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[Comic Girls] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9

 As Koyume gets her first serialization, Tsubasa goes out with the other girls to get inspiration for a slice-of-life chapter for her manga. Later, Koyume worries that she has gained weight and desperately tries to lose it, which starts to have an effect on her manga. After that problem is resolved, Tsubasa loses her manuscript at school, prompting the girls to search for it, only to end up finding Miharu's old yaoi manuscripts instead. 

Gotta love the Koyume's Ay ay ay cuts

I feel like someone needs to make a rap out of Koyume doing that

or Chaos' ABABABABA's.

Same as Hinamatsuri AITAAAAAAAAAAAAA

This episode's "AYY" was so damn funny and cute. I might've looped that scene a dozen of times. Hahaha..

$60 a year.

$59.95!!! Glad I was not the only one thinking that when they said it x)

Well, it wasn't the only relatable scene...

I fucking love Kaos' character. I understand she's absolutely just a bait character that embodies and appeals to the audience, but I fell for the bait hook, line, and sinker.

Smooth moves from Koyume in that dressing room.

This show is yuribait gone crazy.

When you're totally useless, and you and everyone else knows it

Also, I love the inversion of the "plain girl lets her hair down, becomes beautiful" trope.

That's a cute Fuura-senpai

When senpai realises she hasn't been helpful enough

Even though she wasn't the focus, we got a nice helping of cute Ruki with different hairstyle this episode.

That scene where they both apologise at each other was hilarious.

Kaos-chan is an absolute treasure.

I actually thought it's gonna be a new character but then it's our beloved spooky Fuura!

Her voice was obviously Fuura but her art was so different I just couldn't connect them both. Lovely senpai.

I was wondering how would she look if she cut or moved her bangs out of the way. I got an answer, and it's fucking cute.

Never change, Fuura-senpai.

I love the VA for Fuura-senpai so much. The itadakimasu at the end is seriously so freaking good.


Rukki specially looked great in those clothes!

I think you can just shorten that to Rukki looks great

Fuura senpai at the end though, looks great with a more "normal" look

Cute Fuura-senpai > creepy Fuura-senpai, but on the other hand the gap moe makes her even better.

Tsubasa always has an explosive energy about her when she draws her manga

It’s the same VA too right?

Yup, Rie voices both Tsubasa and Megumin

Definitely top 3 favorite VAs for sure then. She also did Takagi-san!

I don't know what to say other than I really liked this episode.

Tsubasa finally showing her feminine side.

My reaction is the same as theirs.

There's just something about short-haired tomboys suddenly acting their gender that triggers the HNNG factor in me.

Overall, a good Koyume and Tsubasa centric episode. And Fuura-sempai looks good in her "normal" appearance.

Next episode looks like we'll finally see Kaos-chan finally get her shit together and come up with a storyboard which her editor will finally approve. About darn time as well, since even Koyume's got her manga serialized now. Then again, the whole series this season is supposed to be the growth of Kaos' manga career, so it makes sense that they're leaving it this late for her to get things rolling at last in time for the finale.

Holy shit Fuura is even more attractive than she is at home.

Koyume's kabedon on Tsubaki was amazing, they are perfect for each other!

Ruki is the old sister everyone needs in their life, she looked amazing this episode.

Kaos is amazing, whenever I think I can't love her any more a new episode comes out and makes me adore her even more.


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