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[Darling in the FranXX] Episode 20 everyone's impressions

Episode 20
"A New World"

The Parasites gather at the site of the Grand Crevasse for the final battle against the Klaxosaurs. As the others confront a huge army of Klaxosaurs attacking the base, Hiro and Zero Two are tasked to use Strelizia to control the "Star Entity", a massive weapon stored inside the Grand Crevasse. However, the Princess of Klaxosaurs sneak past security and takes Zero Two out of Strelizia by force, taking control of it with her powers, while synchronizing with Hiro by force. Suddenly, an armada of spaceships appear on Earth's orbit and the Klaxosaurs stop fighting the Parasites to attack the spaceships instead. Papa then reveals that he and his companions are actually members of "VIRM", an alien race who once attacked Earth in the past but was defeated by the Klaxosaurs, and all of APE's actions were part of their plan to use mankind against them. Having predicted the princess' attempt to take control of the Star Entity, the VIRM trigger a self-destruct mechanism installed on it to wipe out all the Klaxosaurs, along with Earth. 

MRW things from space and earth start going pew pew at each other

We had the same thought process lol.

Yeah. Saw that shot and immediately thought it'll be all over this thread. This one is even more fitting.

"This battle looks very different from the ones we fought before"

LOL, you bet!

"This battle looks very different from the ones we drawn before"

- The animators when convincing the studio they need not ONE but two episode Specials

Life Fibers and Anti-Spirals next episode?

This is what happens when you leave spiral beings to their own devices.

Which is why Anti-Spiral was wrong. Dino gfs for everyone who joins the Spiral resistance.

I love how without fail, over 80% of their stories contain "...and then it was space aliens secretly pulling the strings all along"

I mean gotta love Trigger, it's their favorite trope but yet I love it every time

It doesn't feel that stale, because they use their tropes to tell different stories every time.

I'd love if they did a slice-of-life show with no magic, scifi or fantasy, then pulled that trope at the very end.

"Haha, you lowly humans! You thought you were having fun by yourself without any precise reason because the vastness of the Universe is infinite, and so are its possibilities! In reality, *SPACE ALIENS** were there pulling the strings all along and made you have fun!"

Suddenly aliens

also how in the hell is this going to wrap up in 4 episodes?

You thought it was Humans vs Klax?


It was Klax vs. Aliens all along.

Humans are just incidental to the whole war.

≫Humans are just incidental to the whole war.

Which makes the whole immortality and transhumanism thing kinda... meaningless? What was the point of all that and the dystopian government if their purpose was killing the Klax anyway? What the fuck?

I guess Virm infiltrated APE long ago so by mining the magma energy they wanted to weak humans and push the queen to the surface where the same humans would kill her.

Wow so many of the theories and memes became true...

Like the usual Trigger Space meme lol

I'm convinced there's actually no writing team and they're just pulling the the plot straight from internet forums, one week at a time.

Can't lie and say I'm not a little confused. We Gurren Lagann now?

Replace "fighting spirit" with "love and baby making"... truly a show for Japan's current youth


If only I knew Ichigo... If only I knew.

Kokoro has morning sickness from the looks of it


Man I wish. But Papa is a spirit-alien-demon who hates gender, sex, and the body.

No, it's more likely they didn't know. If they knew Kokoro and Mitsuru had sex (Franxx, Nana, and Hachi knew, but they've been telling "the geezers" nothing about the more subversive aspects of their research for awhile now), they would have checked for pregnancy and forcibly aborted Kokoro's baby immediately.

I don't think they care about the pregnancy. I don't think they've planned for any of the pilots to live past this day.

This just turned into an intergalactic war. I already suspected APE of being aliens, but I wasn't expecting a whole fleet to show up and for these invaders to try to blow up the planet.

Who would've guessed the the Klaxasaurs were the good guys after all. What a fucking twist.

i thought that klax were good just misunderstood and APE was bad but didn't expect fucking aliens.

APE = Aliens, Probably Evil


We go from mecha fighting on the ground fighting alien things with still essentially no background to an Illuminati type society to alien invaders literally invading the planet with even the main cast of the series having absolutely no clue what the fucks going on.

What the actual fuck happening during production. If they are aiming for another season after this, all this shits fine and dandy but what in gods name are they doing. They are introducing another huge piece out of nowhere literally in the climax arc.

is this what being gianax'd feels like

I want Nana back! 
Zero Two yawning during the debriefing was cute. 

Comic for the week.

This is way too cute!

The art reminds me of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.

You know, it's nice to see they grew so much, Just compare our team to their first real fight, where they couldn't fight properly, and now they are just wrecking everything without Hiro and 02 helping them.

It's nice.

Ahh, it's also nice to have the Kino bar for the more important scene.

Damn i was contemplating how they would wrap up the story with only 4 episodes left, and what better way than with an apocolypse?!

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the flash back episode we got a couple weeks ago even more. Thanks to that flash back we can now see clearly that APEs interests were to monopolize the planets resources to progress their technological revolution and advancement. By systematically using magma energy as a pretext for helping humanity evolve, they were able to manufacture weapons and soldiers to pilot them. Using the same mechanisms as the original species to exist on the earth in order to eliminate them and fully suck what little value the planet has left. Almost perfectly orchestrated, though really heart breaking for Dr.Franxx because he lost his beloved in order to develop the FRANXX technology which VIRM already understood.

The embryos found in the klaxos finally make sense now. The klaxosaurs are the prototype FRANXX while the actual FRANXX is the refined version of the war machine. To think that each klaxo more or less had a biological organism piloting it is tragic. Humanity almost entirely wiped out its only means of defending itself. Now its up to the FRANXX to somehow save the klaxo princess and Hiro before their machine blows up and takes the world with it...

I love how they tease us with really heart warming scenes with Hiro and Zero Two, only to raise more death flags for one of the two. I really hope they both make it out!

Also i wonder how Kokoro will handle being pregnant in the middle of the battle...will she/mitsuru kick the bucket, or will the death or Zero Two/Hiro be what allows them to make way for the next generation. Their child could be the mark they leave on the future, proof that they were able to protect the love that humans share...Crap we're in for a wild ride! I'll update this comment later but today's a huge turning point for the series!

Gurren Lagann: People from under the ground end up fighting robots controlled by human-like things from above the ground in the first arc and then in the second arc realize that said robots were only trying to protect the ones under the ground from alien invaders.

Franxx: People from above the ground end up fighting robots controlled by human-like things under the ground in the first arc and then in the second arc realize that said robots were only trying to protect the ones above the ground from alien invaders.

The answer was right in front of our eyes bois.

Holy shit I think that was one of the craziest episodes I've ever watched. The plot changed so much so quickly and everything happened within the span of just 24 minutes?? I love it

Even less. Like the plot changed drastically half-way into the episode.

Am I seeing signs that Kokoro might somehow recover her memories? From her face made upon being told of the lessons she taught Miku and the crew, to her seeming reluctance to sacrifice herself, looks to me like those cards are being laid.

Well, the scene with both her and Mitsuru in the cockpit would give me that assumption.

Wow this episode was all over the place. I thought them "confirming" Kokoro is preggers to be the "big" reveal, but now we have aliens? I feel like the reveal of VIRM was forced, and undercut the reveal of what the Klaxos really are. It was pretty clear that APE were part of some kinda greater entity, but I'm still a little upset that they went for the aliens twist. Hopefully the next few episodes are less chaotic as we gear up for the finale.


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