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[Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen] Episode 21 everyone's impressions

Episode 21
"Sakura, the Mirror and the Key of Memories"

Once Sakura gets better, her great-grandfather gives her a key that once belonged to Nadeshiko, and was very important to her, although he can not fathom why. Meanwhile, Kero and Yue are informed by Eriol that he discovered with help from Syaoran's mother that Kaito was expelled from the society of magicians he once belonged to after being held responsible for the disappearance of a mysterious relic with strong magical powers, and somehow it must be a key element in his plan. Their conversation is then interrupted by Kaito, who cuts the communication between them with his own magical powers. After returning home with Syaoran, Sakura realizes that her house was reversed by the power of a card, and captures the card "Mirror". 

They really went ham to explain all the things we needed to know right before the finale.

Interesting to note how Syaoran knew everything since the start, it looks. The only thing left is how is he using the old Sakura cards, I believe?

Anyway, the sky date with double Flight was amazing to watch. I LOVE those two together.

Syaoran is now best magical-girl

The manga is just now (literally yesterday's chapter) starting to explain things about Syaoran, and it's still ongoing. There's no way they're going to finish this up next episode.

Nice to know. I'm dying for a second season, even if I need to wait.

Hope they confirm it or say something anytime soon.

Yeah we'll most likely end with a cliffhanger next episode. Ch 24 just dropped a huge bomb on us manga readers and they'll probably do the same thing next week.

≫Interesting to note how Syaoran knew everything since the start, it looks

Well he's been in cahoots with Eriol since the beginning so I guess he'd more or less know everything about what's going on.

Lots of concrete confirmation for things that we already knew or had a strong guess for this episode. Now all that's left to be confirmed by the characters is how Sayoran is recreating the Sakuras cards, what exactly Kaito wants with the clear cards and how they relate to Akiho, and we're waiting for Toya to reveal his power.

Interesting that Sakura's dad knows something is up as well, and he seems to be aware of Nadeshiko's power. Perhaps even Toya's old power as well. I hope we expand on that more in S2 if/when that happens.

They've also basically confirmed in-story about the canon status of the second movie. Kaito being a powerful time magician must have reset things so that the amusement park was never created, and the house was never torn down, however in the new time line, the play still happened.
Also interesting, Momo doesn't seem to be totally in line with Kaito. She might even play a role in stopping him if he goes overboard.

And that last scene with Sakura and Sayoran flying was beautiful! Loved that Clear insert. Such a great song. And that mid air hug! Ah! I live for those kind of hugs.

Future Predictions

  • I still don't believe Kaito is evil. I don't care how menacing they try to make him out to be. I'm no going to be fooled again. Whatever he's doing he's doing for Akiho, and as soon as Sakura realizes it, she's going to help him. At most he'll test her to see how much control she has over the magic. If I'm wrong about him not being evil, at worst, he'll try to take the cards by force and get his ass handed to him, then she's going to learn the truth and help Akiho.
  • We're not going to see Toya use his power this season. Gotta have something to look forward to next season.
  • Sayoran is worried about how the powerful magic will make Sakura unhappy. I think at some point, Sakura is going to split her magic with someone, probably Akiho in order to weaken herself so that she can control her magic better. Also, we're probably going to find more out about Akiho and Sakuras similarities, and that's going to play a role in how they come to share Sakura's power.

Desires to see

  • I need my dose of Ruby Moon. Please give us a scene where the England team comes to help Sakura.

≫I need my dose of Ruby Moon

Same, please!!!

≫Sayoran is worried about how the powerful magic will make Sakura unhappy. I think at some point, Sakura is going to split her magic with someone, probably Akiho

This is probably the answer. Assuming CCS keeps its light-hearted nature, Sakura splitting her power hits 2 birds with one stone. Saves Akiho via the item and saves Sakura by controlling her excess power.

oh god, this episode :')

i thought Syaoran using Time in that zoo ep was going to be forever top magical/romantic moment..

But Sakura 'reflecting' her own magic just to fly with Syaoran :')) Syaoran wanting the best for Sakura :')) and vice versa

When 'Clear' suddenly came back - shivers down my spine! Did Maaya Sakamoto write those lyrics just for this scene? 'No matter how sometimes i may get down, clear/transparent things will overflow in the depths of the pool of my heart' :')

All the clear, intangible things :')

This magical, glowing, powerful and loving Sakura - i can't believe it, but she is even better than she was in the first series. We always knew she was a great kid, but she is really growing up into a brilliant person.

I'd once had doubts about the idea of a CCS sequel - i retract it all. Clear Card-hen is the magic i never knew i needed :') thank you Clamp!!

PS. LOVED the magic battle between Eriol and Kaito. A part of my heart broke when Eriol's circle began vanishing and when his staff started cracking :(( GOOD JOB ERIOL IN BREAKING THE OTHER GUY'S OBNOXIOUS WATCH

i have every faith in Eriol. Keep up the good work! XD

PSS. Fujitaka :') he's such an understanding, trusting and patient father. But poor Touya xD i agree - no need to meet the family that ignored you for over 20 yrs because you didn't look enough like Nadeshiko for them!

≫But poor Touya xD i agree - no need to meet the family that ignored you for over 20 yrs because you didn't look enough like Nadeshiko for them!

Yeaaah ignore the eldest son and give a big house to the younger sibling (who is still a minor!!)

oh yes, this especially in the Japanese context, where birth order and the position of being 'eldest son' really matters. I'd read it as Masaki explicitly saying, the Kinomotos don't matter to him, he only wants the mini-Nadeshiko.

Tbh i don't understand why Masaki/the maternal side of the family is still presented as 'good guys'... They don't even know Sakura! All of a sudden they want to give her a house?! They showed no interest in her until she turned up looking like Nadeshiko - and they are STILL showing Touya and Fujitaka "we don't want you in our lives, and we hate you because Nadeshiko loves you" -.-

Masaki too - "why do i hate Syaoran" -> because you never grew up, you want to possess people (even if you cast out her entire family) - and you are still doing making the same mistake with Sakura, despite the suffering you already know you have caused Nadeshiko...

Okay lets be fair here. He has a pretty good reason to not like Sakura's dad. The dude was like 26 when he knocked up his 16 year old high school student. Now I do agree that it's pretty unfair to Touya though.

What? Masaki made up with Fujitaka, and specifically said he couldn't hate Syaoran. How is he making the same mistake? He also sent Touya a gift after he apologized to Fujitaka.

That said, I do agree Masaki should probably make a bigger effort in connecting with Touya, because it's obvious he's favoring Sakura for reminding him of Nadeshiko.

Masaki asked himself, 'why do i hate the men who take them away from me' iirc

While he is defn nicer to Syaoran (who isn't a 26 yr old person of authority hooking up with a child in their care), the way Masaki thinks he even had any claim over Sakura gives me the creeps.

I'd think better of him if he'd tried as hard with Touya, or if he one day shows that he can be actively happy for someone he cares for -even if their happiness doesn't revolve around him.

Like, actively getting to know Syaoran as a person? Supporting the children in school? Talking civilly at a 14 year old over tea is really not all that impressive.

He didn't ask "Why do I hate the men", he asked "Why can't I".

And that makes more sense too, because when he apologized to Fujitaka back during the original series he admitted that he knew Fujitaka made Nadeshiko happy. He couldn't bring himself to truly hate him. Now the same is true for Syaoran. He can't hate them, because he knows they bring happiness to the girls he cares about.

When I read this manga chapter I didn’t think the anime could make it even better. But they did. I can die happy. I love how comfortable S+S have gotten around each other. Sakura just grabs Syaoran and tells him they’re gonna go fly around. Squeeeeee

So pretty much confirmed that there’s a second season because next episode is the most recent manga chapter and that ended on a cliffhanger. Probably gonna go on a break for a while while the manga banks some more chapters.

I read it somewhere it says that it will be 26 episodes. But, why, the need of seperation?

This season is 22 episodes. There were some mistranslations floating around I think.

The anime needs the manga to catch up. The anime can’t conclude without the manga, Clamp probably doesn’t want the anime spoiling the manga.

So many bombs dropped in one episode AND the cutest S & S moment ever? I’m dying...

Been following these episode discussions closely and loving all your responses and interpretations

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on Sakura's connection with her cards. She was realy shocked and worried when all her Sakura cards first became transparents and blank. What would have caused this?

I kind of felt that she has quickly forgotten them while creating her own cards, which I wasn't really a fan of. That book is still sitting there with all those blank/transparent cards.

Would love to hear your opinions and interpretations.

I don't think she has forgotten them at all. The fact that Struggle and Mirror both look very similar (in Mirror's case, nearly identical) to their Sakura card counterparts is proof she was thinking of them when she unconsciously created the Clear Card. Many of the action-based conflicts are also eerily similar to when she caught certain Clow Cards, which is likely because the Clear Card causing them was directly created by her (even if she didn't know it).

I totally agree that she is still thinking of them, but I'd really like to know what caused them to become blank. Is Kaito responsible for it and pushing her to create her own relics? That might explain why she had that dream just before her cards all went blank...maybe?

Just felt that it's moved really quickly from 'Oh no, what has happened to my cards' to 'Oh! New cards!'. Not much investigation into the old cards and why they have gone blank, and more focus on the new I guess.

I am also really interested to how Syaoran may be using the magic of the Sakura cards. Maybe he's the one who made the cards go blank (doubt it =P)

Everybody continuing keeping secrets from Sakura.
Kaito monologing his plans to himself was just awkward.

That key is clearly magic, I wonder if it unlocks Kaito's stolen relic.

Would be awesome if Sakura reflects whatever Kaito throws at her back at him. Of course that's not gonna happens since she's not the type.


Akiho Shinomoto is Sakura's mother Nadeshiko Kinomoto in some form or another, and Kaito is trying to bring her back for one reason or another. This explains both the resemblance between Akiho/Nadeshiko, and connection between them when Sakura and Akiho end up in that dream - the same dream that happened right after Nadeshiko warned Sakura she'll never return is she continues. Perhaps necromancy has grave consequences for the caster? Maybe this is why the relic stolen from the English magician's association by Kaito is considered so taboo?

The key given by Sakura's great grandfather was almost certainly Nadeshiko's equivalent cardcaptor key, and will undoubtedly come up as a plot point very soon. If Akiho is in fact Nadeshiko, Sakura will probably return it to her.

Also we keep talking about Touya getting his powers back, presumably due to ambient magic from Sakura, which we've mostly seen him use for speaking beyond the grave to Nadeshiko. If he's going to become relevant for something, a plot that involves raising their mother from the dead is as a good a time as any. Maybe to (again) warn Sakura not to tread along the border between life and death, or perhaps bring her back when she goofs up?

It also hints at Nadeshiko being a strong magician. We always suspected it in the anime (I've never read the manga), but it's really interesting to see this being confirmed.

AWW that hug in the end! Also, Clear playing over that scene, it's too much! It also seemed like Syaoran's first time to fly (?) but he got the hang of it pretty quickly.

Did anybody notice the animation on the car? I'm not sure but it seems a bit different.

Anyway, they finally reached the last chapter of the manga (Chapter 23) in this episode so there's a big chance this season is going to have an anime-original ending. Hopefully CLAMP will milk Clear Card for a while so we might have another season.

The mom can see things that aren't there... hmm that might explain the really cryptic "do not stay here" message she gave to Sakura in the last episode

I seriously need to catch up on the manga since I want to know how different things are between the two - especially the stuff with Fujitaka.

I found that the scene with Fujitaka and Touya was cuter/funnier in the manga than how it was portrayed in this episode. It’s totally worth it!!!

On the same note, I thought Sakura and Syaoran walking home as opposed to being driven by car was cuter/better.

I'm totally expecting Nadeshiko's key to be able to turn into a staff that Sakura will use when her key eventually gets stolen by Kaito.

Also, I now see why Syaoran and Eriol were so worried for Sakura, the fact that shes the one creating the cards is kinda terrifying when you think about all the trouble they've caused to Sakura...


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