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[Boruto] Episode 61 everyone's impressions

Episode 61
"The Iron Sand User: Shinki"

The final battle of the tournament begins with Boruto, Sarada and Shinki participating in a battle royale. As the lone representative remaining from the Hidden Sand, Shinki is determined to preserve the pride of the Sand, and goes on the offensive against Boruto and Sarada. Boruto and Sarada team up to fight Shinki, but he puts up an impenetrable defense. Sarada falls, and Boruto's chakra is nearly exhausted, but he refuses to give up. He relies the Kote and unleashes Purple Lightning, which many questioned when he learned that jutsu. Though Boruto wins the match, Naruto disqualifies him for using the Kote and Katasuke interferes by advertising the device and also concluding that Boruto is the tester. Then suddenly, Momoshiki and Kinshiki arrives on the arena. 

This version is way better than the movie's version. Boruto cheating had so much more impact on others than in the movie's versión

I agree! They did it quite well. It wasn't like the Brouto's dad competing but still, it wasn't suppose to be. It was about him losing his right to be a ninja because he wasn't using his own power.

I think they did really well on it and they actually made me feel bad for Boruto having been used like that. You can feel the sadness from Shikadai and Boruto's dad. It really impacted a lot more than the movie did.

Yeah, Boruto definitely got played a fool and now let all his friends and family and the hidden leaf village down.

You also can sympathize him since Naruto never spent time with him or passed on life lessons to his own son.

Also, isn't Naruto sort of a hypocrite? He used the nine tails and kyuubi chakra to get passed the Chuunin exams, that technically isn't his own strength.

That was painful to watch especially Shikadai's reaction to the cheating. Really looking forward to how he will be able to win back the confidence of his friends.

Yes Yes So Much Yes, i actually felt bad during that Scene , like i watched the movie and all this was like nothing, but now we are invested into the characters, and also we know it was coming (if you watched the movie) so the tension was growing, and how they made everyone look disappointed was great, it went straight to the feels.

Mitsuki reminds me of a redditor that just enjoys watching the show.

This episode was alot more feelsy than the movie, I felt bad for Boruto, his dad. Shikadai even Himawari pulled on my heart a little.

Can't wait until next week now! Hopefully we'll see some changes from the movie though.

The action in this episode was great. We got to see more of what Shinki is capable of, as well as getting to see Boruto and Sarada working together. Also, the emotions involved with Boruto being caught cheating were quite strong.

Shinki's wings looked stellar. I hope we get to see more of Shinki sooner rather than later. The concept of him using a electromagnetic field to control his sand is quite unique, and it could lead to some intriuging fights.

Naruto being able to notice what Boruto was doing added to the later scene.

Boruto's face showed he knew how much trouble he was in.

It wasn't just Naruto, everyone watching (including his friends and mother) were disappointed with Boruto, which was painful to watch. Shikadai now knows Boruto cheated against him, and it has most likely harmed their relationship. Seeing how Boruto is going to regain his trust back will be interesting. Then there was Mitsuki questioning on how he's going to get himself out of the situation.

The cliffhanger, with the Otsutsuki members, has gotten me excited for the next episode, as it should contain a lot of great action.

At least the Otsutsuki were kind enough to wait until the end of the exam before showing up. Now Boruto has a chance to show Dad his real hidden potential.

It’s also a chance for Naruto to show Boruto that he isn’t only able to do paperwork

The ED really compliments the 2nd half of this episode, just perfect.

If only Boruto realized how fucking good he can be with a little effort he could have avoided this humiliation. He was beasting it right before his "defeat" and could have stood tall. Was really hoping with the flashbacks that the anime would take a different turn to the movie there because i just really hated the cheating.

Next episodes are going to be a blast. Hopefully some more eye-powered Boruto and Rasengang.

Boruto was pretty much at his limit there. He's avoided using the Kote so far except where his own abilities just don't cut it anymore (i.e. 1v3 against the Mist Triplets, hardcountered by Shikadai trained by Shikamaru, outright overpowered by Shinki).

Only time he used it flippantly was against the bubble guy, and tbh he could've won that without but he was probably unconfident and pissed.

People really hating the cheating is what makes it great. It's such a strong thing that it makes you actually feel bad for those he cheated against (Shikadai) and feel about how Boruto's gonna move on from here.

I feel like Boruto's power level has been all over the place though. During the bell test he gets his entire hand around the bell against Kakashi when explicitly in other bell tests with Sasuke and Kakashi they only just touch the bells. At least story wise this seems to make them parallel and imply Boruto is as good if not better then them at the same age. Yes, instructors are at different levels, Minato is for sure stronger, but current Kakashi is probably stronger then early Naruto Kakashi so he should be chunin exam Sasuke level.

I just bring that up because I think Chunin Exam Sasuke would have beaten Shinki. Maybe I am completely off there.

Boruto's intelligence is the same way. He apparently aced that exam without cheating when everyone else cheated and then doesn't remember these things from class Sarada remembers.

Also, if Sasuke just told Boruto his rasengan is super OP Boruto beats Shinki with that. I am mostly just annoyed about how freaking inconsistent they have portrayed Boruto, one minute he is incredible, the next he is an incompetent idiot. One minute he has an extended family really supportive of him, next you never see them again. The entire thing makes me enjoy this less than the original.

At first I also thought that Boruto was nerfed for this story arc, but then they continually focused on the mental state of Boruto, how the pressure and insecurities made him really stiff, and i finally kind of understood why he was under performing.

Maybe he didn't need the Kote to win every fight he won, but as a panic button the Kote was a very strong temptation, as those things usually are.

Exposed for cheating by your dad in front of the five kage. Get fucked.

I would like to say it's way better then the movie and it has a lot of action..

Boruto, you're only experiencing a pinch of what your father went through as a kid, take responsibility man.

On a side note, I absolutely love how they changed the scenes. Boruto using Kakashi's purple lightning while breaking through Shinki's giga drill gives way more impact than making a hundred clones. And the reveal scene was way more painful, love it.

≫Boruto, you're only experiencing a pinch of what your father went through as a kid, take responsibility man.

That's the first thing I thought when I saw Naruto's face after Boruto said he wouldn't be in that situation if they'd spent more time together. Like, bro, you have no idea.

I for one am glad that that cheating little shit Boruto is finally getting what's coming to him. No Boruto, you do NOT get to blame Naruto having to take care of the whole village for your cheating ways, take some responsibility you spoilt little bitch. Look at Shikadai, look at the betrayal you've inflicted onto your friend. No sympathy from me, shame of the Hidden Leaf

Tbf having kids even though you‘re working 24/7 is not the smartest choice. Boruto did fuck up big time but Naruto still played a big role.

Sarada had barely ever even seen Sasuke at the start of the series (and not many times since) and yet she wasn't tempted to cheat. Boruto was born to two of the three hardest workers in all of Naruto cannon (the other being Rock Lee), and yet he somehow came out as a kid looking for shortcuts. I can't imagine that Hinata raised him like that, even if Naruto wasn't around much. Boruto's ways is all on Boruto

Fuuuuck. The shame, man. That was tough seeing his father and all his friends hit with a wave of betrayal and disappointment. Shikadai especially. Also that scientist needs to just leave, seriously.

I don't usually watch previews but I had to with that ending. Next week looks absolutely mental. Can't wait.

Wow Katasuke didn't treat Boruto like that in the movie I don't think. That's really gotta add to the sting, knowing he was being manipulated this whole time.

This episode was pretty good. Could kinda feel the original spirit of Naruto there when Boruto was trying his hardest to stop Shinki's sand.

Since they've been portrayed as really smart students both Sarada and Boruto, i thought they would figure out that the counter to magnetism isn't more lighting but heat, Sarada even has a fire jutsu already.

I'm really liking how they remade this movie but i guess the epic fight will not be as awesome as the movie but still i hope it delivers...

It's kinda cool that the three of them all have lightning jutsu, I'd like to see more of that going forward.

I always thought of Katasuke's campaign of the Ninja Tool is equivalent to promoting the rise of firearms as a more effective weapon than swords and crossbows. The benefit of the Ninja Tool is to perform various Jutsus without training or the need of Chakra. Whichever manages to gain hold of the Ninja Tool and mass produce it for their own army would surely give them a huge advantage over the other Ninja factions. Of course it is forbidden for use in the Chunin Exams, but also because Naruto firmly believes the Ninja Tool would make the traditional ways of ninjutsu virtually obsolete.

Now the real action begins. So excited for next week.


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