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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 22 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 22
"Sakura's Clear Cards"

Despite having no idea of why Eriol wants to keep secret from Sakura about Akiho and Kaito, Kero and Yue decide to follow his instructions, with Kero standing guard beside Sakura to protect her. However, Sakura and Akiho's shared dreams become more frequent, and both have an ominous feeling about them. Later at night, the cloaked figure appears before Sakura and she confronts it. Just as her key and cards are about to be taken away, Sakura takes a glimpse of Akiho's face under the cloak, when Kaito appears and rewinds time once again, although he is certain that despite that, Sakura will eventually remember what happened. 

Sakura was able to "remember" briefly the Hope Card, which means she can actually counter the Time Reverse power from Kaito.

Also, while I usually dislike the "nothing actually happened because time travel" approach to narratives since it invalidates all the effort the characters have done during the episode, the brief battle was incredibly good. I remember, during the first seasons, how I was always bummed that Sakura used at most one or two cards per catastrophe. I always dreamed to see her cycle through all her cards like a real magician...

... And tonight she did. She counter-attacked twice, dodged and Spiraled the fireballs... She had this fierce look. She didn't try to flee the battle per se, she didn't try to befriend the hooded figure for too long, she didn't pull another "Final Judgement" moment where she was mostly a victim. Nope. This time she tackled the problem without hesitation and managed to handle all of this by herself without help from her friends. The minute she saw the figure, she Released her key, flew straight toward her and she was able to defend herself flawlessly... Except this time her antagonist was too strong.

She has come a long way since her first Card Captor days. It's delightful to see.

On one hand, I'm glad this show is getting a second season, it's been delightful and I'm always okay with watching an anime as chill as this. On the other hand: THIS EPISODE ANSWERED NOTHING, NOW I HAVE WAY MORE QUESTIONS AND I DON'T KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEY'RE FINALLY ANSWERED!

I'm as impatient as Spinel during Kero's after-episode show for answers. >:(

Must resist urge to read the manga

The anime has already caught up with the manga... it is pretty much the same with the excepction of one or two HUGE difference between them and the mention of things related to The Sealed Card movie (the amusement park, the Hope card...)

Well hopefully you won't have to wait nearly two decades to get answers.


I actually had to wait 25 years for answers to a tv show I watched...


I'm actually surprised we have so little information on the second season considering the manga will likely get tons of chapters until then... Shouldn't they have confirmed one and gave the dates by now?
I just hope it's not "2019" :| I'm tired of series making us wait an entire year to get some closure.

With the Clear Card team doing Chihayafuru 3 (airing Winter 2019), I would expect a Clear Card season two to be 2020 at the earliest, especially considering that the Clear Card anime has caught up to the manga at this point.

Season 2 of the original anime came out 4-5 months after season 1 ended and I don't think they even announced it since this was in 1999 where there was no way of knowing whether an anime was getting another season or not. If veteran CCS anime fans were able to handle being left in the dark for months after season 1 ended, it wouldn't matter whether season 2 of Clear Card or a movie gets announced or not as long as we get something.

Kaito claiming there weren't enough cards yet is like the most obvious Season 2 announcement. A movie wouldn't be enough time to catch more cards.

The question is would there only be 19 cards or a full deck like in the original one?

I doubt they would make a full deck of 52. Many of the Clear Cards seem to serve dual functions, or resemble multiple cards from the Sakura deck. Struggle, for example, was similar to Fight but also compared to Twin.

Plus that's a lot of episodes. I doubt it'll go on that long.

So we're pretty well caught up with the manga eh? Well I waited years for this, I can wait a little more.

By the time of the mid-way transition I knew there was no way they were wrapping this up. Ultimately a bit sad that Syaoran never showed up all too much in this season. I was really looking forward to some Sakura x Syaoran tagteam card capturing, but I guess I can always hope that comes next season.

Not looking forward to another multiple-year wait though. I suffered through post-CCS depression once, I'm not excited to be returning to that for a while.

Well it's been good everybody, cya in a couple years.

I honestly don't expect to wait that long. The original CCS anime ran concurrent to the manga for 2 years and, despite the lack of a manga chapter lead, still managed to have mostly the same story. On top of that, the anime never went on extended breaks. There were 2-4 months between seasons. Nanase Ohkawa was writing both, which meant we didn't need to wait for the manga to get ahead and finish.

Assuming the manga finishes up in the next volume or so, we can probably expect to wait less than a year.

One of the best fighting scenes so far, my baby girl is becoming a fine (badass) lady now, I'm sooooo proud of Sakura-chan! But wait! The ending is soooooo unsatisfying ugh! I just hope that they will release the next season ASAP 😂 KAITO IS INDEED INTRIGUING! With CLAMP's idea of antagonists will he be a friend after all of this chaos? Like what happened with Syaoran and Eriol? Hmmmm? 🤔

I just want to finish the series before I die. I don't want to wait for a decade

≫I just want to finish the series before I die. I don't want to wait for a decade

Yes, CLAMP, hello, we are all growing old here. I'm in my mid-30s now. Please hurry up!?

Obligatory ZA WARUDO reference

Cardcaptor Sakura in a nutshell..

They always find a good reason not to tell her anything until the last minute, don't they? Oh well, the mystery in Clear Card continues to be far more compelling than in the Clow Card or Sakura Card arcs, IMO, which were largely transparent. There were (some quite valid) complaints that this sequel felt derivative and wasn't doing anything fresh like the original series, but the mystery leaves me intrigued every week! I'm liking it just as much as the original right now.

I'm glad I finally watched the second movie last week, would've been confused by the Hope card reference otherwise. It's a bit of a trump card, and I wonder if we'll ever see it in action, given the Sakura Cards are MIA. Hell, given the Sealed Card's modus operandi, it might even have something to do with the cards disappearing at all..

Looking forward to S2, whenever that comes!

I thought it was quite obvious that this arc wasn’t going to be concluded in tonight’s season finale, it’s just too short! But wow, I’m glad they actually had Sakura throw down with Akiho (the mysterious figure). Not some ‘dream sequence’ that isn’t happening in reality, making their altercation all too meaningless like in the manga (a reverse dream of Syaoran bearing the robe).

But we got to see THE HOPE card!!! The final nail on the coffin that the second movie did in fact exist, and is canon without a doubt. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but the amusement park and overall story of ‘The Sealed Card’ must be playing a huge role in this arc. As mentioned in an interview before, the Clear Card arc was conceived with the anime being first in mind. They foreshadowed many moments throughout this season surrounding the second movie, starting all the way from the second episode. Not only that, but Eriol’s house still existing is tethered with the second movie, which is one of the many oddities in the arc right now. Anyway the only way Sakura could’ve created the pink teddy was because The Nothing card pretty much forced a confession out of Sakura on top of the amusement park. That’s the only way it canonically makes sense. Nothing was ever ‘not canon’ or inconsistent, all was planned from the beginning.

That being said, I can’t wait for the second season, there’s more to the story in the manga. And Sakura still hasn’t collected a full set yet, assuming that the Clear Cards are a set of 19 just like the Sakura Cards.

We’ve finally caught up with this month’s chapter too. And even though the anime has caught up with the manga, there are still moments left out that has yet to be touched on (Spoiler Ex. Syaoran‘s orbs reverted back into a card form; then later interacting with the Sakura Cards’ spirits).

What’s amusing to me is, CLAMP extended the idea of Sakura creating her own cards (which she did in the finale of episode 70). However for some reason, the cards she later creates are Clear Cards. Which indicates a connection between her, Akiho, and Kaito.

So essentially, Sealed Card was something that actually happened, but Kaito turned back time so that Sakura could become more powerful with the formation of Clear Cards. Is that it?

Except this episode kind of ruins that theory because it was supposedly very difficult for him to turn back time only 1 minute, let alone however many months passed since the house was torn down.

So much for everyone who claimed the Clear Card story would be finished in one season, eh? :)

S2 when?

What, that's it? The season ended rather abruptly just when we're getting pumped up since the exposition last episode.

I understand that the manga is still ongoing, but I would have expected the anime to take up the full season (24-26 episodes). Ending this first season at 22 episodes seems unusual.

I hope Clamp gives us a second anime season for this arc, because this ending is utterly unsatisfactory.

CCS is after all one of the biggest magical girl franchises ever, so I guess I can be optimistic.

cant wait for second season hope its sooner than january...

Sakura Kinomoto is the most beautiful girl of anime world. That's it.

Felt like the show need way more than 22 episodes. The finale just made me scratch my head even more after all the developing events.

I'm actually guessing/or at least hoping there will be another season to add more context and give this new anime a proper ending. The contrasting dream part was interesting though. They could really explore that idea and make it more meaningful.

≫Kaito is such an intriguing character, need to see more of him.

I'm glad that even he is shown to have some limits to what he can do.

Well, that was sort of to be expected. They would have to show something without also changing the dynamic or statud quo when the story continues. Card Captor is one of those shows that can get away with time reversals, especially because none of what happened actually surprised the audience.

I would have liked to see a little more card hunting this season, but it was very enjoyable anyway. I really liked how everything has very slightly moved on and everyone is a little older, without losing the charm that the show held before.

It was satisfying seeing Sakura use her cards so fluidly, but I want even more than that. I want to see her using multiple cards at the same time, creating tsunamis, summoning meteors, and just going ham, as befits the most powerful being on Earth. Maybe next season.

Final thoughts

I'm happy we're getting more, and I really enjoyed this season. It was slice of lifey, fuzzy and fun, much like the original. I still love just about every character. The new music really blended with the old, and it's one of the most unique soundtracks in general, with its weird and airy synths. It felt like we didn't get as much action on the whole, which was one of the only downsides that stuck out to me.

The new incarnation is more mature because well, anime has gotten that way in general. The zany cartooniness and gags of 90s anime are long gone, and of course Sakura is a little older. This also manifested in the characters, who seemed more reserved than in the original (Meiling wasn't ohohoing it up, for example). I think this is one of the best continuations I've ever seen to be honest, like 90% as good as the original.


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