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[Boruto] Episode 60 everyone's impressions

Episode 60
"The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand"

The tournament nears its finale, as the matches of Sarada vs. Araya of the Hidden Sand and Mitsuki vs. Shinki of the Hidden San begin! Sarada uses her shuriken and Sharingan skills to attack Araya relentlessly, but he counters her with total ease. Her genjutsu has no effect and she is backed into a corner. In Mitsuki and Shinki's match, the evenly matched duo puts on a show of skills. 

Sakura: "he(Sasuke) comes home to sleep late at night once in a while... when you aren't aware."
Bow chicka wow wow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

a new uchiha is coming

Chunin exams are exciting and all, but I honestly just want more Sensei Sasuke! He looked cool as hell with his Sharingan glowing in the night, and I can't wait to see what Jutsus he helps someone with a diverse skillset like Boruto develop.

I mean Boruto is gonna get his own visual prowess. Maybe he will be able to use Chidori too! I wonder if he will also get any Hyuga techniques.

He should already know a few Hyuga techniques since he was getting training form Hanabi.

Pretty sure that all Hyuga techniques, or at least a huge majority, rely on an awakened Byakugan. So he probably hasn't learned much beyond very good fundamentals from Hanabi.

quite touched how sasuke implicitly told his story to boruto, maybe a part of it was because he knows that boruto is using some gadget and not just implying to care for his friend

sasuke definitly knows about the gadget, i think he has no ideia how to aboard boruto about it

I always look forward to Mitsuki and his antics, would have been interesting seeing him sage mode the fuck out of Shinki.

Anyways, how the fuck would a 3 man finals work anyways? Giving a bye to someone is unfair, a round robin wouldnt really work if someone gets beat up enough and a 3-way ffa is much less so since it allows for teamwork...

3-way final works since you don't have to win to become a chunin as seen in the original Naruto series.

I love watching Sarada fight. The OP-ness of Sharingan + Sakura’s strength + Sarada’s intelligence is so fun.

It was also surprising to know that Mitsuki can enter sage mode. I wonder whether Sarada or Boruto will learn to enter sage mode too. I’m hoping Sarada, but Boruto also probably needs it since he’s underpowered otherwise.

I guess you've been skipping episodes? There was a Mitsuki origin episode that explained a lot of stuff.

Boruto is the protagonist, he'll get a shit ton of free power ups like tattoos, new eye power, Sasuke and Naruto ninjutsus and what not. Sarada is the one who'll probably need a sage mode, because I don't think Sharingan will be enough to make a female character to keep up with his peers in a Naruto series.

Just glad Mitsuki didn't use Sage Transformation, because I knew he was meant to lose this fight no matter what. At least this way Sage Mitsuki isn't necessarily weaker than Shinki

I mean he wasnt sure if he could beat him but thats because Mutsuki cant really practice his Sage Transformation. If he could practice it into a Sage Mode he would brutally destroy Shinki.

Any appearance of Sasuke makes any episode worth watching.

Mitsuki was just about to get fucking impaled. Why are they all so surprised he gave up?

Yeah. You'd think Rock Lee would stop the kunai when Mitsuki wasn't reacting to it in any way. Instead he's just amazed by the submission while it's a fraction of the second away from his body.

The Mitsuki fight was pretty cool. I wanted him to curb stomp Shinki so bad, but I understand why it didn't turn out that way. I also just really love how smart Sarada is.

Getting closer to the main part of the movie now, can't wait

goosebumps everytime i listen the ed

Sakura is so great in Boruto. I love her relationship with sarada

these fights are animated in such low quality omg. i can't help but compare them to the chunnin exams in naruto and those are well animated with well written dialogue and have pretty good choreography. i can safely say that so far boruto has not shown me any of this. i miss the animation quality of the kakashi vs obito fight from shippuden and the like. pls step it up m8

Nice episode, great fights from Sarada and Mitsuki. Respect the fact that Gaara told Shinki to never underestimate an enemy. However when I think of the first Chunnin exam from the show, I can't help but compare it to fights like; Naruto vs Neji (64 palm jitsu was amazing and narutos use of shadow clones were top notch! ALSO the will to continue the fight after being exhausted of stamina showed true guts!), Lee vs Gaara (Lee shows how powerful the 8 gates can be, also Gaara showing bloodthirsty prowess which makes the fight a more serious one) This chunnin exam from bortue just seems bland in comparison -_- (Naruto fanboy over here btw XD)


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