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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 11 everyone's impressions

Episode 11
"One For All"

Here's the full shot of All Might's pose that I quickly spliced up together

"Let him be, he's still working... his last job as the symbol of peace and the number one hero."

But he's not smiling anymore.

I like it, shows that he is completely spent and using everything he has just to inflate, stand, and be a symbol for the people

Top 10 anime fights but this time its LEGIT

That episode went beyond what I thought it would. It was so good. That music during United States of Smash was so fucking good. The 2 year wait for this was well worth it. EDIT: Watched the United States of Smash again the animation the everything is just 100/10

I guess you could say Bones went Plus Ultra huh?


I like how Full Metal Alchemist's Scar made an appearance in the crowd of BNHA.

It is also a Bones show so...

And is also voiced by Miyake Kenta (All Might). How fitting.

Horikoshi's twitter sketch for today's episode...

Bakugo wants to win even against the odds like All Might

Deku wants to save people with a smile like All Might

All Might really inspired these two boys to become the hero they wanted

Also notice how as Deku is crying, Kacchan looks right at him.
He isn't cheering like everyone else either.

I'll just leave it at that.

That shot was by far the most sincere look Bakugo has given and it has me so excited for what's to come between him and Deku.

he's also one of the very few who knows Deku got his quirk from outside, so he might've gotten the real message behind "you're next"

You see several times All Might actually brute forces his arm back into working, just like Deku. You see it look like it shatters before he flexes again to bring it back together when he first meets the AFO super punch. Then again when he prepares for US of Smash and expands his broken arm. I got chills during this whole episode. And All Might crying out that he can't die before finishing Deku's training. Fuck. This episode was the best thing I've seen in ages.

Yeah it even had that purple tinge Deku's arm normally has before he buffed it back up

Good detail

That purple "tinge" is actually what it looks like when your flesh and bones are all busted up under the skin, Watch boxing/UFC for examples of this. Imagine a boxer's face after a few rounds, but then apply that to the entire arm of All Might.

Anyone else think Nana was just a beautiful person? I know what we all wanna talk about but I forgot just how great she looked and how great she was personality wise

Thanks – I figure Nana deserves at least a few more posts here, seeing as how she created All Might after all.

This was her first appearance in the show, right? For a second I thought she was Momo’s obachan.

She's appeared a bunch of times going back as far as early season 2, but this was our first time hearing her speak or getting a good look at her face.

In episode 24, (after the Midoriya/Todoroki fight) All Might talks about how he was quirkless too and mentions his "master". An image of her is shown, however it is from behind so it is not apparent that she is a woman.


I actually felt I was part of the crowd!

I like how they show U.A. students watching from home similar to how we're watching and reacting to the big fight.

Especially Tokoyami in front of the computer

Mineta and his grape juice...

And the tasteful Mount Lady poster.

An interesting part of this episode that I don't think should be overlooked is Bakugo. He was there alongside Deku cheering All Might on, and for once he looked at Deku with something other than utter hostility when he was crying. I think this going to open up a new stage in their relationship - I don't see them being friends, simply because Bakugo still really refuses to accept him out of his own pride. But I think the chapter on Bakugo seeing Deku as an enemy, someone that should be nothing more than a pebble on the road, is coming to a close.

Bakugo also isn't dumb. He remembers what Deku told him about getting his quirk from somewhere else. He's probably going to put two and two together very soon.

Also, All Might pulling a Deku by powering up individual parts of his body, including his busted up arm. I wonder if he was directly inspired by him or what?

Todoroki already picked up that Deku and All Might are close. There's no way Bakugo won't figure things out since they make it a point to make sure the audience knows that he's smart.

i am optimistic that bakugo is still good at heart. I expect him to mirror Endeavour's "jealousy", but won't turn into a villian.

I feel like the whole point of his kidnapping was to show that despite his anger and violent attitude, Bakugo wants to be a hero more than anything else - both out of his admiration of All Might and his desire to be number one.

I remember when Bakugo was first kidnapped in the manga years ago, a lot of people were already making Sasuke parallels for him and that this would be the icing on the cake, but then he goes and attacks the villains that are trying to recruit him to their side.

I love how AM still gets his strength to go on for nana shimura in the same way deku is for AM.

37 (almost 38) year old man here, crying on a Saturday morning while watching Japanese cartoons. This takes me back to Goku vs. Frieza during DBZ's original run. I'm glad I lived long enough to watch this. Thank you, Horikoshi and Bones, for allowing me to feel like a kid again.

BHA made Saturday morning cartoons a thing again. <3

As a manga reader, finally seeing the United States of Smash animated is amazing. For context, this chapter came out around the end of the first season. So while anime watchers saw All Might punch Nomu to space the manga readers were silently waiting for the day we can share the hype of All Might punching All for One. I can’t repeat this enough, I’m so glad we’re finally here and excited to see a new group of people enjoy the end of this fantastic arc.

Watching these past couple of episodes, it has made me think about the format of the story. I think that this arc ends Act 1 of Deku’s rise to fame. It starts with his humble beginnings, introduces the cast of characters and world, presents a main threat and villain, establishes a power ceiling, and ends with Deku’s mentor losing the rest of his power in a climactic battle against the ultimate evil. From this point forward Deku needs to start growing and learning more in Act 2 after this radical shift at the end of Act 1. I don’t know what the climax for Act 2 might be but I hope it will be hype as this one.

Edit: Fixed name

Yeah, in terms of the grand scheme of things the UA arc, Sports Festival arc, Stain arc and now this one all feel like parts of an overarching arc that is this one - All Might finally passing on the baton, for good, to Deku.

Now the focus should move on solely to Deku cementing his reputation as the new pillar of strength, while there is a rush to fill the power vacuum that All Might's retirement will have left.

BnHA occupies a middle ground in battle shounen that way; it's not like the shorter, complete series like FMA, HxH, YYH or JoJo's - it took a full 49 episodes to get through its first major arc. It's not a long-running one like DB, Naruto, Bleach or One Piece yet either, and definitely feels more packed in terms of powerful moments (like the shorter series).

≫Yeah, in terms of the grand scheme of things the UA arc, Sports Festival arc, Stain arc and now this one all feel like parts of an overarching arc that is this one - All Might finally passing on the baton, for good, to Deku.

The next episode is "The end of the beginning and the beginning of the end". Hope you are ready for more emotional stuff.

This whole episode hit even harder animated. Never mind All for One being a real evil bastard and turning the grandson of All Might's master to evil, you could tell he was really shaken to his core on that revelation.

The "you're next" part really hit home with how perfect that shot was and even had All Might's finger pointing at him.

This episode was everything I had hoped it would be.

The best part of the reveal is that it completely flips the characterization of All-for-One we just got last episode. When we saw how encouraging and supportive AfO was, and how much earnest respect and gratitude Shigaraki had, a lot of people were like,"You know, they're a pair of dangerous psychopaths, but there's a real bond between them. That's sweet."

But now we see the reality-- The only reason AfO saved Tenko was because he knew it would be a giant middle finger to All Might. Even when he saves a life it's just to hurt someone. All-for-One is an asshole to the core of his being.

Yeah, that's why I don't really buy that AFO actually cares about his subordinates and "fellow villains" that All Might defeated. AFO just really hates All Might to go these lengths.

EDIT: omg I couldn't English after that episode.

That was an amazing finale for the fight. Just wondering how many episodes is season? I don't want it to end anytime soon.

Of course, Mineta was drinking grape juice, kind of…

We found out that Shigaraki is the grandson of All Might’s master, Shimura Nana. Despite All Might seemingly being finished as a hero, there’s got to be a final showdown between him and Shigaraki somehow.

Seeing Bakugo, as well as Deku, screaming for All Might was unexpected, but it was really nice to see.

Edit: I just noticed Mineta has a Mt. Lady poster up on his wall.

You're next... I really wish they went with that translation instead of "Next, it's your turn" since it seems a lot more final to me.

United States of Smash was glorious, and everything lead up to it had me tearing up a bit. That doesn't happen often, but they did it. 10/10.

This episode is by far the best episode of the series and if not one of the best episodes of any anime I've ever seen. I experienced so many emotions from this episode from sheer incredible hype, when All Might used all of his final strength to unleash that awesome United States of Smash blow on All For One, to getting teary-eyed towards the end when Deku was crying when he realised that All Might no longer has One For All. My god, I am so tempted to read the manga now. I just love this show and character so much. Horikoshi you are a fucking genius.

Also, really loved how All Might was influenced by Deku to pull of the small trick against All For One. It just shows how close they have become. Bakugo looking at Deku crying really makes me think that their relationship is going to be a lot closer and better as partners/colleagues now rather than rivals.


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