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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 12 everyone's impressions

Episode 12
"End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End"

This is the same Bakugo as the Bakugo we saw in season 1

Nope, hes a replicant. Or aliens abducted him and replaced him.

Plotwist, the Real Bakugo is still with the League of Villains.

And he now goes by the name of Baron of Explodo-kills

RIP everyone who thought Muscular was Bakugo's dad, when his actual dad is one of the most mild-mannered and sweet people in the series

i actually thought muscular would be bakugo's older brother since he doesn't seem that old enough to be a dad but yeah, they really made muscular look so much like bakugo i wonder if that was intentional or not

Bakugou's mom has got it going on~

Y'all are really thirsty for Bakugou's mom

Jirou’s mom lookin’ kinda cute too

Todorokis sister too.


Unbelievable how Mineta didn't see anything in her.

In case anyone missed some details on that double-feature transition

Best Jeanist: "I'm not dead!"

Fanbase: "Well he will be soon, he's very ill."

Best Jeanist: "I'm getting better!"

Fanbase: "No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment."

Rest and recover, you've done your job well.

I wish we got to see Ragdoll up and about once, though. We never saw her conscious after whatever AfO did to her. Still a better fate than getting Nomufied..

In the manga, she actually does make a brief appearance in the chapters this episode was based on and I'm honestly really sad that they didn't adapt it.

Ragdoll and the Pussycats in the manga.

I realize that it's not the most important detail in the world, but it was still one of the sadder panels of these chapters post-AfO.


Midoriya just can't catch a break..

Well, he did say to AfO that he’ll reprimand him. I guess that was it.

I know this point keeps getting driven into the ground, but the pacing is just too fucking good in this show. I keep waiting for it to falter and devolve into the typical shonen traps (not that kind of trap), but that moment never comes.

Yes, it has all of those classic tropes. However, they're either subverted completely or executed in such seamless, character driven way, that you stay sucked into the story and the universe in which it's being told.

Horis Twitter drawing for episode 50

Background on Bakudad and Bakumom

"He met Mitsuki on the job, and she hit on him very aggressively"

I need to see this

I can hear the fanfic being written as we speak

All Might best dad and Inko best mom.

Izuku is so blessed.

I feel bad for Izuku’s dad. How could he live up to All Might, as a father figure?

Is Daddy Deku even alive? We have never once seen or heard of him (other then when deku was at the doc as a kid and Mama mentioned the father's quirk).

I'm pretty sure he's just working abroad. Horikoshi even gave him the name Hisashi, a reference to hisashiburi meaning "it has been a while (since I last saw you)."

With a title like that this truly marks the end of Act 1 of the story. Our two forces Deku and Shigaraki, after being mentored by their respective masters need to move forward and grow quickly in this new society.

I really enjoy that ending because it’s AFO is suggesting that All Might winning last episode was the bad move. If he were to lose Deku would have new motivation to grow stronger at a quicker pace in order to avenge All Might. Even thinking about it, if All Might were to lose that would mean that villainy is on the rise that even their symbol of peace was destroyed. This terror of a big bad would get heroes to become better to defeat this terror that once destroyed their symbol of peace. But since All Might won there is still urgency to replace him but not the same amount as if he would of lost. Instead the villain alliance has a new martyr and Shigaraki will probably push himself to one day break his master out of prison. Shigaraki has new motivation.

What I love about this series so far is the parallels of Deku and Shigaraki’s storyline. It builds up the villains who are developing and growing alongside the heroes. This makes me feel that when we get to the end the final confrontation it will be against Shigaraki, a character that has been developing since the beginning of the story and not some big bad presented in the final arc.

Yeah. It was after this arc in the manga that I really started enjoying the parallel between the two. And this is why I’m hoping Shigaraki won’t be saved.

Jirou’s dad was aight

Bakumom keeping bakugo in line was funny

Bakugo is too damn smart for his own good though

People keep forgetting that he's top 3 in grades. As well as adept mentally in combat scenarios. He's a pseudo-psychopath, but an educated, disciplined one.

Also, I wonder if he's ever going to remember that convo from S1E2 where Deku literally told him about his quirk, but he dismissed it.

≫He's a pseudo-psychopath,

A bit miscategorized. It is more accurate to say that he has a case of megalomanía.

LMAO! Iida forgot to remove his moustache.

I'm really happy with the scene with Bakugou's family. In a short space of time they managed to make him much more of a person you can understand rather than just seeing him as an obnoxious brat.

There was a surprising amount of depth there too from how Bakugou's terrible personality came from all the shallow praise he's been getting as well as his mother recognising that UA saw past that and read his true intentions.

I was never really a big fan of Bakugou but I'm very interested to see where they take his character from here.

The scene

this episode was an emotional roller coaster for me..

i'm not crying it's just garlic

There was so much packed into this episode. Feelings of relief, regret, confusion, hope, elation. Though emotionally exhausted, this episode was the catharsis needed after the AfO vs OfA climax

It's still strange to see Aizawa in a suit.

Bakugo gets his anger from his mother, that makes sense.

Deku's mum allowing Deku to continue chasing his dreams, with all All Might pleading was emotional. It took quite a bit of convincing, but they got there.

The after credits scene got me excited!


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