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[Comic Girls] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"It's Not Fair That Michiru Gets All The Love"

In the run-up to Christmas, Ruki feels downhearted over the lack of romance in her real life, so the gang throw her a surprise birthday party on Christmas Eve. Unable to go home due to her parents vacationing in Hawaii, Kaoruko spends New Year's at Tsubasa's home, where she discovers Tsubasa is from a rich family. Later, Ririka holds an event in which the dorm residents burn their unwanted storyboards to cook sweet potatoes. 

Kaos-chan getting bullied by an answering machine. Perfect.

[edit] And the shrine fortunes.

And the pens.

And the takoyaki.

Why is the world bullying the loli

Because she's just to damn cute when she has her little meltdowns.

"Hey, pretty lady."

Has Tsubasa-san finally made her move?

Dejected ABABA

I loved how that "epic" music started playing and cutting out every time they showed a shot of the mansion.

Kaos has the best tastes

Nothing quite like a Christmas episode in June

Kaos's thoughts when giving her birthday present to Ruki is so me irl.
And I fucking lost it when her parents traveled to Hawaii on her only vacation.

Don't they dare to touch the dorm. I feel like I might get salty AF after watching the next episode.

Seeing as Tsubasa's family is rich couldn't they just buy the dorm and keep it open? It would seem bizarre to me if this series ends with the dorm being closed instead of them convincing the rich family to acquire the manga dorms.

Looks like the manga is still being released, so there's some hope. On the other hand who knows. There's like 2eps left so they need to do something fast.

I think her family being rich must play into the story, especially with the next episode being about the place closing down immediately after them establishing that they have money. While also having virtually no footage of the other character's families.

I think the story will go along the lines of Tsubasa will have to promise to improve her school grades in return for them funding the dorm and keeping it open.

"Kaos are you sure you can burn your storyboards?"

"Yea its alright, I have literally all of them saved to my computer because im a digital artist remember"

ts been a while since a CGDQT anime genuinely made me laugh consistently every episode. The likable cast that mesh very well together with really good supporting characters is my main appeal of this series. The jokes are never stale and it really seems like the director is having alot of fun with the series, espicially with the epic music being played for anytime a close up of Tsubasa's mansion appeared on screen. It's going to be a sad day when the season ends.

Agreed. In a season full of highly anticipated anime, Comic Girls has become the one I look forward to the most every week.

Fantastic, i love the quirkiness of the show and turned it up to 110 this episode. The director is glorious, he needs more work.

The cutoffs of the epic music were fuckin hilarious.

Angel-chan has grown even more pretty over the year!

We need more of Fuura's trolling


Tsubasa's mom is the best!

Two hot moms this episode, I love it

This is probably my favorite episode of the series.

I cant wait for an ost. That fucking orchestra was amazing.

The episode was comedic insanity with a lot of Kaos-chaos and I'm still aching. Thank you, Lord, for this treasure.

Out of all possible upbringings, Tsubasa's was as unexpected as can be, and they went all out with it too, what with the epic music and all. Tsubasa almost lost her identity too, luckily Kaos managed to blackmail her to safety.

I adore Fuura. Those surprise horror gags are one of my favorite things of recent times, and I would love it if it carried over to any and all other shows in the future. Or just let this show continue, I guess, that works mighty fine as well.

I'm surprised I had to scroll so far down to see a comment like this. This episode was pure chaos. The pacing was so god damn fast. It was a great episode, these aren't bad things, but it was so different from the rest of the series. I loved it and it works so well in a one-off scenario. I imagine we'll go back to normal pacing next episode. But seriously, this episode was absolute insanity. So many new and refreshing ideas.

Liked the sound of the ladder being pulled up to Fuura-senpai's room.

Probably my least favorite episode, even though I like the anime lots. The pacing was kinda awkward and the dialogues as well.

This episode was absolutely hilarious, god I couldn't stop laughing.

I loved the epic music that it played at Tsubasa's house just to stop a second later, her family can compete with Satania's.

it genuinely sounds like the voice actors are having fun with their roles and that's one of the many reasons why I'm loving this anime.

This was a pretty fast-paced episode, in my opinion.

I would've liked to see more of Tsubasa's family and castle (and get very mad for their lack of support of drawing manga)

Still pretty good overall.

I love the scream sound effect every time Fuura senpai shows up lol.


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