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[Comic Girls] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"Farewell, You Wonderful Manga Artists"

Despite getting a good response on the first part of her manga, Kaoruko struggles with the second part, which is due on the day the dorm closes. With the other girls having to return home dorm early, Kaoruko is forced to try and finish her manga all alone. It is then she is visited by her mother, who reminds Kaoruko of how much she has changed since first taking an interest in drawing. This, along with texts from her friends, encourages Kaoruko to finish her manga on time, which is praised by Mayu as her best work yet. As the dorm reopens in the spring, Kaoruko reunites with the other girls to once again draw manga together. 

A photo album of Kaos-chan getting bullied by the world? Where can I pre-order?

"How much do I have to pay to keep watching?"

But seriously, I'd like to keep watching :(

One of my favourite shows of the season, really going to miss it ಥ_ಥ

"If everything goes wrong, you can always come home." Kaos's mom is one rare example of parenting done right in anime.

I will miss you, Kaos-sensei.

 Btw I think I may have a thing with pink-haired girls. First is Nadeshiko, and now Kaos.

Pink is best

This is the real Kaos-chan!

Kaos-chan is the anime girl we all aspire to be.

The real Comic Girls were the friends she made along the way.

I mean you're not wrong...

Season 2 please. K thanks.

yes please there's nothing i want more. i love this show and crave more of it. looks like this is another show to add to the waiting list, though i don't know how likely it is, hope still lives on.

The staff list for this show is amazing. First time director (Tokumoto), first time chief animation director (Saito, who also did the character designs), and two episode directors who had never previously done that job (Nakanishi, Myouchin) who managed a total of five episodes between them.

Then on the other end of the experience spectrum the scripts were done by the writers of Hibike Euphonium (Hanada), Lucky Star (Machida), and Shirobako (Yokote).

I don't know which of the producers is most responsible for putting this all together, but whoever it was deserves a medal for excellence in CGDCT planning.

They should also hire all these same people (as well as studio Nexus) for the forthcoming Hitoribocchi anime, that would be absolute perfection.

8/10 show, and Kaos is a 10/10 protagonist.

Another thing of note is that this is Kaos' VA's first main character role, and she totally carried the show. You can even kind of tell how she improved as the series went on, with Kaos going from a generic moe sounding character in the OP song and first few episodes to someone with a well defined personality and a lot of both intense and nuanced emotion.

Agreed! Such a wonderful anime I would so hope to see a second season, however rare it might be for these types of shows. Got some teary eyes this episode so huge props to em all

This last episode has some standout animation cuts and storyboard choices as well. Reminded me of the excellent first episode which was assuredly by design.

Going to miss these girls. Made a Kaos album for the finale!


More Kaosu here

Everyone was so busy cheering on All Might, we forgot to encourage Kaos-chan.... At least mummy moe was there to save the day.
Gentlemen, it's been a long and hard battle but I've finally decided. Matron best girl.

I need a picture of Kaos-Chan getting a piggy back ride off of All Might...

Well that was adorable.

Comic Girls was definitely a surprise. Such a pleasant, funny, relatable, colorful, well-animated, and incredibly well produced show. I'm gonna miss it.

And I'm gonna miss Kaos. She's such a goddamn failure. She's an emotionally unstable and perverted wreck of a human being, with a self-confidence issues up the wazoo. She's overly reliant on others and their opinion, she's slow to improve and she lets even a tiny bit of criticism or praise instantly get to your head. And yet, she doesn't give up. She never ever gives up. She keeps on going, pumping failed manuscript after failed manuscript until she finally succeeds. I'm just so happy for her.

Man, Kaos getting told how good her manuscript was really got me, that was a really good payoff.

It kind of sucks everything returned to status quo at the end though. Glad they're together again, but maaaaaan I wanted her to get serialized.

I don't want this to end, but the cycle of cute girls doing cute things continues.

May Kaos-sensei live on in all of our quivering hearts.


I'm gonna miss this show a lot. Admittedly I didn't expect a ton out of it but cute girls drawing manga, but the characters really made this show something fantastic. Kaos in particular is the cutest disaster I've ever seen.

I'mma need like 3 more seasons.

I really needed that last part after the credits

I was afraid there would be no more Fuura scares when she left so soon but i was pleasantly suprised, although i was really hoping for her to show up in the last scene. Now i need a season 2 please

I wanted to write something longer about this show but I don't think I'm in the proper state of mind to write down something cohesive so here's all I can say about this show right now:

Comic Girls is a beautiful show with a lovable cast that gives you this feeling of warmth and comfort. Comic Girls also did a good job of showing the viewers what someone with severe anxiety is like especially with this final episode. As someone who suffers from the same thing, Kaos' little breakdowns this episode felt too close to home for me. Her feeling lonely, not good enough, and even using self deprecating humor to try and lighten things up all hit too close to home.

We joke about Kaos getting bullied but there's only so much a person can take before completely melting down so I am happy that we have 3 other girls and a few other side characters to support her through her journey into becoming a mangaka. And it was a beautiful journey.

Right now that's really all I can say. While I can't say this ending was the best, it at least leaves us open for more hijinks in the future in a new and improved dorm for the girls. This show is a 9/10 for me.

Kaos's breakdown on the phone with her editor was super brutal... Most of her breakdowns in previous episodes while serious were kinda done for the comedy effect but this one felt way more real than the others and it was honestly hard to watch. This type of stuff done in a realistic way doesn't happen very often in anime.

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I ever would.

It reminded me a lot of Yuru Yuri which was one of the first anime I watched, so that might have a part to play in why I liked it so much.

I hope Kaos-sensei uses waterproof devices.

Well it was a good ride, hopefully this is a short farewell.

One of the best shows of the season. No show made me laugh this hard. These loveable idiots are absoloutly great. We believe in you Kaos!

This was a beautiful end to a beautiful series. I'm so happy yet sad at the same time. As always, Kaos-chan is very relatable, but today it was cranked up max - I was crying half the episode.

Here's hoping for a second season!

What a great show. I'm going to miss it.

I thought Kaos finally lost her mind when the figures started talking.

The ending though was very fitting. I'm glad they had everyone come back together to a new dorm. They didn't split up after all and that's the greatest thing.

I haven't enjoyed a CGDCT show this much in a while.

Here's hoping for a couple of OVAs. Gotta see if she finally gets serialized.


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