantation into their system, Hiro uses his connection with the Princess to delay the explosion of the Star Entity, while the rest of Squad 13 rushes back to the Grand Crevasse to help their friends. Meanwhile a wounded Zero Two meets with Dr. Franxx, who explains that she and the rest of the Nines were created by cloning the Princess' cells, but she was the only of them who inherited her powers. Determined to rescue Hiro, Zero Two then rushes back to Strelizia, assisted by Dr. Franxx and her friends. Upon reuniting with Hiro, Zero Two and the Princess use all their energy to restore him and take back the control of the Star Entity, which transforms into the gigantic Strelizia Apath, which defeats the invaders. The VIRM then decide to retreat, promising to return with their entire armada to wipe out Earth, and just as Hiro is about to celebrate their victory, he finds out that Zero Two is not responding. 

Other anime have 800 year old Loli. Here at Trigger, we have 60-million-year-old lolis.

So, definitely legal then?

Might wanna wait a few more million years just to be safe.

Officer, she said she was 80 million years old! I had no idea I swear!

I think this sums up how I feel about the ending of this episode pretty perfectly

This is just perfect

Boku no Hero Academia's episode today gave me a feeling of joy I wasn't expecting (particularly as a source reader who knew what would happen).

Today's episode of Darling did almost the exact opposite to me emotionally. If 002 doesn't survive this...I don't even want to think about it.

Ok Eren

Jup, he definitely looks old now. That fight must have taken a lot out of him.

So this is what it's like watching a Gainax ending as it aires

My only hope is that this fuckery is happening 3 episodes BEFORE the ending.. Plenty enough time to get even worse for Squad 13 in eps 22 and 23, and a happy? ending for 24!!

Oh yeah there's plenty of time to completely tone shift again, hopefully an episode like 15

My heart can't take this! 
Our girl must stay alive!

Right after that godly BnHA episode too! A-1 and Trigger are sadists!

Zero Two's consciousness is in Hiro. They had to merge completely to make Apath function.

But of course now she is a fucking husk that won't come back until the last or second to last episode. Fuck.

Goddammit A-1/Trigger. If this ends like Gurren I'm going to flip shit.

Edit: Now that I think about it, the opening suddenly makes a lot more sense

Author confirmed a happy ending for Hiro and Zero Two, I believe.

Edit: I have been corrected.

IIRC he said the story started with Hiro2 and it will end with Hiro2.

Now, I'm hoping for a good ending, but this could still go with a bittersweet ending now.

inb4 Zero Two's consciousness is inside Apath

I guess you could say Zero Two is the Darling in the FranxxI'llshowmyselfout

For real though if she's not returned to normal and not get a happy ending I will lose my shit.

Shes most likely Comatose, or her mind is "fighting" the merging with 001.

Notice how her Pupils are still there, Normally in anime or at least series like this they remove the Pupils to save a few pennies worth of work on frames, or at the very least remove all extra detail done to the eye to simulate death.

Zero two still had the whole show going on with her eyes. So shes most likely still alive.

What happened is shes most likely comatose, basically replacing the role of the Klaosaurs for now inside Apath. Unless the "we will return" bit is a season 2 tell she will likely wake up in episode 23 after they get the whole war recovery drama bit down.

Zero Twos horns are broken and the doctor released a giant blood spatter when he was crushed, which is very rare detail for anime to include.

Detail like that isn't accidentally added. Too much detail prior to the scene was a hint, shes comatose. Or completely unconscious and will remain that way until the end of the series. When they announce a second season, or go full chimp and try to shoehorn a second invasion in 2 episodes time.

Edit: upon looking at screenshots the finer details are gone but the bigger details remain. I still believe shes in a comtaose state. Especially since the author confirmed a happy ending was planned

Let's hope Hiro doesn't pull a shinji if zero two is in a comatose state.

02 will return in Avengers Infinity War Part 2

She god damn better!
We can't lost that smile.

Zero Two doesn't feel so good

When I saw Zero Two at the end my heart sank :((((

Tag: Mind Break

How do I delete someone else's comment on reddit?

Damn this one is really rivaling my favorite, Serval versión

The Nines? More like Sevens after that episode.

Wait. The nines can't be 9 right? They must be 8, unless their count wouldn't be an even number, which kinda doesn't work for FRANXX piloting. Wasn't 002 the "first" nine? So depending on what's happening to 002, it could be 9-6 = 3 :(

002 + 8 clones = the Nines

002’s stamens probably don’t count as part of the Nines which is why there’s an odd number of them.

So 01 is literally a 60 million year old Dino.

Looks damn good for 60 million.

Move over "but officer, she's actually 500 years old" it's now time for "but officer, shes actually 60 million years old."

"Sorry sir, but's now that's necrophilia. And potentially bestiality."

Every member of our main group is somehow still alive (as far as we know), I'll take that as a win!

This week we have some cute Miku and Ichigo in the manga!

She might be alive but I do hope Ikuno is still okay. T_T

Those outfits don't cover much.

High-rank armor, then

How did this not burn the Doctor and Zero Two alive?

Rule of Cool my friend

So much action in anime would be broken if this suddenly became invalid. Thankyou, rule of cool sama.

"I don’t live to fight anymore. I’m going to fight to live."

Damn, that was a good episode.

i dont give a fuck to all the hiro haters saying he's a bland main character; he is so damn cool!

I'm not sure what's happening with this show, but I'm enjoying the ride. Got to love 02 and hiro

Wow, this was such a nice episode!

Would be a shame if something were to happen to it.

A nice reference to EoE

I'm digging this episode, just hope 02 is still alive somehow because we got 3 more episodes to go.

Holy shit this was a good episode. Really hope that Ikuno, Zero Two, and everyone else will be okay..

I wonder what everyone is going to do now that Papa isn't there to give them orders?

≫I wonder what everyone is going to do now that Papa isn't there to give them orders?

The Nines especially, are they going to go crazy and attack Hiro Two and gang? Or will they join up with them? They might go crazy after loosing two of their members.

This episode was one of the bests, by far. I felt so much emotion, and it was really cool.


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