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[Boruto] Episode 62 everyone's impressions

Episode 62
"The Otsutsuki Invasión"

Momoshiki, Kinshiki and Urashiki of the Otsutsuki Clan appear in the arena filled with spectators. Kinshiki attacks Sarada but she is saved by her Sasuke who faces the invasor. Using his Scientific Ninja Tool, Boruto hurls jutsu no avail against Momoshiki, who is targeting Naruto. Meanwhile, Urashiki is curious about Mitsuki's power and goes after him, but he is confronted by Gaara along with the Mizukage Chojuro. Gaara and Chojuro manage to defeat Urashiki but he manages to escape. Naruto and the other ninja do all they can to protect the citizens. Ultimately, Naruto requests Sasuke to protect the children as he uses all his power to stop Momoshiki's jutsu targeting the area.

That look back from Naruto :(

"Happy Father's Day"

Oh man, if they even timed the episode release to coincide with father's day! :((((

God damn. What an amazing episode.

Also so glad they are using movie scenes during the fight parts cause that old animation is fucking flames.

The extra scenes and details makes that much better.

We also got to see Mitsuki go sage mode for a moment and the enemy obviously noticed it was dangerous.

I like how they were showing people's reactions and the people who know Naruto well didn't have a shocked or surprised face, compared to the rest.

Holy shit the animation during the Kurama scenes were insane! Loved the impact frames when Naruto was catching Momoshiki's attack.

NGL though this episode made me tear up. You can clearly see how much the people love Naruto, they practically begged him to stop and get to safety. He maybe not there for Boruto but when he said that the entire village is family he kept his word and protected every one. I have no idea what happens in the movie or the manga but I really hope he's not dead T_T

It was so worth it, all that slow build up till now. The anime's version of the last episode and this episode is SO much better than the film's one. I can only wait for the fight that's to come!!!! Such a well done episode. Also, Misuki was about to unleash his true power! Was his power taken away??

I was thinking the same thing! At first I was eager to see the fight scenes from the movie and I still am but watching that build up... Fuck that was awesome.

Someone explained it above. Mitsuki was using sage mode and he had to gather natural energy, so that's what he took from him.

Well damn... What a phenomenal episode, it had great action to compliment the fights all the way through. Not once did I take my eyes off the screen.

I was getting so excited to see Mistuki using his Sage powers to help Boruto and the others, but he ended up getting attacked from behind by the third Otsutsuki clan member. Gaara and Chojuro fighting against the Otsutsuki member was great. We don't get to see Gaara and Chojuro in much action, so this was fresh.

It’s always good to see Naruto and Sasuke working together, and this episode was no different. We got to see Sasuke’s Susanoo covering Kurama. Boruto has come to the realisation of the power his dad possesses, and seemed to show some signs of respect towards him. All of the villagers, including Boruto, did not want to see Naruto go. The flashbacks got me, with Naruto’s smile being the cherry on top. He may not be at home all the time, but he sure does go out of his way to protect everyone in the village.

On a side note: Surely there has to be some kind of repercussion from ingesting the power pills, right? Momoshiki took an entire handful and could’ve caused a large amount of damage if it wasn’t for Naruto. There must be some downsides from sudden change in power.

LOL I'm sure Denki is doing nothing but playing WoW.

Wow Daddy Sasuke is badass, "Want me to make that horn shorter for you?"

Damn the kaguya clan. I wanted Mitsuki to shine a little there :( But now we know why sage justsu is amazing.

I'm expecting something awesome from Gaara. He's not going to let that new guy fuck him around like that.

Okay, those flashbacks gave me a little bit of the feels. I love Boruto's realization about how strong his dad is and why he's doing what he is. Boruto's dad just smiles at him, as if to say it's okay. It's so fucking good.

I love this so far, I really do. They did really well adding things that weren't in the movie.

Hyped for the fight, next episode is likely going to be the decider for the rest of the anime, Boruto is going to figure out what he must do and what he wants to stick by for the future. It'll appear in flashbacks later in the series anyway.

I just hope Naruto doesn't die.. after 600 episodes im so attached to this character..

I'll probably get some stick for this, but I want him to pass. Not at the moment, but when fighting something bigger.

My points being are:
  • It will make Boruto shine more in his own series.
  • Boruto will use his death as a reason to keep going.
  • His story is done, everyone dies at some point and we need a tearjerk moment and that's what it would be for me.
  • He's done MUCH more than any other shinobi has done, he basically gave life to alot of people (Bushy brow Sensei being the biggy.) His story needs to end, surely having all that power will take a toll on his age?
  • He's not immortal, much like Sasuke isn't. They need to put a point across to prove that.
Just my opinion. I'll be sad if he dies, but I feel like it needs to happen, just not now.

Can we just talk about how much I screamed when Urashiki attacked Mitsuki! He was willing to endanger himself and use SM to help Boruto : ) So does this mean Mitsuki can't use SM anymore or did Urashiki just take a little of his chakra like he did with Gaara? I hope Oro doesn't chew Mitsuki out about ignoring him about his SM, I mean I know he probably knew Mitsuki would ignore him anyway because he wants to stay with Boruto & Sarada but give him a break Oro. My poor Mitsuki! how did he get hurt so fast anyway? He's fast enough to escape if he just had to protect one child. Is he still hurt from his fight with Shinki? Speaking of him I knew it was going to happen differently than the manga but I was hoping he would attack Momo and get hurt. Bad. Let Momo talk down to him calling him an annoyance and nuisance haha give him a taste of his own medicine. I hope he listened well when Gaara told him that despite how powerful he his he is no match for a GOD. Out of my complete love for Gaara I won't say anything else bad about him. Gaara and Chojuro working together was great. I still think Chojuro is the weakest out of the Kage but I must say he really stepped up and did good : ) I loved how they came to Mitsuki's rescue also. I absolutely loved Sasuke saving Sarada and telling Kinshiki "DON"T TOUCH MY DAUGHTER!" haha <3 Anyway, great episode. Can't wait until this Momo arc is over though so we can see what happens next. MITSUKI! <3

I'm not sure if he can't use it anymore, but sage jutsu should be nature energy absorbed by the user so i don't think he can't use it anymore.

My guess is that Urashiki just took the chakra Mitsuki had already begun to collect.

Man, it feels good to see Boruto finally witness Naruto's power. Maybe it'll give him the kick of respect he needed.

It was also nice seeing Gaara and Chojuro get some action. Gaara's been a favourite of mine since the beginning.

Sasuke being there for Sarada and verbally threatening the enemy in her defense was great.

The anime has surpass the movie in terms of quality. This episode was really really great and the ending got me quite teary when Boruto finally find out who his dad is. That was beautifully well done.

Great episode and I'm glad they're taking it kinda slow, but jesus this kind of thing just grinds my gears.

Nigga, I know it's peace time and it's been a while since Konoha chunin exams ended with a fucking invasion, but come on, there's a big-ass shockwave in the middle of the stadium from some floating guys and you're just on your seat, watching the cracks coming your way like "oh shit who are these guys?" instead of being 5 miles away, followed by the scene where people are just sitting there giving exactly 0 fucks and "oh no, the chunin exams are ruined!" like the biggest surprise of the century.

Also, idk I'm not a physicist or geologist, but the only things slower than the brains of the crowd are those cracks in the stadium. (that go wherever the fuck they please)

rant over

I take it more of a shock factor, A few people would be too shocked to move.

Flight or Flight response, people during a crisis can be too afraid to do anything but sit still.

It sometimes take another person to get them to snap out of it and to run, other times the person needs to be dragged.

Holy shit, that moment when Boruto's dad and Sarada's dad teamed up was amazing. Especially when they combined their chakra into a Susano-Kurama hybrid. Always great seeing Boruto's dad using his full power. Can't wait for next week where Boruto's dad and Sarada's dad go all out. Himawari, once a qtpie, always a qtpie.

Boruto's dad and Sarada's dad need a prequel series or something. Boruto's dad is the loudmouth main character whose most powerful jutsu is a genjutsu which talk people into his side and Sarada's dad is the rival character who is an unlikeable douche all the way to the epilogue, ruining everything ever. Shinki's dad can also be a murderous psycho villain until he got converted by Boruto's dad talk no jutsu. Or something silly like that.

Did anyone cry... once you saw Naruto’s glance and smile at his son and then Boruto yelling “Dad!”... That may or may not have made me tear up. Don’t know why, but it hit me really hard.

I felt the same man, really sad especially I grew up watching Naruto and I am at the same age with him now too in this show.

its dope how we grew up with naruto and he's our age dealing with responsibilities always going home tired just like me lol

I liked how sasuke told boruto that naruto could easily deflect that huge attack in an instant but it would end up destroying the village. I think that's when boruto realized that his dad is a beast. I wonder if sasuke could also easily deflect that attack or if his eye powers were still not fully there.

So far the anime imo is doing this exceptionally well. The little details that are added make it a lot better than the movie. Loving it so far

Surprisingly enjoying the anime a lot more than the manga or movie

Amazing animation with Naruto and Kurama this is even better then a movie i hope next ep is same quality.

The good animation is literally from a movie, lol

It’s a good episode and I like that Boruto is finally realizing his dad’s power. I liked the part where Sasuke told boruto that Naruto could wipe them out if he wanted to.

It still had some bad and re-used animation though.


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