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[Boruto] Episode 63 everyone's impressions

Episode 63
"Sasuke's Secret Weapon"

Naruto uses all his power to protect everyone from the Otsutsuki Clan. Boruto realizes the magnitude of his father's love for the village and its people and, at the same time, his own weakness. Watching his friends working on repairs and aiding the wounded in the aftermath of the attack, Boruto realizes the meaning of his father's words. Knowing that this experience has matured his student a little, Sasuke brings up a certain mission. 


Crazy how much development you can get over a long stretch. I think most of understood Boruto was written that way so he can grow up, and it's nice to see that moving in a direction.

At this point Boruto needs to confront his father, apologize to his friends, and find a goal. I'm going to assume he'll be punished after the Arc (not severe of course), and we'll see him take it like a champ.

I hope he can become a good ninja.

If they still let sasuke roam free around after what happened in shippuden, I doubt boruto will be punished that harsh if at all even.

Or you know.. Orochimaru.

I've been fairly ambivalent to the series. I understood what they were going for, but it just didn't have that depth the original had for me. I watched mainly for nostalgia's sake. Seeing Boruto change into Sasuke's headband and Naruto's coat finally gave me some feelings like the original did. I hope they can maintain that from here.

Same tbh. I feel like sometimes the fights are too fast or not even show at all and the exams felt rushed. Though I guess his is where the real story begins.

I cried a little..

Like father like son. The story finally begins.

Right, I got super emotional. My childhood is beginning again.

Imo the same scene in the movie was better. Instead of a stupid touch he actually wraps his headband

I've never cried while watching anime. After this episode I teared up a lil :')

Even if she lost I would've loved to see Hinata go against Momoshiki. For her to even survive that encounter must mean she must've done something awesome.

I dont think she really did anything she probably just got bopped by momo like naruto did but instead of tanking it she just got btfo

he didn't have the chakra left. he only produced the big blast thanks to naruto chucking all those scrolled chakras at him for him to absorb.

they probably went hand to hand cause hinata is good at that. would have probably been cool.

The music that plays as they're about to go through the portal, it's so nostalgic. And I love that Boruto is wearing his dad's worn out jacket and Sasuke's damaged headband. :D

I like that music too, what is it called?

It's this one:

After 63 freaking episodes the real story finally begins.

In a way those 62 episodes were necessary to present the characters and get us attached and interested in them cuz otherwise it would've just been a lame shonen with a bunch of flashy fights.

You can do that without one of the highest ratios of filler to story.

None of it is really filler, though. It's all canon and it all happened.

This episode has made the anticipation for next week's episode greater.

I wish got to see Hinata fight against Momoshiki, even if she did lose.

After all this time, Boruto is now appreciative of what his father does, and is now repentant for his behaviour. Really good character development.

Boruto wearing Naruto's old jacket was a great to see, as well as Sasuke giving Boruto his old headband. With his new attitude and appearance, Boruto is looking like a true shinobi.

Shikadai doesn't seem to hold that big of a grudge over Boruto, but that could all change when he returns. Boruto deserves some form of punishment for cheating.

With all of the Kage involved, the fight in next episode is going to be fantastic. As I can't remember too much from the movie, I'm hoping Boruto becomes a big factor in the fight, as its purpose is to save Naruto. It would make for a heart-warming momento.

Yep, Boruto wearing Naruto's jacket was the best thing in this episode. It made me nostalgic for some reason.

I really like how Boruto wear's Sasuke's old headband. The entire series has had people who abandoned their villages with scratched headbands with both Sasuke's and and the Akatsuki's, and since Boruto lost his shinobi sttus he wears this headband because he abandoned his village by cheating in the exams.

Dammit I kinda hoped that boruto would spiral into becoming the series' main villain in the future.

That would've been fun to see. If Sasuke didn't encourage Boruto so much I think he could have. He would be lost and not understanding anything, everyone would hate him and he would turn to more dark methods. Mitsuki and Orochimaru would be his saviors. Then after some time he turns into a super overpowered villain.

Departure to the Frontlines has always been my favorite track from Shippuden OST. Nice callback usage there before entering the portal. It always gives me a sense of both feels and hype at the same and tgis time is no different.

Boruto finally looks like a shinobi. Next week's fight gonna be good.

I'm just too excited and I'm gonna have to watch the movie AGAIN 'cause I just can't get enough.

Anyone expecting any upcoming differences to the movie concerning how the big fight plays out?

Definitely got teary eyed there. Good to see Boruto recognise his mis-steps and begin to appreciate what Naruto stands for.

Here we go with all of the flashbacks of what happened just 1 episode before. Add in little to no flashbacks, filler, and make characters talk about what happened or hint at the past instead then it would be a much better show.

I really hope that they’ll go for more hype intro’s in the next seasons tho


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