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[Boku no Hero Academia S3] Episode 10 everyone's impressions

Episode 10
"Symbol of Peace"

Best Jeanist is the real MVP.
Without him the entire Nomu capture team would be dead.

Even All For One acknowledged his incredible skill, experience and hard work. The only reason he didn't take his Fiber Master quirk was because Jeanist cultivated that quirk for years to completely master it. Which only makes Jeanist more awesome. He is where he is because of hard work.
Please don't die. :(
can we give mt lady some credit
remember originally she just wanted to be popular but now shes doing stuff that would make her seem like an actual hero
Yeah, her role in this scene is great, because she’s the face of vain, money/fame-grubbing ‘heroes’ from day one...and in a pinch, even she gets up off the ground, barely conscious, and tanks a hit right to the face to save some kids. It’s unspoken, but it’s a massive indictment of the Stain position.
She took a villain to the face at 50 miles per hour, I think she has hero potential
She is already a hero with mountains of potential.
Jeanist better pull through. D:
He can probably use his quirk to sew up his wound, at least assuming he's conscious. Since All Might survived a very similar injury, I'm hoping Jeanist can make it too.
Last time I checked, sewing a cannon-ball-shaped wound is not that easy.
Deku tries to save Bakugo: “Wow deku wtf I can do it on my own get out of here I’d rather die”
For a moment I thought it was unfair that you used Kirishimas Hero name but then I remember Deku is Dekus hero name too
Bruh, this was such a great observation by Deku. It was also supported when Iida tried to get Bakugo to propel them on his mark. Bakugo was like "You match my mark!". This was just amazing writing Horikoshi! Man, I can't even organize the words I want to convey how awesome this scene and this writing is. Long live Class 1A, long live UA, long live Boku no Hero Academia!
Naturally, the Oklahoma Smash is a tornado.
By that logic, then why isnt "Detroit Smash" a vortex of crippling dept and depression?
(Its just a pressure wave)

Because you can't smash someone with a dead motor industry.
All for One is OP as fuck. Makes you appreciate how strong was All Might in his prime to injure him like that.
They are both much weaker than they were before.
Anyone else noticed that this is a complete reversal of the whole "Master sacrifices himself so that his student could live to fight another day" trope?
Usually it's the Protagonists that do this kind of thing, but now we get to see a Villain do it.
Yep. The way All Might is a father-figure for Deku is the same way All for One is one for Shigaraki. Gotta say, it is kinda refreshing to have villains that actually love their proteges. They always end up as their dispensable pawns, vs the protags always having a more loving relationship
All For One kinda blew me away with his introduction. Most big villains have some sort of distinctly antagonist motive, whether they monologue about it or not, but All For One's main drive right now is "I wanna help this evil kid be successful."
He's literally doing all for one, so far it seems that he just wants Shigeraki to succeed. If this guy weren't the super villian to end all super villains, I'd want him to be my dad.
On the surface this show is pretty basic shonen but it's special in the way it treats its characters.
MHA is so exceptionally good at taking the most basic (shounen) tropes and molding it into its own special nugget, it's fucking fantastic.
This show does such a good job involving all these unique quirks it's crazy. In most shows you'd assume a dude dressed in quite literally all jeans would be next to useless, but man he came in clutch. Mt. Lady as well with the interception. Great episode all around, can't wait for next week!
AfO is so dreadfully overpowered!

So far, heroes that we have seen are much stronger than the average citizen and no villain was so strong that they couldn't possibly be beaten by a group of average heroes. Then enter this man who's in a whole different realm! And he's so calm and confident about it too! He's terror incarnate; a superb antagonist.
Oh my god.
Everything was good.
The voice acting was superb, OST was kick ass, and everything was well paced.
I like the additional details they added in the anime vs the manga.
The way Jeanist got blasted, Mt. Lady with the save, and All Might speech at the end.
Pay back time for all those training years under Gran Torino
Not gonna lie my heart sank at that momment. For a split second i thought all might unintentionally killed his teacher and i would not have been prepared for those feels.
I really like how AFO cares for the villains and doesn't (overly) abuse them. Just like how All Might is passing off his mantle to Deku, AFO is giving his to Tomura.
All might though does accuse AFO of abusing and using Villains. Might be typical crime boss favorites in play while other villains are used and exploited. In an example the poor suckers who got turned into Normu the ones identified so far were villains.
The only relationship that matters in this series
I feel like I owe Mt. Lady and Kamui Woods a proper, stand-alone shoutout. I honestly thought they'd just be extras in this whole operation when they first showed them gathering along with the other, higher-ranking heroes, but damn if they haven't both given 110% in taking down the villains and keeping the kids safe.
And kudos to Jeanist too, saving everybody at the last minute. He looked like he was still kinda twitching at the end there, so hopefully his lack-of-a-stomach isn't too bad, if that's even posible.
When you are tsundere for your bro.
Its not like I asked you to save me or anything... Baka!
Hey look! A real chick magnet!
We now have further proof to show its impossible to not be attracted to Toga
That smile says it all.
This arc makes me like Bakugo so much more than before. From when he fought back in the bar and how he's able to fight off 6 villains at once. He doesn't take shit and always fights no matter what. He's predictable in a good way, I can think "kick his ass Bakugo", and the next second he's blasting the dude. He admires All Might just like everyone else, even if he's not so nice about it. Plus his friendship with Kirishima is too wholesome to handle. I hope we get to see Bakugo go all out against a villain and absolutely destroy them
He's an irritating guy from the start; but he gets better as the series goes on - still not a big fan of his loud attitude but his actions are indeed admirable
I really loved how Deku analysed his relationship with Bakugou and recognised Kirishima's one too! Smart thinking by him.
But the fight finishes next week.

Another thing to note are the parallels between All Might/Deku and All for One/Shigaraki
He's a hero from his perspective
Wallpaper up bois
The best part was Bakugo's grin after grabbing Kirishima's hand. Talking shit but obviously happy for the help.
Well likely this will by far be the best battle this season.
And dam did it delivery amazing scene after amazing scene, next Week we are gonna see All Might Be pushed to the limit, sheet on that scene when he teleported in Gran Torino to block an all might punch.... BUT this episdoe was amazing not just from All might and All for One, but the whole tension and intensity of the deku and co thinking out a plan, Jeanist saving the others with a quick nerves of steel action, into getting him getting shoot (probably not dead) FREAKING MOUNTAIN LADY Helping them escape, loved how she sacrificed her beautiful face for the stupid kids, that really gave her some depth as a character showing that she is not all about the glory.
My favorite scene do was the whole KIRISIMHA it has to be you. That gave him and Bakugou friendship a lot more character, not just more validity for their bromance but that gave Bakugou more character development as it was fine for him to be saved by his friend that he respects. Overall the Bakugou scene was great as well as he knew All Might had to hold back for him,
I Also really like how the Master is not just some crazy evil guy but he actually "cares" well at least he does not want his investment in this kids die off either so him saving them with the force activation aiming them all at Toga was really good.


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