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[Caligula] Episode 9 everyone's impressions

Episode 9
"Even if something has already happened, you can still choose what you do."

That moment when the main character becomes the antagonist in a world where good and evil have no difference at all

He picked the idol over his friends. I guess he made the right choice.

In choice between Waifu or Laifu

Oh damn, Ritsu has control of the door and I guess the framework that it runs on. Interesting though that we haven't had many scenes recently with him, so we have no clue what is going on with his character. Hoping we can learn more about how much he knows know.

µ knowing about him, made me think that perhaps he was the one that made her. Now seeing him having control over the door makes me think I was right about it.

There are a lot things that i like in caligula but every episode i feel like it should have get 24 episodes for developing its themes, characters and plot in a better way

There's no statute of limitations to mental trauma

If there was a statute of limitations then they wouldn't have been stuck inside Mobius in the first place. Fuck that bully dude.

So apparently our protagonist is actually the antagonist? I knew he was different from the group but I didn't expect Ritsu will actually become an enemy.

≫I knew he was different from the group but I didn't expect Ritsu will actually become an enemy.

His relationship with Myu heavily implies that he's the person in the beginning, the one who created this world indirectly. In the beginning we see someone, in the real world, talking to Miyu on a computer. At that point, that person basically asks Myu to create this dream world, Mobius, for him. He tells her that the ideal world he wishes for is impossible to just suddenly appear, but he should at least be allowed to dream of it. After that, it cuts to the EP1 opening set in Mobius.

If it's true that he's that person in the beginning, and we assume he got his memories back somehow, I think it's clear he would stand against those who defy this world he asked for for a reason.

I still don't get how or why Kensuke joined them. I really wish they explained it more thoroughly.

Wasn't it just because he found interesting that Ritsu wanted to leave Mobius even though his memories were still missing? Well, at least that was what he said.

So dying in Mobius means you die in real life... that's not too much of a surprise, but why does it work like that? And how? This episode left me with more questions than answers. It's pretty sketchy that Aria didn't let anyone know about this stuff beforehand, too.

Shogo knows Thorn from real life, there's a traitor in the group, and Ritsu is getting closer to mu thanks to that crazy door. Despite the confusion this episode caused, the resolution of these mysteries should be interesting to see.

≫It's pretty sketchy that Aria didn't let anyone know about this stuff beforehand, too.

Makes sense. They probably wouldn't be willing to fight if they knew. Aria probably thought they'd be no benefit in them knowing.

Yeah, you're right.

Damn Ritsu was silent this episode

This episode was just... bad.

 First, couple of very distracting quality drops - like goofy-as-hell running animation or Shadow Knife fall missing in-between animation.

 Second, wtf was that scene with Shogo hallucinating(?) a falling girl. Everyone else clearly noticed it, but no one commented and it just transitioned into the next scene like it's nothing.

 Third, is it seriously going to be "the MC was evil all alone" plot twist? Like, what? It's one thing if we'd hear his thoughts and see him switching sides because of some epiphany, but so far it looks like he was a mole from the start. Next episode must focus on Ritsu and explain his deal.

Shogo didn't hallucinate, Thorn did show up and jumped down to fuck with him

This is one of the few scenes that the anime has in common with the game, and the anime rushes this scene a lot more. In the game, everyone immediately reacts and deduces that he has a connection with Thorn, and so they intended to meet the next day to discuss that, which would've made more sense than the club being lured into the clubroom by unknown messages.

The execution is all over the place, but damn I wanna know what happens.

I’m also curious if they omitted some things from the game or is it how the original plot goes (that’d be a little weird tho)

Unfortunately, they omitted some things.

For example, since the Landmark Tower in the real world is already finished, Naruko wonders why the Mobius version is still under construction. Mifue says that "Maybe someone wished for it to happen", then Aria says "Although, the only way someone could affect such a large building was if he or she had a strong attachment to it". The reason for this might be revealed next episode, depending on how the anime will handle it.

Shadow Knife's other skills were also not shown - in the lower part of the Landmark Tower, he used Shadow Sewing to "paralyze" 7 of the Go-Home Club members, only Kotaro and Ritsu were free to fight his body double / shadow clone.

Ritsu was acting really weird today. As the others put it, he was really cold (even Kensuke went to help one of the victims despite knowing Shadow Knife was behind it!), and so focused on Myu that he didn't go home like the others but went to (presumably) find her. As others in this thread have mentioned, this makes Ritsu even more likely to have been the person who created Myu. Inb4 Ritsu is the real final boss lol.

It's not weird for Kensuke to be suspected of betraying the others, since it looks like he just randomly showed up and decided to join the Go-Home Club. (His reason of finding Ritsu interesting for wanting to return despite not having his memories and thus wanting to join is weak as fuck, let's be real.) I wonder what the others even think of him?

Also, wtf Aria, you didn't tell them about the possibility of actually dying? Thanks a lot. I wonder if any of them will have a change of heart and rather live out their life in Mobius? Though with one episode left (?), this seems unlikely.

As usual this anime leaves me with more questions than answers (which isn't always a bad thing, but the way this anime does it is to leave many unanswered questions that could have been explained with a scene or two - instead, we get an incomplete picture), and I don't know if I'll even get proper answers to my questions.


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