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[Caligula] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10


I really like this episode. We finally get some backstories.
  • Shougo is a 30 year old NEET that blamed himself for the death of Thorn who for some reason is alive in Mobius.
  • Kotarou being angry all the time and being Rescue Man makes sense. He's basically an angsty preteen.
  • Suzuna is no different from how she was in the real world and probably looks the same too.
  • Mifue hates fat people because she always being made fun of because of her mom which lead to her having an eating disorder.
  • Izuru is also more or less the same IRL, except IRL everything he does is being controlled by his mother and he wounded himself. I'm guessing he's a celebrity IRL?
  • Naruko is an internet troll turned into karma/fame whore.
  • Kagi-P is the most normal out of them and is just using Mobius as an escape because he couldn't attain his cool dream.
All that's left is Ritsu and Kotono's backstories. Also did this show just baited us? While Ritsu did look like he was up to something it looks like Marie was the traitor all along.

Kotono's backstory was already told back in Episode 5 (sorta).

Ritsu's will be interesting, since his may be quite spoiler heavy as he hasn't got one neither in the original game, nor Overdose

Go to the ending credits. Look carefully.

Ritsu's name had changed. He has already returned to the real world.

≫His VA is now credited as playing Tachibana Shingo instead of Shikishima Ritsu, to be exact.

My personal theory so far is that we've been following Ritsu so far in Mobius, someone who's been borrowing this Shingo's appearance. Ritsu's also the one who did the narration at the beginning of episode 1 (with a different VA). However, the one we saw this episode was the actual Shingo, a completely different person we're seeing for the first time.

I think this episode wraps things up as we enter the final phase, but I do have some criticisms:
  • I find Kensuke to be a bit annoying when choosing who's next to tell their backstory. I think a better way was for him to go on last and crack under pressure before telling his story in tears or something.
  • Speaking of backstories, while they are interesting and builds up why the Go-Home club went into Mobius, the way its done is like the writers realised they just wasted 9 episodes out of 12 and rush all of these in 30 minutes format. Same can be applied with Episode 9.
  • Finally, I felt the impact of Shadow Knife's death to be a bit lacking and it kinda ruined what supposed to be a shattering twist.
Still, I enjoyed this episode as we explore the backstories of the club and the common theme behind people getting into Mobius. Also, this is now a True Caligula ending.

The problem is the game, in the game you as a player choose when to make the events of the characters, making them discover who they really are. These events can be done at any time without order so adapting this is very difficult

Whatever happens, Mizuguchi is still Best Girl (for Ritsu at least)

Tfw your potential ship with a qt gets sunk

Now that Wicked has been fully revealed, take note of the design of her necktie - it looks like the stripes that are used in the signboard for Danger/Warning. She has been wearing it since Episode 1. Here's a more recent screenshot from Episode 7

btw, there is a side novel - Caligula EPISODE: Marie Mizuguchi ~The World She Saw~ but it looks like there's no translation for it yet. Note: this takes place right after the game ends, spoiler warning if you haven't seen it yet.

Well, that was definitely the most explosive episode yet.

Backstory, people tossing out their heart, dialogue and more dialogue (though some pretty nice art at times, which was nice. And then- what the fuck?

Alrighty. Well I certainly can't say this show fails to keep me on my toes.

I’ve been watching this anime blindly for a while now. I thought I knew what was going on, but each episode would change my train of thought and left me confused. I feel like this episode cleared up a whole lot of questions for me, especially regarding the purpose of μ and the Möbius world. I enjoyed the backstories of each character and we finally get to learn a lot more about Shougo. Though, Kagi-P has been a real asshat lol. But that ending...wtf lol

Mass backstory infodump was weak, but at least it was efficient. It doesn't move the plot forward but they couldn't fit backstories explaining the characters before but they're quite necessary to the story, so just shove them all in here. Funny that Kotaro was the one calling out Kensuke's traumatic past for being weak - I was just thinking the same of his own. But the point Kensuke makes is that regardless of the actual events of your life, it's how it affects you emotionally that makes it hell or not, and if you think it's unbearable then your wish to escape is equal to anyone else's.

I don't care about any of these characters so their traumas don't matter, and they didn't tell them in a way that inspires sympathy either, so I was in agreement with Marie's explosive interruption. Odd to cut out only Kotono's backstory though.

This episode answers why episode 5 happens in the water park, Marie invited Ritsu to brainwash her

The last scene was such a jarring shift that it was comedic. It makes sense that Marie was the traitor since she was the closest to Ritsu, but I wonder what made her betray them.

She was Wicked from the start, there wasn't anything that made her change sides, she's just crazy

Ohh I see. I was more wondering about what her motivations are though

Probably the best episode so far for me, but I wish they had done those revelations a little early, would make the characters and story much more appealing.

I made the mistake of going on the Wikia and clicking on Wicked a few episodes back, so the Marie reveal was something I already spoiled for myself :’(

I died at the part when Naruko tells everyone she got sucked into Mobius after trolling mu too much

What the hell Marie? Well, this show really does know how to pull surprises!

Me : Aww, those stories are pretty sad, I feel for them

Marie : Get the fuck out of here with those sob stories, throws grenade

That was... unexpected.

≫Marie : Get the fuck out of here with those sob stories, throws grenade

Basically every internet forum everywhere.

This episode might be not giving a clue about ritsu and u. But listening to their backstory makes me feeling their pain too.

So for this episode I'll give it 7.5/10

I was not expecting a group therapy session in my anime, I liked it

Dang I surprisingly liked this episode. It was rushed, and a lame info dump, but I still found it interesting. We really needed those backstories imo. While I would have much preferred a show, don't tell approach at least we got something. It would have been much more powerful if the show brought us through the events of each character's trauma from a 1st person perspective so we could get some kind of emotional attachment, but eh there isn't enough time in 1 season I guess.

That ending was golden though. I loved how the characters all just stared blankly as the grenade plopped down right in front of them. I was feeling the exact same way hahahaha. Marie being a musician does kind of make sense lol. I wonder if she's purely a traitor playing a role or if she actually has any attachment to Ritsu and co.

I had to go and actually look up if we had seen Marie before this episode. I didn't remember her at all. This is my biggest issue with this show: it has too many characters.

 Anime-onlies can't be expected to remember the different names and appearances of the ten different people in the go home club, especially when we don't get a real introduction for half of them.

 I think they should have cut out about half the characters (especially you glasses turncoat guy). It might not have gone over well as an 'adaptation' but the anime would have been a lot better for having more time to actually develop characters and not forgetting to introduce them.


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