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[Comic Girls] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"My Life Has Reached Its Peak"

Needing to fill in an additional choice on their career surveys, the girls discuss what careers they might have if they weren't manga artists, learning Ririka used to be a manga artist but couldn't handle living up to expectations. Later, the girls tidy up the dorm's storage rooms, containing lots of reference material from former residents that encourage Kaoruko to try harder. As Kaoruko presents multiple ideas during her next editor's meeting as a result, Mayu takes a liking to a story she wrote based on her experiences in the dorms, which finally gets approved as an insert manga. 


I want to hug her.

Of course Kaos is the only one to recognize a yuri manga from 7 years ago immediately with just the name and remember the pen name of the mangaka too.

How'd you know it was a yuri manga?

But yeah that was such a Kaos thing. Does this episode low key confirm that Moeta is into girls, since the only "manly" thing she knows or cares about is copied directly from her father.

It was said in the episode about Dorm-mother, Editor and Sensei. I think Dorm-mother was a yuri mangaka, Editor a BL one and can't really remember Sensei.

Sensei was BL, Editor was the same as Kaos.

I was so ready for there to be a scene of Tsubasa chopping firewood.

We have one more episode left, if it starts with SOIYA ill die of laughter.

"Are you talking about your career paths?"

Kaos-chan is crying. What do you think?

I mean, Kaos-chan crying doesn't really narrow it down much

I would like to just cry through my adulthood if it made me money.

She did it, the madman finally did it

She finally drew Comic Girls.

I like how she went through the other mains genres before arriving at her own.

≫She finally drew Comic Girls.

Someone actually predicted this like, 6-7 episodes prior.
Who were you, mysterious Precog? Show yourself!

I actually did not see that coming at all. I'm really glad I live alone cause I cheered loudly

The cat being distressed in sync with Kaos-chan is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen.

The sudden moment of realizing that they'll have to move out of the dorm where they had their friendship grow, it had me really emotional.

The emotional payoff for Kaos.


I don't know why but that wood chopping punchline got me laughing hard every time especially the third time even though I knew it was coming! That was genuinely a well done gag! XD

Aww she finally got accepted! No more bulli for Kaos-chan! While I it's pretty much expected, I love that she still drew a manga based on her life at the dorm. It reminds me of IRL manga author Nagata Kabi-sensei and how her last attempt of getting serialized, just like Kaos, was a making a manga about her personal experiences. Check out My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness if you haven't yet. It's pretty heavy with the subject matters she deals with but it's a good read.

Kaos reminds me so much of Nagato Kabi and tkmiz, it's almost uncanny.

I also second the recommendation for MLEWL, as well as the sequel "My Solo Exchange Diary". They explore the concept of feeling contrained by parental, societal, and self -expectation so well, and anyone (gay/straight/male/female/etc) can absolutely find something relatable about it.

≫Kaos reminds me so much of Nagato Kabi and tkmiz, it's almost uncanny.

It's definitely uncanny. Nagata-sensei is what Kaos would turn out to be if she didn't have the kind of support she had with her Friends.

≫"My Solo Exchange Diary"

I actually just found out about the English release yesterday! Already ordered my copy though!

Kaos finally got rewarded for all the hard work and effort, that was so satisfying. The whole thing was also very, very touching, but when they showed the title page, or however it's called, I can't really explain it, had the biggest, dumbest smile on my face, and then the tears came. Came back, actually, I was cry-laughing the entire episode beforehand.

So next week's the last episode. That sucks, to be honest. I don't want it to end, even more so when it seems like the girl's are gonna get separated. It's so... so bittersweet. I go through the sentiment that I'd wish a certain show went on forever quite often, especially with shows like this that I basically live for, but this time it's different, like the fact that it's ending has a lot more impact on me, and I'm not certain why. Honestly, I hope there's some deus ex nonsensicha that lets everyone stay together in the end. Or makes the shows go on forever, that'll be mighty fine as well.

Fuura wasn't lying at the start, she was there basically throughout the entire conversation. I absolutely adore her.

Good catch on that reflection! Makes it even funnier

Does... Does this episode finally confirm that Kaos is interested in girls? She doesn't "know" what manliness is and uses her father as a example, a girl of her age would clearly be interested in people of her age...

I mean, OP literally starts with a shot of Yuri [百合] (Lilies) so it's been pretty heavily implied from the start!

The sexiest thing she can think of is a panty shot, too, so I think it's more she's woefully unaware of anything in that world

Oh she's seen sexier things when she see's Ruki's manga, it's just that she can't make herself draw it.

Kaos and Kojume getting fired up gif

If the dorm tear down is really a thing I'm going to be salty as fuck next week... This is one of the very few cases I'd welcome an asspull ending.

Agreed. I don't read the manga (yet) but it's still ongoing so I hope this dorm thing this just some anime original tenshion for finale that gets resolved by the end.

That was a nice, heartwarming conclusion.

I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to this show next week

Finally, Kaos-chan pulls through drawing her everyday life with her friends!

A year ago, manga was her only companion. Now, she made great friends that helped her escape Rejection Hell and her spiral of self-loathing.

It'll be sad to see them leave the dorm next episode, I don't want it to end!!!

I believe you mean her Kaospiral of self-loathing. At last, she mastered the Koyumethod.

I almost shed a tear when I saw Kaos’ last comic show up and it was called “Comic Girls” and also looking at all those messages made it even harder to not cry. But one thing that will make me cry is hat next week is the last episode of these adorable and hilarious girls ;_;

I really feel glad for Kaos, i even teared up a bit. This wasn't really expected so the impact felt more. Congratulations Kaos for Comic Girls

Sadly it seems that they're really going to tear down the dorm. That's really saddening, but hopefully there's a way for them all to keep in touch. Or even better, they're just simply moved to a new dorm

This was my fave episode of the show so far, it knew when to let its scenes play naturally and I genuinely cheered for Kaos throughout. If this show manages to end strong next week It'll def be one of my favorite of the season.


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